How to avoid wig glue, double sided wig tape, bobby pins and security clips. (Using an elastic band strap can help keep your wigs secured.)

Hello everyone,

I always have anxiety that a good stiff wind or other unseen elements would embarrass me if I didn’t have the wig totally secured to my head and with some wigs, I noticed bubbling along the lace front.  I’m sure many have also experienced this problem.  I watched several You Tube videos where glue and double sided tape were used.  Having to peel off the tape or rub the glue off my skin was taking the fun out of wearing a wig. Sewing in security clips did not help either and it only pulled my hair out.  I thought there must be an easier way.

Upon further searches, I came upon some other videos where an elastic strap was used.  I decided to test this method to see if it worked for me.  They weren’t kidding, this REALLY DOES WORK. The bubbling laid flat against my scalp and the wig felt more securely to my head.  It didn’t feel uncomfortable and there was no slipping.  As a demonstration, I used a styrofoam head to show how the band strap is applied and fitted.

From a fabric store, I purchased a package of heavy stretch knit elastic (1” to 1.5” in width).  I bought a dark brown to match the roots of my wig.  At the top portion of one ear (where the ear tabs lay), I measured from ear to ear across the back of head. My measurements were 12.”  I deducted 2” and cut 10” of elastic.  I then sewed the ends of each strap to the bottom portion of the ear tabs.  If you need a more secured fit, just cut off another ½” or less until it feels more secured.  It’s a trial and error process, so you may want to use safety pins before sewing the bands onto the ear tabs.  As I placed the wig on, I adjusted the elastic band onto the back of my head.  I then took the back of the wig and pulled it down over the elastic band and just styled as I normally do.  The band really helps the wig and front lace to lay flat.

Heather from also has a blog “Easy way to tighten lace front wigs” to help prevent lace front bubbling.  Have a safe week everyone!

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  1. Sheree
    June 4, 2017 / 3:55 pm

    Hi! Fabulous idea. I shall experiment with this. BTW, I didn’t see an author listed for this post. Whoever wrote this, thank you for the well written post & images!

  2. Joyce Harlan
    June 11, 2017 / 6:31 am

    Great idea. Thank you for sharing, and for such a detailed description, including photos! Can’t wait to try this!

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