Fall in love with a new style.

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Fall is right around the corner. So step into the season with a fabulous new style. Need a few ideas to help you shop? Here’s some inspiration to get you started!

The Hottest (but really coolest) Wigs of Summer – Part 2

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Yesterday, I shared five wigs that our staffers love to wear in the summer. Hey, they know their stuff! So why wouldn’t I want to pass their nuggets of wiggy goodness on to you? Anyway, we all hope you enjoyed part one. Now, on to part two!

This time, we’re kicking things off with our Customer Care Help Desk Solution Specialist and CysterWigs blog Boss Babe, Gina (Gina, please don’t kill me for saying that!). When it starts to get hot and sticky outside, Gina likes to roll with the Top Notch by EasiHair.

Top Notch by EasiHair

“The Top Notch topper is my favorite synthetic topper. Wigs are hot and yeah, some are more bearable to wear than others in the summer, but nothing beats being able to let your own hair down. If I am going to have sweaty hair sticking to the back of my neck, I would personally prefer it being my own bio hair.” That’s so badass, Gina. The Top Notch by EasiHair is a mid-length, synthetic top piece with a 100% hand-tied double monofilament base. The extra layer of monofilament makes it smooth, soft, and comfortable on the scalp. It’s very lightweight as well.

Gina also likes Sleek and Chic by Hairdo.

Sleek and Chic by HairDo


She said, “The price point for the Sleek and Chic really allows you to be a little bit more laid back on the care and handle of it. To me, that is essentially what summer is about.” Sleek and Chic has a velvet front rim to prevent friction, open ear tabs, an extended nape for added lightness. Its Tru2Life® heat-friendly synthetic hair allows for added styling options. Plus, it is ready-to-wear with a firm shake and just a bit of finger styling right out of the box. Gina was right. This wig offers effortless style — and that’s what summer is about. Easy, breezy and out the door.

Kathleen, our High Priestess of Instagram and resident blogger had another summer wig crush. It’s Jett by Estetica.

Jett by Estetica

“Officially, Jett by Estetica is my go to pixie/summer hair…love it! She’s lightweight (2.17 oz.) and she has a lace front so I can clip it back with little claws or hair combs to keep the hair off my face. So, I can be even cooler. And she’s soooo cute!” Jett by Estetica is an edgy, asymmetrical pixie with a lace front and longer front bangs. Her lace front and open cap make her a good warm-weather option.

Our fabulous vlogger, Taz, also likes Jon Renau Ignite in Shaded Praline for the warmer months. It’s a classic, chin-length bob with endless styling possibilities.

Ignite by Jon Renau

Taz said, “This style is HOME to me…my first love. I love it all year round, but especially in the summer.  It gives me a nice cool neck, but leaves some longer layers around the face to play with. I love adding messy curls, too, because it’s heat friendly!” Ignite’s lace front gives the appearance of a natural hairline while the open cap construction allows the wig to breathe and stay comfortable all day long. Those two things alone make it easy to see why Ignite is one of Taz’s top summer picks.

If you’re looking for something that’s short, chic and really no fuss, Nancy, our Forum Moderator and pixie pro, recommends Tab by Ellen Wille.

Tab by Ellen Wille

She said, “If you can go super short, this one is your jam.” Enough said! Tab is a sleek, ultra-short, unisex style with a 100% hand-tied lace front and monofilament crown. It’s easy to wear, easy to style, and if you want to make sure you stay cool up front, the lace front makes it possible for you to clip or style the hair back to keep it off of your forehead.

So there you have it. Five more wigs to consider for summer or warmer weather in general. Stay tuned for our final five picks, wig lovers.

Smooches and snaps,

devon the social media fairy

Gina’s Review: Under Cover Halo by Gabor, Color: Walnut (GL10/14) and Soleil Sun Cap by Christine Headwear

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Hey y’all! This is Gina and today I’m sharing with you Under Cover Halo by Gabor in the color GL10/14 – Walnut.

Summer just really isn’t my season. It isn’t pretty with all the sweat and all the other body reactions while out in nature and heat. Eeewww. Unfortunately for me, I can’t just hibernate until Halloween. There’s memories to be made with friends and family at pool parties, block parties, and trips to the water park.

My favorite summer solution is the good ol’ halo and a hat, especially the hat.


The only thing that makes this is piece uncomfortable for me, is the velcro bangs. Since this piece is on loan from CysterWigs, I didn’t feel comfortable readjusting the band for the bangs so it is completely covered. If you are a bang gal, just be aware of this.


If I needed a halo, I would definitely select this piece in a color closer to my bio hair.


I have to say that this is the MOST comfortable cap I’ve ever owned. It bends, stretches, and most important to me is that it is 100% cotton so my head isn’t suffocating.  I’ll be wearing it in and out of the pool, running errands, and just living life.

Ready to take on a day full of errands in the hot Texas sun.



Product Listing:
Under Cover Halo by Gabor

Soleil Sun Cap by Christine Headwear

You can see all of Gina’s guest blogger posts here.

Gina’s Review: easiPart XL HD 8″ by Jon Renau, Color: English Toffee (10H24B)

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I ordered this color because it has been requested a few times on our Product Review Request list and I wanted you to clearly see the beautiful cuts.

I go back and forth between toppers and full wigs. Unfortunately, the easiPart XL isn’t the right topper for me because my bio hair is really thin in the areas where the clips need to be placed. I prefer a base that would be in something like Top Notch that provides better coverage.

So remember that there is more than just color that you need to take into consideration when shopping for toppers. The CysterWigs’ Knowledge Base and the wonderful staff in the CCHD are amazing resources to help you pick the right topper for you.

Product Listing:
easiPart XL HD 8″ by EasiHair by Jon Renau (also available in 12″)

You can see all of Gina’s guest blogger posts here.