Heather’s Favorite Long Wigs (As of 3/31/14)

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Originally Posted on March 31, 2014 by Heather Hershey


(above) Ava by Henry Margu

(above) Tribeca Spring by Louis Ferre

#10 (tie): Ava by Henry Margu
I first saw this style at a trade show and felt that the pictures just didn’t do it justice. Henry Margu has some of the nicest feeling hair fibers in the world and they specialize in wigs with unique curl patterns. Ava has a soft, loose curl pattern and a epic amount of voluminous hair. All of this while still remaining light for the length (5 oz) and comfortable. This style has a lace front and a 100% hand-tied monofilament top. The curls are lush and lend themselves easily to loose updos.
#10 (tie): Tribeca Spring by Louis Ferre
I also spotted this beauty at the same trade show I mentioned above. This is a very pretty, super long style with very loose, carefree curls, a lace front, and a 100% hand-tied mono top. The lace front on this one is very unique, as it has what I like to call a mini widow’s peak. This hairline trait is soft, not pointy, and can be easily modified to be more conventionally rounded. However, it is a fabulous (not to mention rare) delight for customers who have natural widow’s peaks – no more shaving your hairline!
#9: Orchid by Estetica
It’s no secret that I love this wig. All the layers in the front seems to hit my face in all the right angles, which is a great thing for a long wig. The top has a lot of body to it, which is helpful when you have a round face because it evens you out and makes you look more proportionate. The wave pattern on Orchid is extremely loose and free-flowing and long side-swept layers in the front are very flattering. Orchid is another lace front wig but this one has a monofilament part in lieu of an entire top, which helps keep the price down a bit. I highly recommend the RT330RT4 color if you like transitional reds. It’s one of my all-time favorite colors and this is one of the few places you’ll find it!
#8: Knockout Human Hair Wig by Raquel Welch
To be honest, this wig is made for petite and petite-average heads, which is why I have never personally worn or reviewed it. However, I ended up listing it based upon numerous customer requests and have sold quite a few of these. (That should really tell you something!) This is a beautiful cut! So many layers – so much hair! This is a real treat for anyone with a smaller head than average. This wig is another lace front with a monotop and this one also has built-in gel grips throughout the cap to help keep it in place. Knockout is surprisingly light for a Remy human hair wig – only 6.5 oz. Knockout is available in all kinds of glamourous Raquel Welch colors. Remy human hair is an investment, to be sure, but this is the kind of investment that will last you perhaps a year or more, depending on how you care for it. Now that’s real bang for your buck!


#7: Madison by Envy
This is one of my absolute favorites, right out of the box. This is also another amazing style for women with round or fuller faces. I recommend this wig whenever someone is debating between mid-length wigs for their face-flattering practicality and long wigs for their glamor. This cut is the best of both! It’s essentially mid-length in the front and long in the back. The front layers and full bang frame the face and draw attention to the eyes. Madison has a full hand-tied mono top but has bangs in lieu of a lace front, meaning that this is a great style for anyone who thinks lace front styles are itchy. Madison by Envy is a sexy straight style that looks great on everyone I put it on!


#6: Roll With It by Forever Young
I am a firm believer that a wig doesn’t have to cost a fortune to do its job – and Roll With It does its job very well. This is an inexpensive long curly style with a very pretty spiral curl pattern. I like this one so much that I kept the review sample for my personal collection. I actually wore this one to a gothic themed event for my radio station last night (I am a GA for a college radio station), so that should give you an indication of how versatile a look like this can be. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily advocate that this makes a good medical wig – because that’s not its job. This is also not ideal for folks who want to wear a wig full time for more than a month – that isn’t its job either. The job of a wig like this is to look cute, come in sexy colors, and help you switch up your look once in a while. The curl pattern requires minimal effort to maintain, making Roll With It a great grab-and-go long weekend wig.


#5: Courtney by Jon Renau
Jon Renau makes some really beautiful wigs and Courtney is a customer fav. This style is the first style on the list with a 100% hand tied cap and lace front. Wear it in a loose pony. Part it anywhere you want. Wear it off the face. No matter how you style this wig, the premium cap construction ensures that this will always look realistic and natural. The cap stretches very nicely to accommodate most folks – a rare thing for monofilament! The layering is long and glorious and the hair fibers are baby fine European quality and very convincing. Courtney is a long layered look with a comfy cap that looks as lux as it feels. What’s not to like? 😉
#4: Zara & Zara Large Cap by Jon Renau
Zara is the only style on this list that is also available with a large cap, and as such, both will be included in this sale! Zara is super-long, super-sexy, super-straight, super-sleek, and super-realistic. This style is also very light for the amount of hair you’re given – only 4.9 oz! Zara has a 100% hand-tied monofilament top and a really well made lace front. This is another customer favorite for it’s length and versatility. I personally love it because I have naturally curly hair and this is the kind of air I always dreamed of as a kid: straight, long, and luscious. This one is available in a lot of cool colors, too!


#3: Brianna by Envy

I called this “VaVaVoom Sex Kitten Princess Hair” in my video review, and I wasn’t kidding around. This wig has epic length and an abundance of soft, feminine spiral curls that will cascade all the way down your back. The front has long voluminous layers that frame the face, adding soft femininity to your look while also drawing attention to the best features of your face and neck area. This is a fabulous style if you’re a girlie girl like me! Brianna has a 100% hand-tied monofilament top (can you detect a theme here?) and a very nice lace front. The Envy color palette is bold and fresh looking and that will only add to the depth and beauty of this long, layered, curly style. I actually think this particular wig does this long curly cascade thing better than any other on the market right now. Such a pretty style!


#2: Blake & Blake Elite Human Hair Wig by Jon Renau

This wig is the stuff dreams are made of and the only reason I didn’t list it at #1 is because the price might be a bit much for some people. I will say, though, that while these human hair styles are pricey, they give you a year or more of full-time wear. That’s a long time to go without worrying about where your next wig will come from. Additionally, human hair is IDEAL for longer styles because it won’t tangle. As in…virtually no tangles. Like, at all. Seriously. Anyone who has every gone through long synthetic styles know how valuable a attribute like that can be! Blake is the flagship super star wig of the Jon Renau lineup. She’s long, gently layered, and comes in a lot of colors for a human hair style. Blake only weighs 6.oz but has a tremendous amount of hair, with each strand being hand-tied into the cap and knotted into place so it pivots just like natural hair. You can part Blake in any direction as well as wear her off the face or in a loose bun or updo. This wig has so many possibilities. It can also be cut over time and with wear to prolong its wearable life. I have only sold a handful of these, but they are so pretty and luxurious I’d be lying if I didn’t say this was one of my favorite styles so far. A must-have for fans of long Remy human hair and hand-tied caps!


Aaaaaaaand #1 is…

Adriana by Jon Renau

I freaking adore this wig! I reviewed Adriana some time back and I was incredibly impressed with everything about it. The length is perfect. The curl pattern is loose and very boho-chic. The layers in the front are flattering and slimming. They layers in the back bring out the most in the curl pattern and give the wig tons of body. The movement of the hair is gloriously natural. The 100% hand-tied cap stretches beautifully and fits very comfortably.  The lace front is thick – but not too thick – and looks very natural. The color selections are vibrant, professional, and very pretty. Best of all, I felt an instant transformation as soon as I put it on. I felt confident, fiercely feminine, and ultra-sexy. I had trouble giving into the vanity of staring at myself in awe (which is something you can notice a little when you watch my video review of this style). I love this wig. I kept the one from the review and wore it out a few nights later…and got hit on even though my boyfriend was right beside me! This wig has The Power. You’ll love how it feels as much as how good it makes you look.  I highly recommend the syrup shades for this style. My favorite is FS27, also known as Strawberry Syrup. The highlighting is tasteful and expensive looking, bringing out the most of the layering in this style. There are few wigs I have such strong feelings about. This one is definitely a keeper!


Wig Cap Size Chart

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Originally Posted on April 23, 2014 by Heather Hershey
Hello! The chart below is from one of my brands and I thought it was so useful that I had to share it!
The sizing chart below refers to size designations according to cap circumference. This is the measurement used to determine if you should wear a Petite, Average, or Large cap size.
Please keep in mind that with the exception of bespoke wigs (aka wigs that are made custom to fit your exact measurements) all wigs may require a little tweaking to fit you “right off the rack.” The hairlines and sizing used to create pret-a-porter wigs is made to fit most head shapes and as such may not always fit you the same way it fits the models in the manufacturer pictures.

10 Things I am Loving Right Now

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Originally Posted on June 08, 2014 by Heather Hershey

(This post isn’t wig related. It’s more for fun.)

I am a completely hopeless workaholic. Even so, I have to stop, smell the roses and appreciate some of the simple things in life. Here are some of the things I am loving most this summer.


Aveeno Positively Nourshing calming body lotion: This stuff is wonderful and smells gorgeous. It moisturizes better than most lotions, with or without scent, and does so while leaving a lavender and chamomile fragrance that is soothing and sweet. Great for stress-induced eczema!


Clinic Happy Heart Perfume: Clinic Happy Heart has a light, refreshing fragrance. I detect notes of citrus, the slightest hint of lily, and a little amber at the end.


Suave Clinical Protection in Everlasting Sunshine: I love this stuff! It’s only $4.97, compared to $7 or more for the competitors, and the scent is much better than what they offer too, IMHO.


Clinic Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Voluptuous Violet: Because it’s the most versatile color you’ll ever find. Layer it over dark lip stain for a sultry night look. Apply over bare lips for a soft plum color that isn’t too cool. It is very flattering.


Dunkin Donuts Large Iced Latte, Blueberry Flavor, No Sugar, No Whip, 4 Splendas: This is MY JAM right here! DD is cheaper than Starbucks and most of their coffee flavorings are sugar free! Available in decaf, too!


Low-Carb Taco Salad: I have eaten more of these than I can count so far this summer.


House M.D.: Ok, I know the show is over. I also know every single episode is exactly the same, making for tedious marathon consumption on Netflix. I don’t care. It’s Hugh Laurie. I could watch him read a phone book and be perfectly content with my life.
Even though I will always sort of think of him like this…


My cat, Dexter: He’s my little personal assistant/stalker.


Batiste Dry Shampoo, Cherry Scented: I try not to wash my biohair very much. It’s not necessarily for any health reasons. You see, I like to dye my hair crazy colors. Right now it’s teal with cerulean ombré highlights, so I definitely don’t want to make it fade faster by washing it too much. Dry shampoo is a life saver.


Menchie’s Tart Yogurt with ALL the fruit piled on it: OH YES! It’s magical. 😉



And there you have it! I hope you’re having a wonderful summer so far!


Human Hair Wig Care Do’s & Don’ts

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Originally Posted on June 22, 2014 by Heather Hershey


Human Hair wigs can last a lot longer than synthetics, but that’s only If you take proper care of them. View them as a long term investment and caring for them will become part of your routine.

EDIT #1: A lot of folks have been asking what kind of shampoo & conditioner to use on their human hair wigs. I really like Jon Reanu’s Argan Luxury line of products. The shampoo & conditioner can both be found on CysterWigs, in addition to supplementary products if you feel you need more moisturizing power!

EDIT #2: While you can use your synthetic safe shampoo on your human hair wigs without it causing any issues, you should definitely use a conditioning treatment (or two) that is made specifically for human hair wigs. They need much more intensive moisturizing than a synthetic wig.

EDIT #3: We recommend using synthetic-safe washing & styling products on your human hair / heat-friendly synthetic blend wigs since the synthetic fiber is generally about 66% (or more) of the overall composition of the blend.

Now on with the show! 🙂


DO: Wash your new human hair wig before your wear it.

Do NOT: Plop it on your head and wear it for weeks before washing. These wigs have had a lot of chemical processing and most of those chemicals can be absorbed through the scalp. Please wash them first!


DO: Purchase with the knowledge that these wigs will need to be professionally styled before they can be worn. They do not come pre-styled like synthetics do, even though most are pre-permed to attain a specific hair texture.

Do NOT: Become discouraged by how it looks out of the box. Again, it will need to be styled before it is ready to wear.


DO: Understand that moisture (IE: OIL) retention is the #1 goal of long-term human hair wig care.

Do NOT: Assume human hair can be treated like your biohair or synthetic hair. Biohair is not dyed with industrial textile chemicals and has generally not been treated to look like European hair. It also gets the benefit of natural oils when brushed, whereas wigs don’t. Synthetics, on the other hand, are made of Modacrylic and have much more in common with the carpet in your house than your natural hair.


DO: Try to buy a shade darker than what you’re looking for if you are unsure about a color. The colors on human hair wigs tend to be slightly lighter than their synthetic counterparts.

Do NOT: Buy a light shade assuming you can dye it if you don’t like it. Most human hair wigs CANNOT be re-dyed due to the heavy processing that goes into making Asian hair look Caucasian. (Sounds brutal when you say it that way, but that’s what the process is for non-European hair wigs, folks.) However, for those brands and product lines that CAN be re-dyed, it is easier to take them a little lighter than to try to make them darker. Dark dyed colors on wigs just fade too darn fast.


DO: Use ceramic plated heat tools to curl and straighten your hair.

Do NOT: Try to perm or relax the hair. In most cases, it has already been permed to give it it’s texture. Further chemical processing could ruin the wig.


DO: Remember that non-Remy human hair is the lowest quality. That doesn’t mean it’s bad. It just means that the hair might have a coarser texture and be more prone to early signs of friction damage. They aren’t as durable, so they’re generally much less expensive. Remy hair is smooth and has cuticles that are in tact and all facing the same direction. This cuts down on friction so the wig feels smoother and lasts longer. Most Remy hair is from Asia or India and can come from multiple people per wig due to the homogeneity of those hair types. European hair wigs are also Remy, but the hair shafts are narrower, making them more lustrous and silky. European hair wigs also come from a single head of hair and are seldom dyed, so the variation of pigments and highlights is the most natural money can buy. Any of these types of hair can make a nice wig. Just know what you’re getting before you buy it.

Do NOT: Forget that with human hair, if the price seems too good to be true it usually is.


DO: Read the manufacturer’s recommendations about hair care.

Do NOT: Just assume it will be as easy as taking care of your bio hair – because it’s not.


DO: Try to own more than one wig in a similar style and color to alternate. Human hair wigs take longer to dry & style than synthetics, and you don’t want to be caught in a situation where you need hair and can’t wear the only wig you have for some reason. 

Do NOT: Wait until the last minute to wash or style your hair, especially if you can only afford one wig. Having wet bio hair is one thing. A wet wig will feel like a heavy hot basket, regardless of what it’s made of. 😉


DO: Use wig-safe shampoos and conditioners that are alcohol & paraben free. Avoid anything containing Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. These chemicals make soap lather – but they are also very drying and will make the hair brittle. (They’re not that great for your bio hair, either, for the record.)

Do NOT: Use drug store products on your hair without looking at the labels. We recommend avoiding name brands such as Herbal Essences, Pantene, Dove, Organix, or anything else you can buy at Target or Walgreens. You don’t have to wash it very often, so invest in the good stuff so your hair will last longer!


DO: Wash your wig every 8 – 14 days, or as needed. Using a dry shampoo can help you go longer between washings when sprayed on the interior of the cap. (We don’t recommend spraying dry shampoo on the outside of human hair wigs.)

Do NOT: Wash every night.


DO: Brush out tangles prior to washing. (Or if it’s a curly wig, just finger comb to avoid creating more tangles and frizz.)

Do NOT: Brush out tangles while hair is wet.


DO: Wash wig in still water. Fill a small basin with cool water. Add small amount of shampoo to water and disperse. Only apply shampoo directly to areas in need of more intense washing, avoiding the tips of the hair. Submerge wig. Gently swirl and let soak for 5 minutes. Rinse by submerging in basin of cool water and gently swirling it around. Remove from basin, fill it back up with clean cool water, and repeat this rinse one more time. 

Do NOT: Wash your wig in the shower by directly applying shampoo, lathering (remember: a wig friendly shampoo has minimal lather), and rinsing with high-pressure running water.


DO: Condition your wig carefully. Once you rinse out the shampoo, apply a wig-safe conditioner directly to the hair. We recommend putting most of it on the longer parts of the strand and the ends, and not so much neat the roots to avoid having super flat hair. Let the conditioner sit on the hair for a minimum of 2 minutes. (You can leave it on overnight for more intense conditioning.) Rinse twice by submerging in a basin with cool water. Wrap gently with a towel to get out excess water.

Do Not: Condition your wig in the shower by directly applying a WalMart conditioner full of parabens or other waxy products that promote build up and rinse with high-pressure running water.


DO: Gently wrap damp wig in a towel and pat to remove excess water.

Do NOT: Wring and shake hair to remove excess water.


DO: Condition again while damp with a leave-on spray product to lock in moisture. (We recommend light-weight conditioning Argan oil for this latter step, but there are others that work equally well.) Work through with hands.

Do NOT: Forget your leave-in conditioner! Skipping this step accelerates hair dry-out.


DO: Place on a wig stand and allow to hair dry thoroughly before combing again. You may apply more leave-in conditioner once dry, if needed.

Do NOT: Place wig in direct sunlight to dry. This will make the color fade faster.


Hopefully this is an eye-opener!


I know it sounds INTENSE. No worries, though. Wigs get washed so infrequently that it’s not nearly as bad as it sounds. Plus, add to this the fact that the hair will look and feel more natural AND last up to a year or more…and well, let’s just say it becomes a little easier why some people are willing to trade in the convenience of synthetics to go the human hair route.


To each their own. We’ll be there to help either way. 🙂

One of my fave Jon Renau models was on ANTM!

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Originally Posted on March 24, 2014 by Heather Hershey

I have seen this face hundreds of times while building my site and editing photographs. You know the look. She’s glamorous, yet approachable with a sort of exotic look that is interesting while simultaneously classically beautiful. She also looked strikingly familiar yet I couldn’t place where I’d seen here before.

I’m talking about this girl:

This is Fo! As in Fo Porter from the 12th Cycle of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM for short).

Allow me to back track a sec. I am completely outing myself. Yes, it’s true. ANTM is DEFINITELY one of my guilty pleasures. There’s just something about the glamor and the fashion that makes me excited. Plus, I love drag queens and burlesque, and no body pulls off drag-queen-trapped-in-a-lady-body quite like Ms. Tyra Banks. I can’t help it. She’s cheesy and weird and out of her dang mind – and I love her for it!

So, needless to say, I saw Cycle 12 and never put two and two together until I recently began browsing some ANTM “Where Are They Now” blogs. That’s when I stumbled upon Fo.

I am so proud of her! Not only is she all over my site an many others, but she’s a great wig model! Her look translates really well to many different styles. She makes the wigs really pop. It’s kind of cool to see how people’s careers can evolve right before your eyes.

Here is the blog I found Fo in: http://antm411.com/felicia-fo-porter/

Until next time – just remember to “smize”! 😀