My name is Christine. I have been struggling with wigs and styles. Longing for my natural hair back was heartbreaking for me. I previously reviewed the Sarah wig (which I now love love love by the way) but I did also purchase the Radiant Beauty in Shaded Butter Toast at the beginning of 2017. After seeing Heather’s review on that wig I wanted to see if I could pull off a shorter style for summer.

At the time of my Radiant Beauty purchase, the Sarah wig had not come out yet and I was having a love/hate relationship with the Alexandra wig tangling and clumping when not brushed often. Now, to be fair, I am not the most gentle on my wigs I must confess. But I am learning. I have seen Heather rocking some really cute mid length to short wigs and I thought wow… I bet I would look good in some of these too for the hot summer. I think Heather and I share the same face shape so how could I go wrong?

So, my Radiant Beauty was delivered. I was so excited because I loved the curl pattern and style. Pulled it out of the box… wow…. very tight ringlets! But, wigs always need some kind work when they come straight out of the box. So, I plopped it on my head. Looked in the mirror…. oh no no no. It did not look good on me. I was so frustrated because I wanted it to look good on me the same as it did on Heather. But no such luck. No matter what I did, it just looked bad on me. So, I gave up and put it back in the box. Lesson learned, just because it looks good on one person doesn’t mean it’s going to look good on everyone.

Fast forward to 9 months later, I was searching wig reviews still searching for that perfect mid length to short wig I thought would look good on me. I came across a YouTuber doing wig comparisons of different shades of blond curly wigs and a few of those wigs were Radiant Beauty. These wigs looked great on her. That day I was meeting my whole family for lunch. So, I thought I would give her another chance.

I went and pulled her out of the box, shook her out trying to relax those curls. Then I squirted water and Downy wrinkle release on her, combed her out and put her on a stand to dry. This method did relax the curl somewhat. I made sure before I put her on I showered, put on my makeup and was dressed for lunch. With my fingers crossed, I put her on again after 9 months. Looked in the mirror and this time she didn’t look so bad. With the curls relaxed some, she did look better on me.

After sometime playing around with her unfortunately I came to the conclusion that I would not be able to wear her down…. but maybe she would look cute in a updo with a turtleneck sweater on. So again with my fingers crossed I played with her styling her in an updo. The results were beautiful! This wig is gorgeous in a updo! Was so happy. I didn’t waist my money purchasing her. The color Shaded Buttered Toast is gorgeous for fall. I am so glad I did not give up on her! Love the relaxed curls that fall softly around the face. Perfect….

As women losing hair, it’s an everyday struggle to find it within yourself to feel good. Those who don’t understand say “Oh… it’s just hair”. But if having beautiful hair makes you feel good, do it. Do what makes you feel good about yourself. I love CysterWigs and our little wig community. I feel less alone when I read the tweets and blogs. It makes me feel good to know I am not alone and that someone is going through the same thing and understands. I am so happy I found wigs here at CysterWigs. Heather and her staff are God sent. Bless you all. Here are some photos of my Radiant Beauty in my updo.. Love the hair line and lace front. “Don’t give up”

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Radiant Beauty by Gabor

Hi folks Kathleen here with my review of Tony of Beverly’s Cali in the delicious red 32S29. After viewing both Heather’s and Taz’s review of Cali I knew I couldn’t resist this one any longer. My first impression was wow I LOVE this color. The TOB hair fibers are so soft! Then I put Cali on…she was too big to the point where it made my head look bigger than it is. But this color and this style was so unique….. I was in love and I knew I had to keep her. I sewed a few wefts together at the nape in two spots and that was enough to make a difference in the fit. Yippee! 👏🏻

The long fringe is so pretty and really frames your face beautifully.

This color! It is soooooo gorgeous..32S29 has the same color code as their popular Sunset Red. The difference is how the colors are distributed. Sunset Red is evenly mixed. 32S29 has the darker auburn at the nape then the Irish Red is brought into the mix and then on top and in the front the butterscotch blonde highlights are introduced. This is a very dynamic color and looks beautiful especially on a short and textured style like Cali.

Below is a photo I took in the mirror that really illustrates this color. I LOVE this color so much ❤

I swept the longer side pieces back and since Cali has so much texture I didn’t need any hair spray to keep this style in place. I love this soft and tousled look.

Surprisingly Cali has lots of volume but little permatease. The hair texture and big open waves accomplishes that.  Since she has an open cap and is very cool to wear I brought her along on our recent vacation to Disney World..she held up very well and I was even complimented on my hair! I always get a kick out of that since before I started wearing wigs my hair was never complimented. 😉

The take away here is if you love volume and want something different than the usually pixie styles offered then you’ll love Cali. Enjoy!

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Cali by Tony of Beverly

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After purchasing Sky I realized why she is one of Noriko’s best sellers, this is such an easy to wear shape and style. Sky is a short shag with numerous styling options and tons of fun colors to choose from.

I normally wear creamy toffee rooted in Noriko but I decided to get Mocha-H (rooted) and I’m glad I did, it is warmer and I like that for the fall. Mocha-H is described as a medium ash blonde with light champagne blond highlights and medium brown roots. This color is very realistic; the rooting is perfect! I think I am going to order Sky in Mochaccino-R, that is a beautiful color that I have been wanting to try.

Sky has a standard cap, which I personally like, I do love lace fronts but as I am a girl who loves bangs the standard caps work great for me and it also keeps the price point down. Sky is also very lightweight and the fibers are so soft. The fringe is 5.6”, crown 5.2” and the nape is 3.6”. Sky is super lightweight at only 2.5 ounces.

Sky can be styled in so many different ways, I like to wear a headband with it or put in a couple of cute barrettes to pull it off my face, I also have worn it pulled back at the top with a hair clip, all these styling options make it fun to change it up if you are wearing Sky daily.

There is heavy permatease in Sky which I really enjoy; you can smooth it down or really get a lot of volume by just running your fingers through it or using some styling cream. The back of Sky has lots of flips making it extra fun; this wig has the perfect density of hair, not too much and not too little, just right!

If you are looking for a shag that would be good to wear daily or just for fun you should consider Sky, it can be a professional look for the office and with little to no effort you can make it super fun for nights out or weekends!

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Sky by Noriko

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