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By Julia

Some of us have been there. We’ve stood in the mirror and tugged at those “invaders”. Those strands of hair that have betrayed our original color. We pluck them or cover them in denial. But no matter what we do, they’re just going to keep coming back.

The appearance of gray hair is a natural and biological process of our body. It symbolizes the passage of time. it is a sign of aging and a sign that our bodies experience vital changes. While many people accept it—gray hair symbolizes experience, wisdom, and respectability— others fight it.

But why does the hair turn gray over time? To understand why those “dreaded” gray hairs appear, you must first understand where the color comes from.

Every hair on our head consists of two parts:
– A stem – the region provided with a color that we see growing on our heads
– A root – the lower part of the hair strand, which anchors the hair to the scalp

The root is surrounded by a small tube of tissue under the skin called the hair follicle. Each follicle contains a certain amount of pigmented cells. These cells constantly produce a chemical called melanin, which gives each strand of hair its color, be it brown, blond, reddish or any other intermediate shade.

Melanin is also the substance that gives color to our skin, making it lighter or darker. It also helps determine if the person burns or tans when exposed to the sun. The clarity or darkness of a person’s hair color depends on the amount of melanin in their hair.

As we get older, the pigmented cells in our hair follicles die progressively. When there is a smaller amount of pigmented cells inside a hair follicle, the hair shaft loses the amount of melanin that it contained and acquires a transparent tone (be it gray, silver or white). As people get older, they will have fewer pigmented cells to produce melanin and, eventually, their hair will become completely gray.

People can get gray hair at any age. The age at which you get your first gray hair depends upon several things. One significant influence is genetics. If your parents’ hair turned gray at an early age, yours probably will too. Some people get gray hair very early, like during their teenage or college years. Others get them in their 30s, 40s or later.

Another thing that can cause your hair to turn gray early is your diet. If you eat a proper diet, it might be possible for you to stall the appearance of gray hair. The cells in your hair follicles that produce melanin need the proper nutrients to stay healthy and produce the required melanin for dark hair coloring. This includes nutrients like iron and Vitamin B. Therefore, if your diet is filled with low nutrient foods like junk foods, you may go gray much earlier than you need to.

So those are the basics about gray hair. Since it’s not going away, try to find a way to accept it and know that it doesn’t mean your life is over. Again, people can go gray at any age. As long as you’re healthy and happy, the color of your hair shouldn’t hold you back.

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How do you tell a potential partner that you wear wigs? Part Two

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Part one of this article is available here.

PART TWO: My personal rules for handling this

NOTE: These are my strategies. I definitely advise you to experiment a little to come up with a solution that you are comfortable with. Everyone’s different and what works for me may not be a comfortable solution for you. 🙂

    1. Come up with a game plan in ADVANCE. This involves asking yourself some pretty tough personal questions about where your boundaries are in terms of how far you are willing to discuss things and how much curiosity you are willing to indulge. You will also have to determine what kind of negative reactions you are willing to accept, if any. I, personally, will not date anyone who is judgmental of wig wear in any negative way whatsoever. It’s just too big of a part of my life! I will literally drop a $20 bill on the table (or however much pays for my meal + tip) and GTFO because as a very wise woman once said, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”
    2. Because of my strong stance, I tell potential partners right away. For a lot of people – especially heterosexual men – profound hair loss can be an absolute deal breaker. (Again, go back to my point above about cognitive dissonance. I wish this weren’t the case, but it absolutely is.) By putting it out there right away, you can weed out all the people who would make a big deal out of this right away before you would end up in a situation where you would have to tell them face-to-face. If on an online dating site, you can post this right in your profile. This can be done relatively discretely by posting pictures of yourself in various wigs and waiting for people to ask you directly about why your hair changes so much. This can also be done overtly by putting a statement about it directly in the text of the picture captions or body of your profile.
    3. If you make this public knowledge up-front on your dating profiles, be aware that you DO NOT have to pay attention to every question people ask you about your hair. You can (and probably should) ignore people who want to reduce you to a sideshow attraction. Those trolls can just as easily google wigs, so let them and save your energy. (Hell, send them a link to my blog or this article and maybe that’ll sort them out! LOL)
    4. When on dates, try asking fun questions to the other person about their opinions about hair. This can be about specific hair cuts, colors, social views about hair, women who change their hair a lot, etc. All of these can make fun topical segues to help you break the ice about your wig wear.
    5. Frame the situation as something that plays to their advantage. (Appeal to their fantasies.) I have historically always framed it as the opportunity to “look however I want, whenever I want.” Your partner wants to date a blonde for a day? PRESTO! You’ve got the hair for that. How about a redhead? No worries, you can accommodate that too! Make them a part of the process. It becomes much more fun for both of you that way and then they are much more likely to embrace your wig wear . . . and they may even become part of the purchasing process! (We have husbands buy wigs for their wives in this store all the time, for example.)
    6. If someone makes a rude comment, try your best not to take it personally. It’s difficult. I know that. However, you’re better off knowing they’re a knuckle-dragging troglodyte sooner rather than later. Internally thank them for saving you the guess work and cut your losses. 😉
    7. Do NOT try to convince someone to change their mind if they are opposed to dating someone with hair loss. People have extremely specific and individualized notions of what they consider attractive. Honestly, I don’t get down with the PC police. I think that telling people they’re wrong for liking what they like is misguided. Instead, we should focus on not barking up the wrong tree to begin with to avoid the headache. (IMHO)
    8. Likewise, do NOT feel obligated to “educate” someone who is rude or overly curious about it if you are not comfortable talking about it. You get to dictate the boundaries about your own hair loss and how you talk about it. (Remember, you’re She-Ra: YOU have the power.) You don’t OWE it to anyone – particularly a total stranger in the beginning of the dating process – to disclose more or less information than you are comfortable discussing. Once you establish your boundaries in step #1, stick to them!

Hopefully this article is helpful to some of you! 🙂

This is an excerpt from our CysterWigs Knowledge Base. Check it out on our private site to see over 500 articles all about our store, wigs, and how to wear the hair!

New Year Hair Resolutions

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By Eseandre

New Year’s is here, so new resolutions are in order. But, whilst making resolutions concerning your health, wealth and family don’t forget your hair. The hair you wear and love is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. When you’re feeling sassy, you grab your sassy hair. When you’re feeling bold, you put on a style that shows how fearless you are. Your wigs are an extension of you. So, if you haven’t been giving them the attention they need, or you’ve only been shopping for them halfheartedly, you definitely to make a few hair resolutions for 2019.

From hair care to wig style versatility, I’m going to help you develop some new #goals. So, buckle up because hair we go.

Take better care of your hair

If your wigs always look like they could use some TLC, you need to come up with a regular maintenance routine. Not sure where to start? Do some homework and check out CysterWigs Knowledge Base, official store blog and YouTube channels for tips and tricks that’ll help you put your best hair forward. If you haven’t been taking care of your wigs, no more excuses! Many of us don’t have money to burn. By neglecting your wigs, you might as well just flush your money down the toilet. You need to start protecting your investments. With your bio hair, you have to wash, condition and treat it on a regular basis to keep your hair healthy. Same thing goes for those wigs–unless you like wearing pieces that look kind of old and dusty. Make a resolution to take better care of your hair.

Try new things

If you’ve been wearing the same style for the last two years, it’s time to move on. CysterWigs has sooooooooo many options! Curly, straight, wavy, short, long, ultra-short, mid-length—the possibilities are endless. Switch up your usual look and opt for something that you’ve been wanting to try. Go blonde if you’ve always been a brunette, try a fringe, a ponytail, curls, the works. The goal is to stand out this year instead of blending in. So, feel free to explore other styles to freshen up your look.

Accessorize more

From pins to clips and bands, we all know that hair accessories can add a special touch to your look. But instead of just grabbing them for the gym or windy days, make a statement with them anytime. If you wear long wigs, try a low ponytail or fishtail braid with a cute hair tie. Or if you have a shorter do, try a flower hair clip by your ear. Look around to find some inspiration. You’ll be amazed what you can find on the Internet. This year, try new ways of accessorizing. Your hair deserves pampering too. Don’t be afraid to enhance it and show it off!

The New Year is filled with so many fresh possibilities. Don’t keep holding on to old habits. Get creative, get dedicated and be more adventurous in 2019!

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Making Your Part Look Realistic by Kathleen

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Hi folks Kathleen here with a couple of tricks and tips on making your wig look more realistic. Image one illustrates one of my wigs after I have applied soft silicone medical tape and removed a few strategic dark hairs along the part.

Image 2 illustrates what I use. Soft Silicone Tape. You can get this at your local drugstore (I get mine at my CVS) or online. Its very soft and I can use the tape over and over again. I just take it off when I wash a wig and replace it when its dry. In a pinch I’ve even used tape from wig to wig when I’ve run out of it. It leaves no residue on your monofilament features so doesn’t damage it at all.

Image 3 illustrates where to place the tape. This is the simplest way I have found to make your part look realistic. The color mimics the color of your scalp so it will look like your wigs hair fibers are growing right out of you head. You’ll want to fiddle with the placement of the tape. Cut a piece the length you’ll need and place on the inside of your wig. Try your wig on and adjust the tape placement if you need to. Usually if I place the tape a little back from the edge of the lace front the effect will look natural. In other words the transition from your skin to the tape won’t be noticeable. I have used makeup on that transition but I have found if I just tweak where I place the tape you won’t notice the transition. I would rather not use make up if I can avoid it. It’s not great for your monofilament features.

So you might be thinking why all the fuss Kathleen? Well image 4 will hopefully answer that question. 😉 In image 4 you can easily see the grid pattern of the lace the dreaded seam between the lace front and mono part and my dark hair peeking through the lace. Still not bad but why leave well enough alone I always say. 😂

Image 5 looks a lot better right? Its really fun to do too.

Remember I said why leave well enough alone? Wellllll..I started putting more tape on my wig because I could see the monofilament if I looked close…several pieces of tape later..lol. Seriously the transition between the part and the rest of the mono top (I used my mono topped Pippa by TOB but this technique works just as well with a mono part wig) and the parted area looks even better now.
Tip: ScarAway could also be used.

I took my tweezers and with my granny glasses (magnifying/craft mirror would be even better) and under very strong task light I very carefully removed a few dark knotted hairs along the part. It didn’t need many removed. Just the ones you could really see from a few feet away. I picked the knots a couple of times with my tweezers to loosen them and then they could easily be unknotted and removed with my tweezers. Be very careful not to pull the lace.

Image 8 illustrates how natural the part looks now even just laying on a table. You can also see how far back I place the tape from the front of the lace. Basically when the knots start getting denser that’s where I place the tape.

The take away here is soft silicone tape is a foolproof/easy/anyone can do it way to make the part on your wig look more realistic. Try it it’s fun…Enjoy!

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Take Charge of Your Wellbeing with Essential Oils

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By CysterWigs Contributor

Essential oils have been used as an effective alternative medicine for ages. Since the oils are extracted from plants, they can contain the most beneficial and medicinal extracts of the plants. The smallest amount of essential oil can go a long way and provides numerous benefits that can help improve your mind, body, and soul.

The extraction of essential oil is usually done using the leaves, flowers, bark, stem, seeds as well as other parts of a plant that have a high medicinal value. Each oil may possesses a distinct aroma that has a soothing effect on the body and mind. Due to this reason, these oils are extensively used in aromatherapy.

Essential oil Benefits and Uses

* Promotes relaxation

Certain aromatic scents of essential oils may help in promoting relaxation while reducing everyday stress and anxiety. For instance, you can simply diffuse a little bit of lavender essential oil in your room for a relaxing effect.

* Improves brain functioning

Some essential oils can stimulate brain function by increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain. Diffusing aromatic oils such as peppermint and rosemary in your surrounding may help in increasing focus and alertness. It may also help in boosting your energy level.

* Better digestion

Some essential oil when consumed in low concentration may support digestion and reduce the symptoms of diarrhea as well as treat leaky gut. You can take peppermint oil, ginger oil, and fennel essential oil for this purpose. If you are currently taking medications, just be sure to check with your doctor before you start to make sure there are no interaction risks.

* Pain management

Eucalyptus oil is a great natural remedy for muscle aches and pains. Before applying this oil to the body, make sure you mix it with a carrier oil like coconut, jojoba, sweet almond or avocado oils. There are a lot more carrier oils out there. You can google them or talk to someone who works in the cosmetics section of your local health food store. Along with a carrier oil, you can also mix eucalyptus oil with cypress and wintergreen oils to make an effective pain relieving balm. For headaches, try applying peppermint essential oil to your temples to relieve tension. Again, you’ll want to mix this essential oil with a carrier oil before applying.

* Makes skin beautiful

Essential oils have a detoxifying and anti-aging effect on the skin. The antioxidant and antibacterial natures of these essential oils are great for flawless skin. Try mixing tea tree oil in your facial cleanser to get rid of acne and blisters. Or, you can add sandalwood, lavender, geranium and frankincense oils to an unscented lotion to make an effective anti-aging cream for your skin.

Essential oils have many more benefits. They can help soothe bug bites and eliminate pests from your house. Some essential oils have antibacterial effects, while others have relaxing and calming effects. Some oils may alleviate symptoms of diseases whereas some are used to enhance your beauty. In a nutshell, essential oils not only make you healthy and beautiful, but they can also uplift your mood and make you happier.