Can I Dye My Human Hair Wig?

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People do. We don’t recommend it unless you (or a stylist) really know what you’re doing.

Keep in mind that in most cases this hair has already been HEAVILY color processed. Unless the hair is labeled “virgin”, you can guarantee that it has been treated in any number of ways to approximate a certain texture, color, or style. Non-Virgin WILL NOT react to hair dye the way that unprocessed hair might.

It’s your hair. Customize it however you like. Just know that there is risk involved and you could damage your wig…so be super careful and do your homework before dying ANYTHING.

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Hey y’all! It’s Gina. 🙂 So I’ve actually dyed a human hair topper, and I was quite pleased with the results. However, it should be noted that I was dyeing the hair darker. As much as I tried to keep the monofilament untouched, the dye was transferred to that too.

Before dyeing topper


After dyeing topper

Wanna hear more on how I customized my human hair topper? Leave a comment and I’ll make up a post next week!

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  1. Robin Villaverde
    October 6, 2018 / 1:09 pm

    I saw a video on YouTube that showed how to dye a smart lace (i.e., NOT a lace from that requires glue) after coating the inside of the lace with ‘Got to be Glued’ hair gel. It won’t work on a double mono top or a traditional open cap. Otherwise, it was brilliant! You’re braver than me… I still haven’t tried it even though the video answered all my questions. Hope that might help! 🙂

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