Hi folks, Kathleen here with a little change of pace from wigs…what? Isn’t this a wig website? Well yes…lol…About a year into my wig wearing journey (my two year wig wearing anniversary is coming up 😉) I realized as great as my hair looked now with all my gorgeous wigs my lashes just weren’t cutting it. My hair was never my crowning glory…my eyes and lashes were. I had tried false lashes a couple of times over the years with absolute total failure. I thought ok some people just can’t wear lashes…that was before wig wearing and my new found confidence.

So first of all I had to determine was what kind of eyes I have and what kind of lashes enhance their shape. I devoured youtube tutorials..probably watched a zillion ways to put on lashes and overtime realized I had hooded eyes. Not naturally but from good old fashioned age..lol. So what are hooded eyes? Relax your eyes and look straight into a mirror can you see your mobile lid? If you can’t, you have hooded eyes…think Lauren Bacall and Emma Stone for example.

Image 2 lists my top 5 false lashes for hooded eyes. They happen to be Ardell but I would suspect you can get similar styles in other brands..just think Sonoma by René of Paris and Kelsey by Envy..😉 The 603s by Ardell are my current favorites. I started out with Luckies and 110s and gradually evolved into a more dramatic but still natural looking lash. Notice that they all vary in length or are in clusters. The ever popular wispies don’t do much for me. I’ve worn them but they don’t enhance my eyes. Also denser lashes tend to put a shadow over my eyes which you don’t want either. Lashes should open up and enhance your eye shape. You will notice a lot of lashes start out short at the inner corner and gradually get longer towards the outer eye. A winged look…the lashes I list are longer in the middle and shorter on both edges or have a fairly even length throughout the lash band.

In the beginning I was using duo glue the kind that goes on white and dries clear. I loved it. Was easy to use and my lashes stayed on. Well over about a month or two I noticed my eyelids were getting irritated. In the beginning I thought my eyes just needed a break. Then it got worse, red puffy lids at the lash line. Quite painful. I research and discovered I was allergic (it doesn’t always happen right away but takes awhile to develop an allergy) to latex and/or formaldehyde. I bet you didn’t know they used formaldehyde in lash adhesive. 😳 Well I wasn’t taking any chances and through my research found I-ENVY by KISS Super Strong Hold adhesive that was both latex and formaldehyde free.

In image 6) I am wearing Kenzie by Tony Of Beverly in the gorgeous dramatic high fashion red called Cherry Punch. Love this color and played with my eye makeup …I wanted to have fun and use some strong colors. Why not? My lashes are curled and I have mascara on them in the before photo. You can barely see them after all that work. The only difference in the after photo are the 603 false lashes. They are long enough to “clear” my hood. 😉

Image 9) shows the Ardell 603 lashes again. Wearing one of my all time favorite wigs Madison by Estetica in R30/28/26. You can see the scale better in this photo. Experiment with lashes. Some you’ll love some you won’t.

So lets get started…you have picked out a pair of lashes. You have the glue and then all you’ll need are tweezers. TIP: In the beginning before your hand gets steady from practice use an eyelash applicator. Sometimes you can buy the false lashes that have an applicator included. They make it a little easier. My lashes are short and sparse and very straight so I curl them and use waterproof mascara to keep the curl. For folks with lashes this gives your false lashes a ledge to rest on and curling my lashes helps blend the two together.

Without any glue place the lashes on your eye..sort of a dry run…is the lash too long? Most are. Snip a little to fit your eyes better. Always cut from the outer lash. Its better to have them too short than too long. Put a thin amount of adhesive along the band of your false lash. I also put a little extra dab on both ends of the lash. Do wait for your glue to set up. The white glue should start turning translucent. Don’t use too much. TIP: The amount of glue should equal the thickness of the band. Your tweezer should be in the middle of your lash and close to the base(don’t take the lash from the tips). Since these lashes are the Ardell Fairies the band is super thin so I only needed to wait 10-15 seconds before I placed it on my eye.

Place the lash on the middle of your eye. Wiggle it a bit to help set it as close to your lash line as possible. Then let it sit there. Don’t worry that the whole lash isn’t on. You have some time before the glue dries completely. So relax and take a deep breath. You just did the hardest part. TIP: Place your false lash in a vertical orientation…straight down. You want to see the lashes from the front not just from the side. 😉 In image 11) I just placed the lash on my eye. You can see its only on in the middle I haven’t taken the edges and placed them yet.

I usually take my tweezers and place the outer edge along my lash line first. In this case I just took my fingers and placed the inner false lash first.

Image 13) shows me taking my tweezers and pinching my real lashes and false lashes together. Yes be careful! Come in from an angle to avoid poking yourself in the eye.

Now place the outer corner. Dont panic if you don’t like how you placed it. Just gently lift it up and place it again.

Not bad..lol..the false lash follows my real lash line in image 15) That is your goal. These particular lashes (Ardell Fairies) have such a thin band you don’t need to wear all kinds of liners and shadows if you didn’t want to. Very pretty soft enhanced natural look. Below is image 16) I have one lash on..quite a difference in lash length huh?

I am wearing minimal eye makeup in image 17) so you can see how subtle and pretty false lashes can be.

In image 18 I am wearing my new Jett by Estetica in color R14/8H and to round out my look minimal make up and to top it all off Ardell Fairies. The take away here is false lashes aren’t scary and can really enhance your whole look. Why stop at the perfect wig? Throw on a set of lashes….its easy once you get the hang of it. Enjoy!

Here is a little video of me in actual time placing one of my lashes on from start to finish. You can see I kind of wiggle the lash when I first place it on my eye. This really does set the lash in place as close to your lash line as possible….just another TIP: 😉

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Ruby by Jon Renau

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Hi folks Kathleen here with my review of Jett by Estetica with both style and color comparisons. The three colors I chose are RM12/26CH …R30/28/26 and R14/8H. I love this one. I am kind of a pixie snob. I’ve worn pixies for years and I’m quite particular about my pixie requirements.

What I love about Jett is her layering…its quite piecey. You can see this all over razored layering in the product photo in image 2. She’s light and has a beautiful lace front. Otherwise she’s open cap which keeps the cost down and keeps you cool in the summer. Her lacefront is extended towards the crown and measures 2.5” deep. Love Estetica’s lace fronts.

There are a couple of reasons I am reviewing Jett in three colors. It’s hard to visualize a color unless you see it. Another reason is I like to see the consistency in a style especially a new style. Although all these wigs were a little different from each other I would say the style and quality were consistent. One thing to note online the blonde color is R12/26CH and the tag it came with says RM12/26CH. I don’t know why so I labeled the photos on this blog with the tag color code it came with. 😜

The RM12/26CH color is so natural. Ahh it looks like I had a very expensive day at the salon..lol This is a soft not too light or dark of a blonde. Warm but not that intense garish gold blonde. The highlights are all over with a concentration on top and framing your face. A universally flattering blonde.

R30/28/26… I love this light natural ginger auburn from Estetica. In the case of Jett I was thrilled they concentrated a lot of the blonde in front. In a short piecey style like this that color distribution looks very chic. Notice in styling her I have the hair all going forward and over my ears. Remember I said you have to find the best style for each wig? Even though these wigs are all Jetts the natural ginger one looks wonderful this way…in my humble opinion. 😉

I will admit the R14/8H was a surprise to me. A gorgeous dark brunette. Not too dark for me and the subtle highlighting prevents this color from being too flat. The base is a warm medium brown. What gives this color a more natural feel to it is the dark ash (cool) blonde they use as a highlight color. I would say the overall color is a neutral brunette leaning towards cool. I love it! The longer side fringe gives this pixie some pizzazz. You can style her in any direction because there is no dedicated part area (even with permateased tops you have dedicated parts). The razored layering is haphazard..meaning the layers are staggered not lined up in straight rows. This gives you infinite styling possibilities.

In image 7 I took a photo of all three Jetts on wig heads in natural indirect light so you can see how these colors will look in most real life conditions. Photos taken in bright light can be misleading if you are looking at that photo for color accuracy.

In image 9 I show two of the Jetts (my brunette one hadn’t arrived yet 😉) along with Jon Renau’s Ruby and Ellen Wille’s Jazz. Jett is a cross between these two styles. She has the piecey layering of Jazz and the longer side fringe of Ruby. I love Jazz but she is very short…so Jett has more nape and sideburn area coverage. Something to think about. If you love Jazz but feel she’s too short…orrrr will be too small for you (because EW caps fit on the small side) Jett would make you happy. If you think Ruby has too much hair and volume but you love the longer side fringe than Jett would be a great choice for you as well.

When I first opened the box and saw my R14/8H Jett I immediately thought of my Heather by René of Paris in Chocolate Frost R. I will say upfront I thinned out and trimmed Heather’s front and bang area. Her bangs out of the box are very heavy and long. There is very little sideburn coverage on Heather. If you like Heather but want more sideburn coverage and a well done lace front (Heather’s lace front is very poorly done..huge knots) and not such a heavy bang you’ll love Jett. The colors are similar. The base color of Jett is a little warmer..a tad red in it…a more pleasant color. The base shade on Chocolate Frost R on Heather has a tad of yellow in the brown color. A very little difference but to me not as pleasing to the eye as R14/8H on Jett. You might not notice the difference in these browns I am being very picky here..😜The obvious color difference is Chocolate Frost R is heavily highlighted vs R14/8H.

The lace front on Jett is phenomenal. Forgive the no makeup close up 😂 but I had to snap a pic to show you.

So out of all three Jetts can you guess which one I am keeping?

Yup the one in image 16) R14/8H I love it..look at that side fringe..who says short hair isn’t sexy….pish😉

The side coverage is near perfect in my book. This style is very balanced. Nothing is too short or too long or too heavy

Oh my this color..so gorgeous. The highlighted color is very close to my bio hair which is a neutral light brown.

The reason I am showing you the back is because the nuanced layering is done so well. Very subtle. I have pixies where you can see the layers going straight across..a straight line. I really don’t like that…this is a much more refined back. Expertly cut. Love those highlights on top.

Look at those layers in image 21..and this is before I used any JR Piecing Creme or anything. The fibers are very fine and if you were wondering where is all the shine? There isn’t any. Estetica Designs hair fibers are very realistic both in feel and visually. Looks like healthy hair no need for any dry shampoo here. This cap is so comfy.

Well you can see I fell in love with Jett and a brunette! The buzz you hear about Jett is correct. The take away here is if you want a balanced pixie with razored layers galore a realistic deep lace front with enough nape and sideburn coverage too but still be a true pixie that is also super comfy then Jett is a great choice. I couldn’t recommend her enough. Enjoy!

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Jett by Estetica

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Hi folks Kathleen here with my easy peasy way I trim up the nape of my Ellen Wille’s Play. Its not hard and truly takes no skills…maybe a bit of patience. 😉 Cut a little at a time…you can always go back and cut some more. I might trim her up a little more maybe about a half inch or so but I’ll live with her for now. If in a couple of weeks if I feel the same way I’ll give her another trim.

Lets take a look at Play by Ellen Wille in Mango Rooted before I customized her. Again I couldn’t resist www.wigcloseouts.com lol. I saw Heather review her in this exact color and was drawn to the combination of retro shag and this warm dynamic color Mango Rooted. I love curls and waves but I thought this looked fun. Quite retro but I love all things retro. I was concerned about the length of the nape. The nape is 4” and for a straight style that is pretty long….ah if only I had an elegant neck 😉. One thing that surprised me was the permatease at the nape. Its not a whole lot but I would need to be careful when I trimmed her. I learned the hard way on my RW Trendsetter. If you cut the length at the nape on a wig that is permateased there too short it’ll tend to stick straight out and not lay nicely.

The first thing I did was take two fingers and grab the hair where I’d like the nape length to be. I measure the hair I want to trim off and it was about 2”. Since I am concerned with the permatease interfering with the nape laying nicely I decide to trim just 1””. I put Play of a wig head and measured all along the nape to help me visualized the finished product. (normally I would use my canvas block head and my deluxe table clamp but this way I could show you easier and the lighting is better)

Above in my first video I show you how I simply snip off an inch of length. One thing I do when I trim a section of hair is I incorporate a little bit of that trimmed section into the next section I trim as a guide. Very easy on a wispy style like play. (What you see is all I trimmed off and in real time..easy peasy right?) ☺️

In this next video above I show you how I soften the blunt edge of the trimmed Play. I call this chipping the edge. All I do is take my thinning shears (you can also use your regular shears but I wanted a softer look in this instance) and at almost a 90 degree angle (just shy of vertical) take little snips into that blunt edge just to break it up so it doesn’t look so perfect.

Video (image 6) I demonstrate how to get those ends a little more wispy. I take little sections of hair (the bigger the sections the more hair you’ll remove) twist the section and using my thinning shears take little snips at an angle. I am careful not to take a snip towards the end of the section of hair because in this go round I didn’t want to shorten the length anymore.

Below in image 7 is a collage of Play after I spent a whole 5 minutes or so trimming and texturizing the length on the back nape area. Little differences but for me much more wearable.

Above in image 8 is my after. Better! Its still a funky little number. This is where I’ll stop for now. I’ll wear her and live with her before I decide if I need to trim her up anymore. These little techniques are so easy really. One thing I have learned is take it slow and take off less than you think you need to and try on the wig you are customizing often as you are customizing her. I have ruined a few wigs not doing that lol and actually if I am honest will continue to do that I’m sure because that’s how I learn…lol 🤪 Hopefully I’ll pass onto you what I’ve learned so you don’t need to “ruin” any of your wigs. 😉 A good tip for you….before you throw out a wig that is worn out practice your customizing techniques on it. There is no pressure on your part and is quite fun. 😉

Below is a video of my customized Play. The back is just short enough so it doesn’t rub on my shoulders. Looking at this video I am inclined to take one more pass at her. 😉 I think I want to break up the bulk a bit in the back and make those ends more wispy. Ahh see it never ends..but that’s a good thing right? So the take away here is customizing your wigs is fun and at least for me gives me a sense of accomplishment. This is my wig that is made just for me by me..😊 We are not all alike so how come we expect every wig to look great on everybody. The key here is to find a style you love if it just didn’t..lol….and if that “didn’t” is something you can customize don’t be afraid to get it..make it your own. ENJOY!

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Play by Ellen Wille

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Hi folks Kathleen here with Ruby by Jon Renau. As you may or may not know I am on a gray kick of late and really wanted to see & review Oyster (56F51) by Jon Renau. Which I did in a previous post. A pretty classic medium/ light gray with light silver highlights framing the face and on top gradually transitioning to a medium/ dark gray near the bottom of the nape. Aside from loving this gray I fell in love with the style of Ruby. Near perfect in my book. A longer pixie..one I wouldn’t need to worry so much about my bio hair peaking out at the nape or sideburn areas…but still decidely a pixie. At heart I am a pixie girl..😉The longer layers on top with all the body was so pretty and so versatile. I immediately ordered another in a very natural color for me Shaded Pralines & Cream (14/26S10).

Neither of my Ruby wigs look much like these product photos…lol (image 2) Which brings me to my first point of this post. I don’t go by the product photos (especially on heavily styled model photos like on Ruby above) when choosing a style. I look at the measurements and as many photos & videos as I can find. On new styles that can be hard. But overall that’s how I choose a style to try.

Above in image 3 Ruby is in her style glory..so versatile. I can just about do anything with her. Really love the fullness on top. There is permatease but also a beautiful lace front. Since Oyster is a light color I have to be careful in front to make sure the wefts don’t show. So not an abundance of permatease most of the body is from the waves of this style. For all of these looks no product was used..nothing. I am not a big fan of product..I use some if needed but would rather not. That is one good thing about permatease. You can style a permateased wig without the need for sprays or cremes to keep it in place. 👍🏻

I love the fibers on this Ruby. They are silky but not too silky or shiny. They just look like like healthy hair. I didn’t style her off my face but you certainly could because this lace front is gorgeous. Just as you would expect from Jon Renau and I will say it’s a real bonus for an otherwise open wefted and permateased wig. Even if I just show a little of the lace front it gives it that touch of realism that makes all the difference in the world.

One thing I really like about Ruby is her longer sideburn area. This length balances out my full face nicely. I love her sideview. ❤️

Another gorgeous view of Ruby..love her length on top and her sweeping bang.

So I am in love with Ruby..lol no wonder she is so popular. I will say my Oyster Ruby is a little big on me. There is quite a lot of bulk over my ears. Now that is where my head is rather small so I am used to this but this cap fit larger than my other Jon Renau wigs. I have attached my head measurements at the end of this post. I will do that from now on as reference so when you’re looking at wigs I am wearing it’ll help you visualize how they might look on you.

Just to demonstrate how color can change a look and feel to a wig below in image 8 I am wearing a red top and red lipstick. Now I am not in formal attire but you certainly can dress Ruby up for a more formal look. I can just imagine wearing a gorgeous red dress at Christmas time and going to see the Nutcracker at the fabulous Fox Theater here in Atlanta..😉

On to the other point I wanted to address in this post. How many times have you fallen in love with a style(only addressing style variances here not color..that’s a whole difference ball of wax 😜) and you get so excited and rush out and order another one in a different color only to get a wig you feel is totally different… not what you fell in love with originally…and you are disappointed.

Yup I did it again…I fell in love with this “specific” Ruby. I was even putting aside the fact that she was pretty big on me because I loved her style so much. I ordered my Shaded Pralines & Cream Ruby.

I received her very quickly (bravo CysterWigs you rock!) and observed right away she was different than my Oyster Ruby. One good thing for me but maybe not for you is this cap fits like a glove. It even fits nicely over my ears and that never happens even with most Ellen Wille wigs (which run on the small side of average). I love it. Its so refreshing to wear a wig that isn’t big on me. So that’s a good thing. I think someone with a true average head might find this Ruby too small though. I will also say this color is so pretty..warm overall dark blonde with light warm blonde highlights…just shy of a strawberry blonde. The root is a 10 which is so close to my own bio hair. Heavily highlighted which I love especially is a textured wig like Ruby.

Ok so on to the differences that I was initially disappointed in..if you observe the collage of my Ruby in Shaded Pralines & Cream below in image 9 you might notice the bang area alone is much shorter than my Oyster Ruby. The length everywhere is much shorter and thinner. The bangs on my Oyster Ruby are much denser (not too dense though ..just right 😉) and the bangs on this new one look like I had thinned and trimmed them a lot! I couldn’t style her the same way I styled my first Ruby. Ugh! Ok so I am looking at this situation like they are my children…they might all be mine but I can’t treat them the same way right? What works for one might not work for another. (I am assuming any mothers out there are super awesome moms. 🙋) Well in a way that’s how I am starting to look at my wigs. They are all different even if they are the same style but thats ok.

So what if I can’t style this Ruby the same way as my Oyster Ruby. She also has less hair so she will be easier and cooler to wear this summer. Being rooted the permatease doesn’t show and this natural color gives me more styling options like putting her behind my ears for a shorter pixie look. I spent some time with her and found her best look for me. My initial disappointment is gone and now I love her as much but not more (remember good mommies love all their children equally 😂😉) as my first Ruby in Oyster.

I am wearing my Pralines & Cream Ruby as I write this blog and I love her now. ❤️The take away here is all wigs have variances..all of them!…some more than others even if its the same style. But they all do. It works out better not to overly fall in love with a specific wig and its style. The nuances that make that wig unique are near impossible to duplicate. It will work out better and you’ll be much happier if you look at your wigs like children or your pets for my furbaby moms 😉You love them all …even if they are different.

This way of looking at it has freed me. Now instead of dreading ordering a duplicate style and wondering will it be like the one I love? I will assume it will be different and take the challenge of finding its best look for me. Now I can’t wait to use my new found mindset on the next wigs order. Enjoy!.. I know I will.

Here are my head measurements for reference.

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Ruby by Jon Renau

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Hi folks Kathleen here with a couple of more grays to review on the styles Sweet Talk by Gabor and Ruby by Jon Renau and along for the ride previously reviewed Isla by Tony of Beverly. Not in-depth wig reviews but my overall opinion of Sweet Talk and Ruby both of which are firsts for me. As you might know I have discovered grays of late and I am quite smitten. My idea of an old granny with a short permed hairdo in gray looking and acting old has gone out the window. Gray can be a very youthful and on point. It really depends on what hue and style you choose.

For the first look and comparison of these grays I am using front views of Sweet Talk, Ruby & Isla (images 2, 3, & 4) Most of these grays even if they have a name also have color codes (numbers) that go along with them. I am not going to reference the numbers in my color reviews in an attempt to simplify my color descriptions. One reason for that is that one number in a brand is not always the same color in another brand. Case in point Gabor colors tend to be lighter and softer than other brands using the same number codes. So I will just be comparing these colors visually and breaking down their overall similarities and differences. All the photos I use in this blog are taken in the same natural lighting conditions to give you the most accurate color photos I can achieve.

Sweet Talk in Sugared Silver. This gray is very light not a pure white silver but getting close. This is a cool gray. Basically a medium gray with lots of very light gray mixed evenly throughout the wig. The front will be as light as the back. Really pretty if you are afraid of going pure white. Out of the three grays its the lightest.

Ruby above in image 3 in Oyster is the overall darkest of the three grays I am exploring today. She is also a cool gray like Sugared Sliver just darker. From the front she doesn’t look that much darker than Sweet Talks Sugared Silver and that is because she has beautiful bold light gray highlights in front. These gradually transition to a medium gray bordering on dark gray at the nape. A dynamic color like this looks amazing on a pixie like Ruby. It gives a short style like this more presence or weight visually.

To round out my gray review for today is Isla in Minx. Minx is a little warmer than both Gabor’s Sugared Silver and Jon Renau’s Oyster. I would consider her a neutral gray. Why do I label her and as a neutral gray you ask? Well it is all relative. She’s not as cool as Oyster but she is not as warm as lets say Tony of Beverly’s Silverstone or Jon Renau’s Martini. Overall she falls in between the lightest color I am exploring today Sugared Sliver and the darkest color Oyster. She has a lot more light gray highlighting throughout than Oyster.

Above in image 5 is a side view of Sugared Silver by Gabor. You can see how evenly the colors are distributed throughout Sweet Talk. Still dynamic and looks very pretty on a heavily textured style like this.

Image 6 illustrates how Oyster is heavily highlighted in front and top and gradually gets darker. Beautifully done. The very bottom of the nape is a medium/dark gray. I love the bold very light gray highlights in front.

The side views of these grays really illustrate the differences the best. Minx in image 7 basically has more light gray mixed throughout and doesn’t get as dark in the back as Oyster on Ruby does. There are softer light gray highlights in front framing the face which is very flattering.

Sugared Silver by Gabor is the lightest gray out of these three.

Oyster by Jon Renau is the darkest overall gray which is illustrated from the back view on image 9.

Minx is overall a medium/light gray. Her light gray highlights used in front and throughout are a little warmer than the other two grays that is why I consider her a neutral gray. A very natural looking gray.

All the lace fronts on these wigs are equally well done. I could very easily clip anyone of these styles off my face with total confidence. Just gorgeous.

Image 17 shows me wearing Sweet Talk in Sugared Silver with brighter lighting conditions than the previous photos of the three gray styles on wig heads. This is as light and bright as you’ll see this color. Cool light silver gray. I adore this style. I’m a sucker for a short curly wig. Sweet Talk is no exception. She has permatease but not too much just enough to keep the volume. Mine seems to be a little less curled on one side. I sprayed her with my water bottle and scrunched her up and then used wig holding spray to help keep the curl. This worked like a charm. It could just be a case of box hair. Until I wet her completely and hang upside down I won’t know for sure. 😉I love the length of Sweet Talk…great for the warmer weather and again in the winter since she won’t rub up against collars on coats etc.

Ruby well I must say she was a bit of a surprise….a good surprise. 😊Overall I love her. The style is just like Taz described in her video review. A grown out pixie… perfect! I love the longer sideburn and nape length. The longer tousled loose waves on top give a lot to play with styling wise. A little bit of a challenge to keep the wefts covered up front. But that is not uncommon with light colors.

I am so in love with this style I am getting another in a different color. 💕

Isla in Minx is the happy middle gray. Not too light not too dark not too cool not too warm..lol I still love this gray. And you can’t get sweeter than this wavy bob. The take away here is all of these styles are on trend. Even Isla is a contemporary version of a classic wavy bob. And these grays are not your grandmothers grays. They are chic and range from subtle fashion grays to truly dramatic grays. Part of gray hair not making you look or feel old is the style you wear it in. Keep it fresh and on trend and you’ll not only feel good about yourself you’ll look fresh and youthful. Enjoy!

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Sweet Talk by Gabor
Ruby by Jon Renau
Isla by Tony of Beverly

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