Heather@CysterWigs: What I wore for Summer 2016

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Above, I am wearing one of my favorite limited edition summer styles: Carlotta SF by Belle Madame in Copper Mix Root!


I am a fairly active member of some of the “secret” online wig communities on Facebook and elsewhere. I think these are a great resource not in terms of marketing or anything diabolical like that, but because people really tell you the truth about what they think of the products in these groups. I find that to be immensely helpful when I am trying to help steer folks towards the products that I think would best suit their needs. We aren’t used car salespeople here at CysterWigs. I am just as happy to sell folks a $100 wig as I am a $1000 wig. It all boils down to how much my clients enjoy wearing their products.

As I say time and again in my videos, “A wig is only as good as your willingness to wear it.” So, if you throw $1000 at a wig and never wear it, you might has well have lit that money on fire.

This is why our #1 goal is to help you find the best wig to suit your needs to first time around, whenever possible. It establishes trust and makes you more inclined to come back another day. So, buy that $75 wig if you want it. As long as you love it and it makes you feel good when you wear it, then I will consider that a gold star A+ job well done! 🙂

This is why when I saw someone of the Book o’ Faces asking about which wigs they should choose for summer, I chimed in with this little novel below. I detailed all of the wigs I have been wearing over the summer of 2016. It should not be surprising that I personally own WAY too many wigs…because this is just my summer collection!

Without further ado, here is my list of all of the wigs I have worn this summer so far, the colors I wear them in, and why I like them for hot weather. It’s 92 degrees today in Georgia, so the timing for this article is pretty great, if I do say so myself! 😀

I have been wearing Soft & Subtle (AL – but it does come in AP) by Gabor in Chocolate Caramel. It is a little less hot under the cap than Scarlett by Jon Renau, IMO. This has become my every day throw on and go wig lately because I’m not really afraid to mess it up. I mean, it’s a Gabor, so it’s not super duper high end. I appreciate that in a summer wig because they tend to take a beating during outdoor activities.


For fancier stuff – like going to work, for instance – I have been wearing Julianne by Jon Renau (I currently wear it in both Toffee Truffle and Midnight Cocoa) and Brittaney by Envy. I like them both for different reasons. No mistake – Julianne is the more comfortable of the two because the cap is very light weight and breathes well. However, I really love the front on the Brittaney. It’s very old Hollywood to me, which is something I really like. That’s a purely subjective thing, though.

I own FIVE Brittaneys because it is one of my all-time favorites and definitely my favorite wig from the Envy line. It is way different than any of the other wavy mid-lengths on the market because the curls are really curls. It’s very pretty. The colors I own are Dark Red, Creamed Coffee, Golden Nutmeg, Chocolate Cherry, and Toasted Sesame.



If you want a graduated, stacked bob like Jolie but want something a little lighter and more comfortable, I REALLY love the Ignite by Jon Renau. My goodness is this wig ever great for hot weather! It is nice and short, and unlike Jolie, it doesn’t have longer hair at the nape. It’s really nice for super hot days. The one I wear is in Chocolate Cherry.


Another one that might be very nice is Opulence by Gabor. Mine is in Sangria. 🙂


I wear the living daylights out of my Carlotta SF. I have really been feeling all these short and mid-length wavy styles lately. This one is very light. The best part in my mind, though, is that the lace they use for the front hair line is ULTRA fine. It is very pliable and not as scratchy as the ones on most other brands. (To their credit, Ellen WIlle also has very nice lace fronts. Belle Madame’s are softer, though!) Mine is in Copper MIx Rooted.


If that is too expensive, I can highly recommend Amal by ROP. It’s a little warm to wear due to the closed standard cap on top, but I love the length and ease of wear…and, of course, the price. 😉 I own three of these and wear them as throw-on-and-go styles! I wear Ginger Brown, Crimson-LR (my fave!), and Macadamia-LR.


Echo by Ellen WIlle is just awesome. I love the way that the front is cut. It looks surprisingly like the product pics with minimal fussing. Mine is in Safran Red Rooted because I love my reds!


And the last pick I’ve been wearing for summer is Premium by Gabor. It’s a great length, the density is very natural, and it’s comfortable on. This is one of my newer wigs, but I really like it. Mine is in Rusty Auburn.