Still searching for last minute holiday hair? Here are some tips to help you out!

  1. Buy from our clearance site, These can often ship next-day and typically arrive about 5 days (or less) after you place an order, provided you live in the continental USA.
  2. Stick to smaller brands with tight distribution networks. The fastest tend to be (in no particular order): Tony of Beverly, Jon Renau, Henry Margu, TressAllure, and Envy.
  3. Likewise, avoid larger brands with wider distribution, such as Aderans Hair Goods (Amore, ROP, Noriko, Revlon) and HairUWear (Gabor, Raquel Welch, HairDo). Like any large organization, there are more people involved with every step of the fulfillment process and this greatly slows them down this time of year.
  4. Specialty products – such as Clary’s, Ellen Wille, or imported wigs – will typically experience shipping delays even in slow times of year. This should definitely be expected during the end of year holidays!
  5. Shop from stores that keep current inventory listings on their site to help avoid backorders. is a site that does this! Plus, you are always welcome to contact us if you need precise inventory numbers for a particular style or color. Our email is:
  6. Consider giving the gift of good hair! sells gift certificates that make it easy as pie to help a friend in need of a good hair assist! This is an easy way to earn yourself some loyalty points and spread some holiday cheer. Best of all: They are instantly deliverable, so no worries about shipping delays! Your friend will receive their gift card via email, thus eliminating any worries about it arriving in time for Christmas!


This is Jamila Plus by Ellen Wille. Super cute but can also be a bit intimidating because of the big bouncy curls. I am here to let you know it’s not that scary. 😉

The first picture posted is a right out of the box shot. A little puffy, but I was overall pleasantly surprised. The color I have her in is Hot Mocca Rooted. Beautiful color! I hope these are helpful, I so enjoy this hair. I have worn for about a week, and it actually wears very well. It’s at a nice length where there isn’t a ton of friction. At the end of each day I wear it I work some Simply Stylin serum thru the ends. It works wonders. 😊

The second pictures are after dunking it in cold water, spraying some Jon Renau conditioner on and letting it sit on a wig head over night. After it dried I played with the curls a bit to get them to lay the way I wanted them. Have never used a comb!

I put it back on the wig head for another day. See below pictures. Still have not used a comb. And I really don’t plan on it!

Perfect! Jamila has a really nice lace front and is a open cap This wig feels extremely light. weighs in at 3.6 oz. Measurements are: front any where from 4-7″, crown 3-8″, sides 6-10″, nape 3.5″ – 9″

That’s all folks! Thanks for watching. If you have any questions, you know where to find me. Bluuu54 on IG.

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Jamila Plus by Ellen Wille

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Hi folks Kathleen here with my review of Hunter by Estetica. I love my reds and I have been wanting to try Estetica’s famous R30/28/26 for quite awhile. Casual Hunter was a great choice to try out this very natural soft ginger hue. I wasn’t sure if Hunter would be too casual for me but I love the style! I use that word loosely 😉…it’s really a non To me it looks like I had my hair stylist put in beautifully razored layers into a short to mid length shaggy bob and I just was too lazy to blow dry it into its “real” style. Ahhh but its still pretty because of all the shattered waves..especially on the ends.

I had been looking at other shaggy bobs out there but really wanted something shorter. Something I could comfortably wear all day while taking care of dogs shopping cleaning etc. I was thrilled when I saw Estetica’s release of Hunter.

My first impression when I opened the box was ooooh pretty color! Thats a good sign right? Below is a collage of Hunter just plopped on my head…if you have a smaller face I would wear it like this. It can be quite sleek…or you can fluff it up a lot like I do. Love the length and the hair fibers are so silky and not too shiny at all. Very happy with the quality. Very little permatease which is always nice. 😊

I do love this color…below is a very accurate color photo taken in natural light. No one would think this was a dyed color..its so pretty. ❤️

This is the perfect style & color for me to wear with no make up….always looking for a nice no makeup wig…lol. Amazingly realistic don’t you think?

Below is a collage of Hunter from all sides taken in natural light on my covered deck. She’s so gorgeous!

If you were wondering how Tony of Beverly’s London compares to Hunter ( and who isn’t?😂) below is a visual side by side comparison. Aside from London’s longer length, her layers are cut in vs Hunter’s that are razored in. I would say Hunter has more realistic hair density and less permatease than London. Love them both.

The take away here is….if you are looking for a shaggy bob and RW Infatuation is a bit too long or TOB London has too much hair than Estetica’s Hunter is just what you are looking for…..ENJOY!

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Hunter by Estetica

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