Hi folks Kathleen here. Its happens to all of us…we receive a wig fall in love with it and then realize its crazy huge on us. You’ve worn it cut the tags off and fussed with it…no returning it now! 😜I LOVE my Aubrey by Tony Of Beverly. The color Tangelo is downright magical in my eyes. A light ginger red with subtle highlights…so pretty. About the happiest color I’ve ever worn. Aubrey is such an adorable long pixie but big!…I could bring it down over my eyes but then I couldn’t see to take the above photo..lol

Ok so I decided to alter the cap. She’s a basic cap so no monofilament features to complicate the alteration. This is where the internet and youtube are invaluable…I scoured both looking for easy ways to make this cap smaller.

One thing I tried that didn’t require cutting my wig(I was afraid I would destroy it πŸ˜‰) was pinching a few wefts together and then with a needle and thread sewing them together. That worked pretty good..I could wear it but it was still fairly loose on me and the bunching up of the wefts could be felt when I ran my hand over my wig which I didn’t like. So I ripped that all out and decided I had to removed some wefts to make this cap smaller.
I put Aubrey on pinched the bulky cap..still pinching the access cap I took her off and counted how many wefts I need to remove. The photo below shows that was about 2″ from the crown down.

With a sharp small scissors I cut and removed the extra wefts. You can see I did that in a V fashion so when I reattached the wefts to the cap it would still conform to you head. This step was actually fun. 😊

Find the center of the crown and your wefts…center the wefts on the crown and take a stitch. I had some gray thread that I used but you would want to use a color that matches your cap. I made sure I took stitches at all the vulnerable points and through the wefts themselves. My handiwork might not be pretty but its not going to ravel out and it feels very smooth once its on my head. Very forgiving in other words. I was surprised actually. I even had my husband inspect Aubrey when I was wearing her to see if he saw anything amiss..πŸ˜‰ Mission accomplished. She fit completely smooth against me head.

The photo below really illustrates the difference altering Aubrey made. You could see the extra bulk in the back of the cap in the first photo. Thats when I knew I had to alter her. I don’t mind a cap being a little big I just don’t want to see its too big. πŸ˜‰

After I altered the cap I decided to trim the bangs and put some textured layers into her. One of my favorite wigs now.

The take away here is..don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Would I do things differently next time? Of course !..you learn as you go. I am going to alter a few of my other wigs now. Just so they fit better around the ears. Why not? We are all not the same size and until the wig manufacturers give us more size options ( don’t even get me started ) we have to take matters into out own hands right? Go ahead try it and ENJOY! 😊

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