A “good hair day” Everyday!

Hi, my name is Eileen; I’m 56 years old and have been wearing wigs for about a year now. Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer, needless to say it was quite a shock! I work in healthcare but I still had all the initial thoughts and questions most women have when they hear the word “cancer”. My first thoughts were how large is it, do I need a mastectomy, when will I lose my hair. I had a lumpectomy and was given the choice of radiation only or chemotherapy followed by radiation. Me being me, I decided on both chemo and radiation, I know each woman who is faced with this choice has to make her own decision as to what is best for her, I knew immediately that I would do both therapies.

After making the decision to have chemo I began to think about hair loss and how I would deal with it. The first picture that popped in my head was of Yoda, you know, bald and big ears; I was convinced that was what I would look like bald. My bio hair was never great, very thin and I was always fighting against the grey. I knew I had better start my research and fast! I went straight to YouTube and found Heather’s videos, she is amazing! I must have watched a dozen the first day, her positive and uplifting personality as well as her straight forward reviews were inspiring. Heather made it seem that it was possible that I could find a style that would work for me and maybe even look good. I constantly watch her videos hoping to find a new cute short style that might look good on me. I love that she is so proud of her company, Cysterwigs, created to help women feel more comfortable wearing wigs, give valuable information as to the construction, style and color descriptions; she truly has a way of explaining the process that makes you feel like you can do this! You can wear a wig and look great and confident!

Armed with all this helpful information I got in my car and drove straight to Dallas where I found the most adorable wig boutique. I’m telling you it was wig paradise, every length, style, color and price range. I met two wonderful women who took the time to match my color and style; they were totally honest about what looked good and what did not. I tried on Cory by Noriko and I immediately fell in love, it is cut into a fun bob and is perfect for an everyday wig or a first time wig.

Cory is lightweight with just the right bang and an adorable stacked back, it does not have too much hair so it did not overwhelm my face, I couldn’t have asked for more. I bought the color Creamy Toffee Rooted. Some specs on Cory are, she is 3.1 ounces the front measures 3.2”, Crown 8.6” and Nape 1.8”. Cory has a basic cap and good amount of permatease, which I love! This wig has a closed lace top, open wefting on sides and back, it also has adjustable straps in the back.

I was scared to death in the beginning concerning wig care, etc. I bought some wig shampoo and conditioner, took a deep breath and put my Cory in a sink of cold water as instructed. Wow, it couldn’t have been easier, after conditioning I hang it over the shower head and the next day I am good to go again, it looks perfect after every wash. I have even ordered another Cory as I have worn this one for almost a year; I never want to be without it.

After my purchase I headed home to begin my treatment, after the first chemo I decided to shave my head, I know this is a very personal choice as to when and if we decide to shave our head. For me, I had rather lose my hair to my own hand, that’s just me. After finishing I looked in the mirror and smiled, if I could do this I could do anything!

The next day I headed to work wearing my Cory wig, immediately everyone was complimenting me on my new haircut, when I told them it was a wig no one believed me, it really does look natural. Since purchasing my Cory I have added several others ladies to my collection, Muse, Cinch, Ivy, Sky, Morgan, Winner and Sparkle, I love them all! My bio hair has begun growing back which is great, but I have no intention of ever giving up my wigs; it is amazing to have a “good hair day” everyday!

Whatever reason we have to wear wigs whether out of necessity or just for fun, we need support, positive reinforcement and encouragement. Remember our hair does not define us, it makes us feel better about ourselves when we are going through a rough time, or it can be just something we do for fun or a different look, either way wigs are great! Give one a try; you’ll see what I mean.


Notes by Gina

Cory by Noriko (product list)

Thank you so much Eileen for sharing your story and your strength! You look great in Cory! And that nape is amazing…it looks so real!

You can see all of Eileen’s guest blogger posts here, and also find her on Instagram @crazywiglady and now on YouTube!



  1. March 28, 2017 / 5:15 pm

    That was a wonderful article Eileen. You were fortunate to find Heather and wigs you feel good in…I wish you continued health. Btw I love your name its my moms name and you don’t hear it often..best 🙂

    • Eileen
      March 29, 2017 / 5:48 pm

      Thank you for the well wishes Kathleen! Yes, Eileen is kinda rare, every once in a while I’ll meet someone with it but not often. Thanks for you post. Have a great day!

  2. Kenny
    April 8, 2017 / 7:50 am

    Hi Eileen, I hope all is going well for you. I like the photos of the different lighting the wig is shown in. I was very nervous buying my first wig and I felt so insecure and assumed everyone knew I was wearing one. It ended up nobody noticed nor suspected it. Funny, Eileen is my middle name 🙂

    • Eileen
      August 26, 2017 / 7:35 pm

      Hi Kenny;
      Hope all is going well for you; love that Eileen is your middle name, not many of us around. Don’t you love wearing wigs? I am totally hooked, just got Jazz and am totally obsessed. Have a great day!

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