Hi folks Kathleen here with the review of a flippy layered longer pixie called Kenzie by Tony of Beverly. I love the almost curly flips of Kenzie. Like a lot of wigs she has a roomy fit for me…not baggy but I do take the adjusters in all the way at the nape. My head circumference is 21 1/2” which is average but all my other measurements are either petite or less. Tony of Beverly wigs are very comfortable. Kenzie is a standard cap..no bells and whistles which also keeps the price down ($137.25 USD) and at about 2oz. makes her a perfect choice for summer.

Below image 5 illustrates the color Tangerine Twist very well. This is a very dynamic color..so much going on but surprisingly not intense overall. The majority of the color is a dark natural brownish auburn. With butterscotch blonde highlights all over with a concentration around the face and scattered and fewer brighter true copper red highlights. Needless to say a wonderful color on such a textured wig. If you want to see this color reviewed in a different style check out Heathers youtube CysterWig Color Spotlight of Tangerine Twist on the gorgeous curly Haily wig by Tony of Beverly here…https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=21s&v=eeCvhKmAq68

Kenzie has a lot of hair but not too much and yes there is permatease but again not too much 😉 and it’s not noticeable because of the way TOB constructs their Harp Cap which is explained below in image 6).

Kenzie doesn’t have a lace front but never the less her front hairline is constructed so well you can brush the bangs off your forehead with confidence. I leave a few strands of hair down to break up the hairline and I think it looks more realistic this way. Below in image 7) showcases the front hairline. So well done.

What is so cool about the texture of Kenzie is that she lends herself to many different styles. Below in image 8) is the way I wear her most of the time. I give her a part …comb her down with just my fingers ( no product needed to style her – very easy peasy)and put her behind my ears. The way she is layered hides any bio hair you might have peaking out in front of your ears. 😉 and around the part area….Kenzie is extremely versatile.

The take away here if you love a short textured longer pixie that’s versatile reasonable priced lightweight and with many colors to choose from( I counted 57! )then Kenzie is for you.

Here’s a short video of Kenzie..note the way I have her styled..she can be very casual like I have her here..or fluffed up for a fancy dinner date. ENJOY!

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Kenzie by Tony of Beverly

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Hey y’all! This is Gina and today I’m sharing with you Alexa by TressAllure in the color Mocha Gold. I’m really excited about this one because this is my first review of a TressAllure wig.




I know how exciting it is to rock new hair, but it is important to take the time to inspect your wig. Here you can see a thread from the cap has been exposed. This is not a big deal and you can simply cut it out. Easy peasy.

Alexa has beautiful razored layers. While her measurements are varied, they are listed as Fringe: 5″, Crown: 6.5″, Nape: 4″.

I can’t believe how close the color swatch photo nearly matches the photo I took. Mocha Gold is an extremely, beautifully luxurious color!




Alexa fit pretty tight on me and I wasn’t surprised at all since TressAllure is known to have a petite average cap size. I honestly think the style is cute so I’d probably try to push my limits with her but I know I couldn’t go a whole work day without getting a pressure headache.

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Alexa by TressAllure

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Hi folks Kathleen here with a review of Bryn by Envy in Lighter Red. How many times have you received a wig and it wasn’t quite what you thought it would be? Bryn was one of those wigs. I was disappointed in the color…from my research and youtube reviews I thought Lighter Red would be lighter overall and have more highlights…( as a side note my new Kelsey in Lighter Red has all of that…sooo my theory is the longer styles get more highlights 😉- just my theory)

And even though Bryn had some nice curl to her it made no sense to me. I thought she looked a bit dated. Not that I’m not “dated” I just don’t want to look it..lol 😂 So I kind of put her aside and wore all the new styles coming out.

One day I decided to revisit her. A lot has happened to me as a wig wearer since I last tried her on. I’ve started customizing my wigs..cutting them thinning them…styling them more. I’m not afraid to use product on them now. So I took Bryn back out. Well first of all I love the color this time. My preconceived notions about what color she should be was gone. I think partially because I have since then experimented with darker colors..so she didn’t seem so dark to me. She is a tad darker redder and not as warm an Irish Red as my Raquel Welch Glazed Fire. (This difference is illustrated below in image 3)…but I love her vibrancy. She’s a rich salon color. Very striking color.

I decided I was going to play with her texture and curl to see how much volume/height I could get…well the bigger she got the more I liked her. I did all this with just my fingers no combing or product. I will say I am a recent convert to Jon Renau’s Piecing Crème and I can just imagine the wild things I could do using it on Bryn. Ahh ideas ideas..☺️ The barrel curls are so voluminous. And yes there is permatease…this is a standard open cap…but you don’t see it because the hair density is nice and full. Look at image 4) honestly is that not gorgeous?

There is no lace front but you can still sweep the front bangs up and its still believable..leave a few strand of hair down to cover any of the hairline that doesn’t look quite perfect. Since Bryn has a closed cap on top with/permatease you can part her anywhere you want to. The hair fibers in Envy wigs is very silky soft.

The back was my surprise. The first time I styled her I combed the hair down in the back. What a mistake that was. 😜I Love the texture and the nape is cut close to the head but the length is plenty long to hide any bio hair you might have.

The take away here is don’t give up on that wig that kind of disappointed you. You are growing as a wig wearer whether you realize it or not. Look at it with fresh eyes..think outside the box you might surprise yourself and fall in love with her..I sure did…ENJOY!

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Bryn by Envy

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Hey y’all! This is Gina and today I am sharing Casino More by Ellen Wille in the color Cinnamon Rooted.




Casino More arrived with the Talia Mono that I reviewed last week, but I didn’t open CM’s box until today.

Casino More has a lace front, mono left side part, and open wefts on sides, back, AND top.

There are velcro adjusters and an extended nape.

This is how it arrived, by the way.

Casino More has some really beautiful layers! I really think this would be a great style for someone that likes the mid-length look but doesn’t want the weight of all that hair. The measurements are: Front: 3.5″, Crown: 7″, Sides: 7.5″, Nape: 7.5″

Here at CysterWigs we recommend Ellen Wille styles for someone with petite-average cap size and for someone looking for minimal amount of volume in the hair. Casino More definitely hits those marks. You won’t find any permatease here.

In this picture, I am showing you how dark these brown roots are in this Cinnamon Rooted color. These swatches are from the Jon Renau color ring.

I have be honest with y’all. I thought this was pretty tight which makes sense because Ellen Wille fits petite-average. While I can wear her for a short period of time, I’m pretty sure I’d get a headache after a while. When I first placed her on, I thought my wig grip and wig liner slipped forward but it was just the cap being small for me. 🙂

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Casino More by Ellen Wille

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