Hi folks Kathleen here with a review of Neena by Tony of Beverly. If you’re like me and love curl and love pixies than you’ll enjoy this review. Its actually hard to find pixies that have much curl or texture. When I saw the product photos of Neena I had a feeling I would love her. I was correct…she’s fun with loads of hair…curl…and texture…just what I was looking for. At around $130 (before any sales or discounts 😉) she is also a great value. TOB has such a good selection of colors but of course I had to get Neena in one of my favorite reds…Sunset Red. I love this warm dynamic Irish red. Neena has a standard open cap. No lace front or other mono features which in turn keeps the price down. Cool to wear and also easy to wear for folks that don’t want or are sensitive to monofilament features. What she does have is a soft extended nape with velcro adjusters, closed soft ear tabs and a soft extended front area. She’s very comfortable.

Above in image 2 Neena shows off all her texture. Look at it..love it! Lol.

She has plenty of hair and longer sideburn hair and nape hair. What I like about that is when I get a little lazy about keeping my bio hair short Neena covers it up no problem. Just adorable with so many styling options.

Above in image 3 the product photos illustrate Neena styled forward. How cute is that? ☺️ Below in image 4 shows Neena from all sides. This wig head is life size(21”) so the collage more accurately illustrates where the hair would fall on you. These photos were taken in good even natural light. Sunset Red is such a gorgeous color and as you can see quite natural. Yes in direct sunlight its quite vibrant just like any natural Irish auburn red would be but most of the time this color will look closer to the images in this collage.

Below shows Neena and this beautiful color in more direct sunlight. This texture is a-m-a-z-i-n-g…plenty of hair..but not too much. You are probably wondering with all that texture is there a lot of permatease? Surprisingly very little. The texture and volume you can get with this wig comes mainly from the curl/texture and the amount of hair itself. I don’t need any styling products to get the look I want. 👍🏻 I would be very comfortably getting Neena in a light unrooted color. You will never see any wefts. 😉

The take away here is if you’ve been looking for a pixie with plenty of hair.. little permatease with lots of texture and curl and long enough to cover your bio hair w/o monofilament features at a reasonable price than Neena is for you. I adore her more and more each day…ENJOY!

Product Listing:
Neena by Tony of Beverly

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We recently came back from a 5-day trip to Walt Disney World, and I wore a wig the entire time I was there. Folks, it CAN be done, and quite comfortably too! We spent 4 days in the parks and resorts in a number of situations, and not once did it feel awkward because I was wearing a wig.

The Preparation:

I took two wigs with me to Disney. My “park wig” was a Belletress Kona that is a bit older and was starting to show the signs of the dreaded synthetic frizzies on the ends. I chose this wig for a few reasons:

  1. The wig cap fits me like a dream – it’s like it was made for my head. I especially like that the eartabs come down nice and low, and the back nape doesn’t ride up at all, so it has a very secure fit and never feels like it’s going to go flying off. Choosing a comfortable and well-fitting wig cap is the single most important criteria, in my opinion.
  2. Kona has a lot of body and beachy waves which work so well in Florida. If the wind blew the waves around it was no big deal.
  3. It was already showing signs of wear so I didn’t feel bad about thrashing it around on park rides or subjecting it to the sun and humidity.
    Because it was already starting to frizz, I cut about an inch or two off the ends to get rid of the frizzies and to shorten the wig a bit to make it cooler on my neck. It ended up being around chin length, which was perfect.

The other wig was a brand new Jon Renau Scarlett. This was primarily a backup wig and I only wore it for nice evening resort dinners. I rolled it up nicely and stored it in a quart-size ziploc bag, and just shook it out when I was ready to wear it.

My bio hair is about a half inch long currently, so I didn’t mess around with wig caps, glue, or tape. I did sew a wig clip into each eartab on both wigs. This secured the wig well enough that I never had to worry about it. If I had more hair or no hair, the situation may have been different, but this worked well for me.

As for other supplies, I took along a Jon Renau wig comb and a bottle of Simply Stylin’ Wig Spray. I can’t recommend the Simply Stylin’ enough. I used it on the park wig each night to smooth out any tangles/frizzies and to keep it smelling fresh.


Everybody always wants to know about getting through airport security with a wig. I had metal wig clips in both my wigs and both times that I went through TSA security at the airport were super-easy. The clips didn’t set the metal detectors off and nobody ever said anything to me about wearing a wig.

The Pool:

We didn’t get any pool time in this trip, but typically for pool use I’ll bring along a 3-4 inch wide microfiber headband, like the one pictured below. I use this to pull the wig hair up off my face and cover the edges of the wig. It’s more comfortable and one less thing I have to worry about.

Disney’s Secret Wiggy Weapons:

There are two things at Disney that are a wig-wearer’s DREAM.

Minnie Ears Headbands: I wore a different pair of Minnie Ears every day on park. The headbands are just a little extra insurance to make sure that everything stays in place, plus they are insanely FUN and CUTE!! I would arrange most of the wig crown hair to the back of the ears, so it kept the bulk of the waves off my face. Seriously, get a pair or three of Minnie Ears as soon as you arrive. If you really aren’t into the kitsch of the ears, just bring along a couple of plain headbands!

My collection of Minnie Ears so far:

Mouse Ears Beanies: We don’t typically ride the big thrill rides, like Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Rock N Roller Coaster, or Tower of Terror. Soarin’ at EPCOT is about as crazy as we get. That said, if I did ride any of the faster rides, I would absolutely get a mouse ears beanie (the retro kind with the elastic strap that goes under your neck), and I would put it on specifically for those rides. The neck strap should keep the wig secure. The good news is that you’ll blend in nicely with the crowd AND you’ll look cute in the ride photos.

One huge advantage to wearing a synthetic wig at Disney is that the heat and humidity will not affect your hairstyle. You’ll always have perfect hair, especially for photos! Several Disney Cast Members and guests commented on how nice and cute my hair looked even in the heat. One Cast Member wanted to know how I got such great looking curls. The only real con that I can think of is that in the worst Florida heat, you’ll likely start to “feel” the wig, but it’s really no worse than wearing a hat.

So there you have it! Disney in a wig is totally doable. Let me know if you have any questions. 😊

Product Listing:
Kona by BelleTress

This tutorial by Eileen will walk you through steaming a synthetic wig. This process can help with making an out of the box wig be more customized to you and even lengthen its lifespan. Thank you Eileen!

Product Listing:
Jon Renau Wig Steamer
Jon Renau Plastic Table Clamp
Jamison by Estetica

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I pre-ordered Kristi by Jon Renau in my favorite JR color, Shaded Praline, 12FS8 and she was absolutely worth the wait! Kristi is a bob style that will look great on most face shapes.

I also own Kristen, I guess we could call her Kristi’s little sister as Kristi has a lace front, monofilament top and hand tied cap. Kristi is part of Jon Renau’s favorites collection, I think she will be a favorite of many ladies.

The front on Kristi is 7.75″, crown 11.25″, side 7.25″ and a nape of 4.5″. The face framing layers are so flattering. The contouring of the lace front is perfect, so natural, it looks like this hair is growing right out of your scalp.

This lady has plenty of movement, the back has such a natural swing that moves with you! I love the openness of the front of Kristi, I did not have to steam it, just took it right out of the box and it fit perfectly.

I ordered 12FS8, I have the same color in Kristen, this is my comfort zone and favorite color from the Jon Renau line. The lace front, hand tied monofilament top and hand tied cap are luxurious features and do cause the price point to be somewhat higher, but for a special wig it is worth the price.

The layers around the face are so flattering for most everyone; they hit the face at just the right point.

In my opinion 12FS8, Shaded Praline is a very close comparison to Noriko’s Creamy Toffee Rooted. Shaded Praline is described as a medium golden blonde on light golden brown nape and base with platinum highlights and medium brown roots.

The rooting on shaded praline is totally natural looking making it a very popular Jon Renau shade.

Below is Shaded Praline compared to Ellen Wille’s Caramel Rooted. Caramel Rooted more of a honey blonde and medium golden blonde blends, both are rooted colors.

Below is a comparison of Noriko’s Mocha Hilight and Shaded Praline. Mocha Hilight is a medium ash blonde with light champagne highlights and medium brown roots.

The three comparisons shades are all similar in shade with a few variations in highlights. Next, lets look at some styling options for Kristi.

I always like to add a headband to most of my wigs; I think they can really change up a wig and make it look different and fresh.

Isn’t it fun to add accessories? Kristi’s length is perfect to add a barrette, clip or even a cloth headband! All of these ways of wearing her make this a very versatile wig.

The lace front makes it so easy to wear Kristi completely off the face. Styling wigs is my way of making them look different, especially if they are being worn daily.

I can see why there is so much internet buzz over this one, Kristi is one to watch I think she will be making everyone’s favorite list.

Product Listing:
Kristi by Jon Renau
Kristen by Jon Renau

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Hi folks Kathleen here with my review of Logan by TOB. There were two reasons I wanted to check this wig out. First I viewed both Heathers’ and Tazs’ youtube reviews and it looked so cute on them. Secondly I love TOBs’ reds and was dying to see their Sangria color again. I had a Phoebe in this color…and its so pretty.

I wasn’t disappointed. Out of the box she was adorable..beautiful color… some permatease yes but great movement and a well done lace front. She looked so much like my Sheer Elegance by Gabor I just had to do a comparison. There are a few differences…Logan has shorter face framing pieces/bangs. Also her back is shorter and is stacked a little more than Sheer Elegance. Logan has less permatease and hair…so less volume. If you love the style of Sheer Elegance but feel she’s too much for you I recommend trying out Logan.

Below in images 7) and 8) are side by side comparisons of me wearing Sheer Elegance and Logan. It might be hard to see much of a difference in image 7) but in image 8) its very obvious how much shorter the long side pieces/bangs are than on Sheer Elegance. Both really cute and dare I say sexy styles. 😉

One tip I highly recommend especially with a wig that has permatease ….play with it…really get those hair fibers lifted away from the cap. The hair is pretty smooshed flat onto that wig cap when you get it. This brings the style to life and also obscures the permatease so it works for you instead of against you. Below in image 9) I’ve done this. I think it looks better and looks more realistic than when I first took photos of me wearing her right out of the box.

Image 10) illustrates some of Logans best features. Btw clipped back is how I wear her when I’m busy during the day…isn’t she cute like this?
Tony of Beverly has some of the best lace fronts on the market. Its really undetectable. One thing I haven’t done yet is trim the little bit of extra lace off the front. As a side note: My Ellen Wille United in Pastel Blonde Mix( if you’re interested I reviewed her also here on CysterWigs blog 😉) has no extra lace along the front hairline..not even a little bit. I was so impressed with this that I intend to go back and trim all my lace fronts….am I crazy? Um yeah but that’s besides the point. 😜I don’t need to but I am always on a quest for realism and it does makes a difference. If there is one thing I wish Logan had that would be a mono part. Still so cute and realistic but for realism you just can’t beat having a mono part.

This color Sangria is very dynamic…so pretty I love it! Shes a little darker at the nape. This just adds dimension to the color. I was reminded of Estetica’s R30/28/26. These colors are very close. I would say Estetica’s R30/28/26 has a bit more Irish red in its mix so the overall color is a bit more vibrant..not crazy intense…just a tad redder than Sangria. If you love one you’ll love the other. Above in image 11) I compare these colors side by side. Estetica’s Autumn and Tony of Beverly’s Logan. My favorite natural colors and styles. 😊

The take away here is if you want a short sassy style…love Gabor’s Sheer Elegance but feel it might have too much volume then Logan is for you. ENJOY!

Product Listing:
Logan by Tony of Beverly

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