Can You See My Hair Through These Glasses?

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By Susan

As if wearing wigs wasn’t challenging enough. Add a pair of coke bottle glasses from the eighties to the ear tabs of your newly bought tresses and you won’t have enough hands to tend to the daily chore of adjusting behind your ears while not sabotaging your ear coverage, hairline and the precisely glued nape so she doesn’t slide back off of your head.

Well, maybe not coke bottle glasses. Remember those? Lenses so thick that a crumb quickly morphed into a whole three layer cake right before your eyes.

Today’s lenses are thinner, but there hasn’t been much of a change in the size of the temples, the parts of the glasses that go behind your ears. These are the tiny little problem makers that can frustrate the most poised wig wearer.

First of all, you want to know your ear-tabs. Every wig is different in this category. There are closed ear-tabs, open ear-tabs, wonderful coverage ear-tabs, and those that can hardly be presented as ear-tabs. A wig that is too large will come too far forward over the ear, hindering the way your glasses sit against your head. If the ear-tabs are too small, you face the pain of the temples pushing against the edges.

I’m not expecting you to buy different glasses to match each wig’s ear-tabs. I wouldn’t want to get that credit card bill in the mail. Just understand that it’s going to feel a little different, and takes getting used to.

You can cut off the ear-tabs so the edges of the cap sit just above your wig. But then you’re left with a really strange looking hairline. You can glue some of the hair under the wig to your temples(yours, not the glasses)but most of us like to throw on a wig and boogie. No time for all of that extra stuff.

A lot depends on the style of glasses. The rigid plastic frames are going to be the most difficult. You can use heat to mold and bend the frames to fit the extra cushion that basic caps have. This is best left to your optical team.

Lace front wigs and hand tied wigs will give you more of a “normal” fit due to the lack of permatease or padding at the sides. Long straight wigs will be thinner at the sides than curly styles. Short pixie style wigs will have less hair at the ear-tabs.

Those who wear contacts and use “helper glasses” to read up close don’t really have the choices that regular prescription glasses give wig wearers. The frames are usually cheaply made and you just get what you get. There are some flexible reading glasses, but most I’ve had experience with are rigid plastic.

Which brings me to what I think is your best option: Flexible frames. The ones that flip back into place if you’re hit with your child’s football. Your nose may take a beating but your peeper shields will prevail. These will be the most flexible around your ears, giving your head the comfort it deserves.

Honestly wearing glasses with wigs simply is trial and error. Frames today are practical, and the styles are endless. (I prefer a little bling on mine.) When you’re not wearing them, slide them on top of your head. Nothing makes a wig look more realistic than a pair of glasses, or sunglasses for that matter, poised atop your helper hair. Who would put sunglasses on a wig, right?

At the end of the day what we care about is comfort. We already have a tight band of hair on our head like a tourniquet. Find that jazzy but practical pair of frames that doesn’t squeeze the intelligence out of our heads. We need that. At least I do!


  1. Roray Rome
    October 13, 2018 / 5:16 pm

    Thank you this article; I have been feeling alone with this problem.
    I wasn’t sure whether you should put the ear pieces of the glasses over the ear tabs and wig or under the ear tabs and wig
    I am a wig wearer by choice; my bio hair is thinning but still looks pretty good.
    I also wear glasses and have found on some of my wigs that they are very uncomfortable because of the ear tabs and the glasses.
    I played around with some of my wigs a couple of days ago; adjusting the size; I am a average and found if I make the wig a little smaller I don’t get the coverage but the glasses are a lot more comfortable to wear and the wig is not uncomfortable.
    I looked the problem up on uTube and there were a couple of videos about this problem and a few decent suggestions.
    Again Thank You for addressing this issue which in my opinion is important.

    • Gina
      October 14, 2018 / 12:16 am

      Oh Roray, I’m so sorry that you were feeling alone with wearing glasses and wigs. 🙁 You are totally not alone. Heather wears glasses and so do I. I often fall asleep with my glasses though so they are pretty bowed out. I think that is why I don’t have a issue while wearing wigs.

      There was a comment in our Knowledge Base forum that Heather made:

      I wear glasses with my wigs all the time, as you can probably tell from my videos. I don’t really have much issue with it. I tend to put the glasses on first, then the wig. If you take the glasses off frequently (like with readers), you can try to discreetly slide the arm under the eartabs. Also, watch my videos for reference to “open” ear tabs. These have slots in them so you can slide your glasses in between the wefts. 😉

      Thank you for pointing the issue out though. We’ll totally have to create a Knowledge Base article for it now!

      All the best!

      • Roray Rome
        October 14, 2018 / 1:12 am

        Thank you for the Blog!

  2. Sheila
    October 13, 2018 / 5:19 pm

    One thing I have found that works is putting the glass frame arms over the ear tabs as an extra way to hold the wig down. I also can use a little bit of the hair from the wig pulled under the arms if there’s bad coverage and spread it out to help camouflaging some of the bio hair sideburns that can pop out make it look unrealistic. so it helps with coverage and it helps secure the wig a bit.
    Hope this helps!

    • Gina
      October 14, 2018 / 12:19 am

      Those are some great suggestions Sheila! Thank you for sharing!

    • Roray Rome
      October 14, 2018 / 1:09 am

      Thank you for the tip!

  3. Eileen Javurek
    January 22, 2019 / 7:10 pm

    My problem is the way glasses bow sit on the ear. When glasses are under the wig the hairline tab pushes the wig out and this is not acceptable for me. When I put my glasses over the wig my glasses are sliding off my face. Has anyone tried cutting holes in wigs for glasses bows??Help!

    • Gina
      January 23, 2019 / 5:27 pm

      Hi there Eileen!

      I wear glasses so I know the frustrations you may be facing. The ear tabs in most wigs are bendable. I wear my glasses as normal and then curve the wig’s ear tabs in so you don’t get “bat wings” when I wear an enclosed cap (like a 100% hand-tied one). With open caps, I am able to slide my glasses through one of the wefts.

      I hope this helps.

      Please let us know in the CCHD if you have any further questions. 🙂

      Our CCHD team is available 10 am – 6pm (EST/EDT)
      Monday – Friday (excluding most major US holidays)
      Phone: 1-888-992-9447

      Thank you for choosing CysterWigs, and have a lovely day!

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