Add Volume to Hair Using Toppers by Nina

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Toppers are a quick way to add volume to hair in a flash. The word “topper” indicates that the item only covers the top of your head, unlike a full wig. Toppers come in a vast array of sizes but the most popular measurement is 4×4 inches because it lays flat on the top of most skull shapes. Adding volume to hair using a topper has become extremely popular, especially since it can be done in just a few simple steps.


  • A topper of your choice
  • Eyeliner
  • Brush
  • Comb
  • Ouchless rubber bands or pins

Choosing a Topper

Not only do toppers come in different sizes, they are also lined with different materials. For a more realistic look when adding volume to your hair, you should use a full lace or free part topper. This type of topper mimics the natural scalp and allows you to place a part where you desire. The topper that will be used as an example is full lace with clips (for ease of application and extra security) – the Top Wave 18” designed by Jon Renau in the color 1B.

Jon Renau Top Wave 18” Style 2993 in 1B

Prepping Your Hair

To ensure that your topper looks as natural as possible you need to make sure your natural hair is as flat as possible. If hair is left bulky underneath, the topper will appear as if it is floating

  1. Comb all of your hair straight to the back.
  2. Grab your topper and place it on top of your head, aligning it in the middle.
  3. OPTIONAL: Use an eyeliner pen to mark where your topper will sit.
  4. OPTIONAL: Part your biohair in U shape beginning and ending at the marks you made for alignment.
  • Make a part from your first marking going straight back. Stop once your head begins to curve.
  • Clip the free hair on the bottom so you don’t ruin your part.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • Lift both sides of the hair and either clip it or wrap it in a small bun. Be careful not to pin up the hair in the back because that is where we will part next.
  • Now make a straight line in the back of your hair connecting your two side parts.


  1. Style your exposed hair as desired so that you only have to worry about styling your topper at the end.


  1. OPTIONAL: Create an anchor for your topper to grasp on to. French braids work best, but if you aren’t capable of creating them you may make twists. Don’t worry, if you’re clueless on where to begin there will be a post on how to braid/twist your hair for a topper coming soon! You only need to create an anchor around the parameter of your U part, but if you’ll be wearing your topper daily you should braid or twist all of the hair in the U. Braiding/twisting all of your hair will decrease the chances of hair loss because it creates strength. If your hair is long, secure the remnants with a pin or ouch less rubber band. Leave a little hair from your hairline out so that if your hairline is exposed, it looks natural.
  2. Grab your topper and secure it with the clips starting with the sides first, then the front, and lastly the back.
  3. Take a brush and blend your hair with the topper by raking through your hair. Then style as desired.

The Results

Look at all that volume! You may need to play around with this technique a little to see what will work for you. You can even add toppers to wigs if you need a little extra va-va-voom at the crown of a deflated unit. Toppers are versatile little pieces that can fit seamlessly into your hair style routine and work with however you feel like styling your hair today – whether that’s on top of your biohair  to give it body or on top of a wig to add drama. It’s all up to you – and the sky is the limit!

Product Listing:
Top Wave 18″ by Jon Renau (also available in 12″)

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