Announcement: Canadian Shipping Policy Change

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Hi Canadian Cysters! has updated their international shipping policies effective June 1, 2018.

We are no longer shipping directly to Canada.

We want to be transparent and candid with you about why we’ve done this, because the impetus for this change was something that speaks volumes about the industry we work in. has always been very blissfully square. I (Heather) am personally a huge stickler for doing things by-the-book and in a way that is ethically and legally sound. A lot of our competitors, however, are not following suit. This puts us in a very uncomfortable position, particularly with our Canadian clients.

Let me state the facts first: It is ILLEGAL to mark a package for international sale a “gift” or a “sample” when that item is purchased as merchandise. Many people have requested this as a means of dodging duties, customs, and VAT charges – primarily because it is de rigueur at other, less ethical wig stores – and we have always turned them down.

While it may seem that the stores that engage in this practice are doing you a favor, they are putting both of you at risk of fines, penalties, and jail time. (For references, see this government website and this one here. ) It would be entirely irresponsible of us to follow suit just because people request it. And, just because some customers are willing to take that risk, that doesn’t mean that we are comfortable doing it with them.

We’ve lost quite a bit of business over the years due to my position, but my staff and I are in total agreement that the ethical way of doing things is the ONLY way we want to do things.

We have a difficult time competing with stores for international clients when both parties are happy with the tax dodge. This is one case of if we can’t beat them – we’re definitely NOT going to join them.

We’re not leaving our Canadian clients in a lurch, though!

I have been a longtime subscriber to, my favorite no hassle parcel forwarding service. I use MyUS on my frequent international trips for business as well as longer trips when my husband and I visit his mum in the UK. This service allows me to order from multiple suppliers that don’t sell directly to international customers – such as, Zappos, New Balance, and CysterWigs. Orders from multiple stores can be consolidated into a single shipment (per my request) to help me save on shipping charges.

MyUS offers fast shipping that is much cheaper than the international shipping rates available from most stores directly. offers very good tracking and shipping updates on every order as well as the option to insure your packages. Plus, they give you a USA-based mailing address as part of the service. This is wonderful, because it allows you to take advantage of any free shipping offers available in USA-based stores! The savings overall can be quite considerable – and often make parcel forwarding a better deal for international customers than direct shipping anyway!

We have partnered with to offer 20% off the shipping rate for any first-time subscribers. Click our affiliate link here to learn more.

This, of course, does not discount duties or VAT. Those are charged by government agencies and have nothing to do with the actual shipping or product purchase prices.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We appreciate your business and will continue to do our best to operate in a way that is both transparent and responsible. We wish you a beautiful afternoon – with many more good hair days to come!







  1. Cora
    June 3, 2018 / 5:50 am

    I’m not going to lie I’m disappointed but I respect your reasoning. So if we set up an account at we can still order from the site right, would this include items like adhesives and sprays that we couldn’t order as Canadians before?

    • heather
      June 3, 2018 / 10:14 am

      Hi Cora! You would have to check with MyUs to see what they will and won’t ship. To us, these shipments are more or less handled like domestic orders – with the exception that they do not qualify for free exchanges. We can ship anything in the store to the MyUS address, but it is up to them to determine what they will forward.

  2. Andrea
    June 4, 2018 / 3:41 am

    I have paid 100.00 in duties and taxes getting wigs from across the border. It’s quite an inconvenience to get a MyUs just for one company that I would use. Saddened to hear but I actually paid more for the wigs I bought in U.S anyway with a 30%+ currency exchange on credit card plus the international shipping it adds up so fast. It made the 2 wigs i bought here MORE expensive than shopping in Canada. We have great websites there too just wait for the flash sales etc. I will still be a die hard Cysterwig fan of Heather and Taz on YouTube. That will never change. (Cant believe the GIFT thing people would ask company to do~ wow😬!)
    I hope you American ladies realize the great company Cysterwigs is and really appreciate the hard work, commitment and customer service that is outstanding! The really great deals and sales~ I am so jealous. All the best to you Heather! Love your inspiration. I will be watching You Tube for more❤

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