Hey y’all! This is Gina and today I’m sharing with you Alexa by TressAllure in the color Mocha Gold. I’m really excited about this one because this is my first review of a TressAllure wig.




I know how exciting it is to rock new hair, but it is important to take the time to inspect your wig. Here you can see a thread from the cap has been exposed. This is not a big deal and you can simply cut it out. Easy peasy.

Alexa has beautiful razored layers. While her measurements are varied, they are listed as Fringe: 5″, Crown: 6.5″, Nape: 4″.

I can’t believe how close the color swatch photo nearly matches the photo I took. Mocha Gold is an extremely, beautifully luxurious color!




Alexa fit pretty tight on me and I wasn’t surprised at all since TressAllure is known to have a petite average cap size. I honestly think the style is cute so I’d probably try to push my limits with her but I know I couldn’t go a whole work day without getting a pressure headache.

Product Listing:
Alexa by TressAllure

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Hey y’all! This is Gina and today I am sharing Casino More by Ellen Wille in the color Cinnamon Rooted.




Casino More arrived with the Talia Mono that I reviewed last week, but I didn’t open CM’s box until today.

Casino More has a lace front, mono left side part, and open wefts on sides, back, AND top.

There are velcro adjusters and an extended nape.

This is how it arrived, by the way.

Casino More has some really beautiful layers! I really think this would be a great style for someone that likes the mid-length look but doesn’t want the weight of all that hair. The measurements are: Front: 3.5″, Crown: 7″, Sides: 7.5″, Nape: 7.5″

Here at CysterWigs we recommend Ellen Wille styles for someone with petite-average cap size and for someone looking for minimal amount of volume in the hair. Casino More definitely hits those marks. You won’t find any permatease here.

In this picture, I am showing you how dark these brown roots are in this Cinnamon Rooted color. These swatches are from the Jon Renau color ring.

I have be honest with y’all. I thought this was pretty tight which makes sense because Ellen Wille fits petite-average. While I can wear her for a short period of time, I’m pretty sure I’d get a headache after a while. When I first placed her on, I thought my wig grip and wig liner slipped forward but it was just the cap being small for me. 🙂

Product Listing:
Casino More by Ellen Wille

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Hey y’all! This is Gina and today I am sharing with you Talia Mono by Ellen Wille in the color Light Bernstein Rooted.

Did you know that you can request a review to be done in a specific wig and/or color? Heather and her team has worked so hard putting out tons (and tons and tons) of reviews and color spotlights. While she said she can’t put up a review in every color of every single wig, we can try and show you as many wigs and hair pieces as possibles. This helps SOOOOOO much when buying hair online, right? I’ve been there. I’ve looked up and down Youtube before making my purchases because these wigs aren’t cheap y’all! These pieces are investment pieces that help build up our self confidence. Anywho…if there’s a wig or color out there that you haven’t seen many reviews in (or at all) just send us a quick note to support@cysterwigs.zendesk.com . We might not be able to get to it right away, but we will try our best! 🙂




This was honestly my first Ellen Wille order so I was so excited to unbox Talia.






For someone that has biohair, a fishnet wig liner is recommended to contain the hair. Under my wig liner, I wear a wig grip for added security.


I have biohair and normally wear a Jon Renau topper when I’m out and about. If you also have biohair, I HIGHLY recommend shaving the nape of your neck with a short style like Talia Mono. It’s right up there with removing the label. If you are going for a natural look, long nape biohair that escapes your wig liner and a tag that is showing is dead giveaway you are wearing a wig.





One of the reasons I’ve never purchased an Ellen Wille wig before is because this brand is known for fitting petite average. I am most comfortable in average-large fitting wigs. I thought Talia Mono fit pretty comfortable and even went on and off of my 22″ canvas head quite easily. One of the main factors I think makes this wig fits is because of the open wefts. If this were hand tied, I can just imagine how easily it would pop off my head. That being said, I would add pressure clips to this wig just for the added security. 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a lovely day!

Product Listing:
Talia Mono by Ellen Wille

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Carrie washed and styled.

Hey y’all! This is Gina and today I am sharing with you Carrie by Jon Renau in my favorite Jon Renau color Chocolate Cherry (FS2V/31V).





I was honestly a little surprised with how long the lace front is on Carrie.

In the photos below, I compared the lace front on Jon Renau’s Carrie versus the lace front on Kristen. It’s quite a bit longer. As a temporary solution, a good concealer can work like magic! I still plan on trimming it a bit as I think the lace front should be closer to the hair line.





Carrie is a shoulder length bob. Her measurements are 9.5” at the front, 11” at the crown, 10.5” on the sides, and 7.25 at the nape. She falls just past my shoulders. The hair texture is soooo incredibly soft and light weight.

Chocolate Cherry is a very vibrant, yet very dark red color. Heather reviewed Angie in this color so I knew before ordering that this human hair color wouldn’t be the same as the Chocolate Cherry in my synthetic Kristen or Top Notch.


And here is a video of these girls moving in the wind:





Carrie fits extremely comfortable right out of the box for me but I think I may need to tighten her just a little bit. The wefts in the cap construction really helps with how much stretchiness she gives. In the summer, I know she will definitely allow the breeze to flow in to cool my hot head. The human hair fibers will also help regulate body heat.

The side burn coverage exceeded my expectations on Carrie and I think most people would be quite pleased with it. Just make sure to have the ear tabs curved in and then enjoy the beautiful hair!












Product Listing:
Carrie (Human Hair) by Jon Renau (also available in Elite)

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Hey y’all! This is Gina and today I am sharing with you the Larissa SF by Belle Madame in the color 4/6-4. Larissa is the longer version of the beloved Carlotta SF.












The sideburn coverage is excellent on Larissa! Some bio hair showed on me and that is pretty standard. If your head circumference is smaller than mine, you’ll probably have even less bio hair show here.




Belle Madame wigs tend to fit petite-average and this is how Larissa fits too. Average-large caps are the ideal size for me especially since my bio hair has grown out and is now just a tad past shoulder length. So I find that Belle Madame wigs slip on me and my trusty wig grip is what keeps in place.


My Hurricane Harvey story:

My family just relocated to the Houston metro area in mid-July and we came out unscathed by Hurricane Harvey. My heart aches for those less fortunate! These pictures aren’t even the worst of it. The first floor of all the buildings of our temporary housing complex had up to 4 feet of water with the exception of my building which just happened to be on higher ground. We had what seemed like 100 tornado warnings in the area throughout the week. Then when the water was at its highest here, the fire alarm in my building decided to go off. I was terrified. Yet, we were still one of the lucky ones.

Now that the water has receded in most areas, we see how many lives were affected by this monster. There are countless people who lost everything! So you realize that wigs are not a necessity. People are out there that had to leave their homes without shoes, clothes, toothbrushes, etc. There are also people who had lost their jobs because the business was flooded or their monthly budget took a huge hit since they couldn’t work. There’s a wide range of people who were affected by this.

So I want to thank CysterWigs for donating these two wigs and also providing free shipping!

If you were affected by Hurricane Harvey or Irma and would like one of these awesome, medical grade wigs, please email me at gina@cysterwigs.com. I’d like to hear your story. I want you to know that you are not alone during this stressful time. Sometimes, just talking or writing it out helps.

Just a few notes & disclaimers:

  • We only have these two specific review pieces available to donate provided by CysterWigs.
  • These pieces were reviewed by me (Gina). You can see the Angelina Mono SF review here.
  • They are coming from a clean, smoke free, pet free home.
  • I’ve received these pieces a few months ago. I took most of the pictures right away when I did the unboxing. I did intend to keep them both, but the tag on Larissa is the only one that was removed. However, aside from reviewing them, I have not worn them out and about. I wanted them to be as fresh and new as possible for when the reviews came out just in case I needed to take additional pictures. Thank goodness!
  • Reminder: Belle Madame wigs fit petite-average. A petite-average cap size is between 21″ and 21.5″.  Due to the adjustable straps in the back of most wigs, this will be a comfortable wig size for most petite and average cap size wearers.  This size will work for about 65% – 70% of female wig wearers.
  • If you have any questions or if you are interested in one of these pieces, please email me at gina@cysterwigs.com. I will post here when both pieces are no longer available.
  • No purchase necessary.

Product Listing:
Larissa SF by Belle Madame (Please keep in mind that Larissa is available for purchase for only a limited time.)
Wig grips
Jon Renau Fishnet wig liner