Hi folks Kathleen here with the review of a flippy layered longer pixie called Kenzie by Tony of Beverly. I love the almost curly flips of Kenzie. Like a lot of wigs she has a roomy fit for me…not baggy but I do take the adjusters in all the way at the nape. My head circumference is 21 1/2” which is average but all my other measurements are either petite or less. Tony of Beverly wigs are very comfortable. Kenzie is a standard cap..no bells and whistles which also keeps the price down ($137.25 USD) and at about 2oz. makes her a perfect choice for summer.

Below image 5 illustrates the color Tangerine Twist very well. This is a very dynamic color..so much going on but surprisingly not intense overall. The majority of the color is a dark natural brownish auburn. With butterscotch blonde highlights all over with a concentration around the face and scattered and fewer brighter true copper red highlights. Needless to say a wonderful color on such a textured wig. If you want to see this color reviewed in a different style check out Heathers youtube CysterWig Color Spotlight of Tangerine Twist on the gorgeous curly Haily wig by Tony of Beverly here…https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=21s&v=eeCvhKmAq68

Kenzie has a lot of hair but not too much and yes there is permatease but again not too much 😉 and it’s not noticeable because of the way TOB constructs their Harp Cap which is explained below in image 6).

Kenzie doesn’t have a lace front but never the less her front hairline is constructed so well you can brush the bangs off your forehead with confidence. I leave a few strands of hair down to break up the hairline and I think it looks more realistic this way. Below in image 7) showcases the front hairline. So well done.

What is so cool about the texture of Kenzie is that she lends herself to many different styles. Below in image 8) is the way I wear her most of the time. I give her a part …comb her down with just my fingers ( no product needed to style her – very easy peasy)and put her behind my ears. The way she is layered hides any bio hair you might have peaking out in front of your ears. 😉 and around the part area….Kenzie is extremely versatile.

The take away here if you love a short textured longer pixie that’s versatile reasonable priced lightweight and with many colors to choose from( I counted 57! )then Kenzie is for you.

Here’s a short video of Kenzie..note the way I have her styled..she can be very casual like I have her here..or fluffed up for a fancy dinner date. ENJOY!

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Kenzie by Tony of Beverly

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Hi folks Kathleen here with a review of Bryn by Envy in Lighter Red. How many times have you received a wig and it wasn’t quite what you thought it would be? Bryn was one of those wigs. I was disappointed in the color…from my research and youtube reviews I thought Lighter Red would be lighter overall and have more highlights…( as a side note my new Kelsey in Lighter Red has all of that…sooo my theory is the longer styles get more highlights 😉- just my theory)

And even though Bryn had some nice curl to her it made no sense to me. I thought she looked a bit dated. Not that I’m not “dated” I just don’t want to look it..lol 😂 So I kind of put her aside and wore all the new styles coming out.

One day I decided to revisit her. A lot has happened to me as a wig wearer since I last tried her on. I’ve started customizing my wigs..cutting them thinning them…styling them more. I’m not afraid to use product on them now. So I took Bryn back out. Well first of all I love the color this time. My preconceived notions about what color she should be was gone. I think partially because I have since then experimented with darker colors..so she didn’t seem so dark to me. She is a tad darker redder and not as warm an Irish Red as my Raquel Welch Glazed Fire. (This difference is illustrated below in image 3)…but I love her vibrancy. She’s a rich salon color. Very striking color.

I decided I was going to play with her texture and curl to see how much volume/height I could get…well the bigger she got the more I liked her. I did all this with just my fingers no combing or product. I will say I am a recent convert to Jon Renau’s Piecing Crème and I can just imagine the wild things I could do using it on Bryn. Ahh ideas ideas..☺️ The barrel curls are so voluminous. And yes there is permatease…this is a standard open cap…but you don’t see it because the hair density is nice and full. Look at image 4) honestly is that not gorgeous?

There is no lace front but you can still sweep the front bangs up and its still believable..leave a few strand of hair down to cover any of the hairline that doesn’t look quite perfect. Since Bryn has a closed cap on top with/permatease you can part her anywhere you want to. The hair fibers in Envy wigs is very silky soft.

The back was my surprise. The first time I styled her I combed the hair down in the back. What a mistake that was. 😜I Love the texture and the nape is cut close to the head but the length is plenty long to hide any bio hair you might have.

The take away here is don’t give up on that wig that kind of disappointed you. You are growing as a wig wearer whether you realize it or not. Look at it with fresh eyes..think outside the box you might surprise yourself and fall in love with her..I sure did…ENJOY!

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Bryn by Envy

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I love my new Voltage Elite. I have one other VE plus two regular open cap Voltages. Why I am so excited this time? I am loving the color Glazed Vanilla R23S+. Why you ask? As you might know I love my reds and strawberry blondes 😉…but I am always searching for a very light blonde that isn’t too gold or yellow. I want a platinum blonde but honestly most of the really true ashy platinums don’t flatter my complexion. In this blog I will also compare my other Voltages to each other. Now that I have four its a good time to talk about the variances in wigs. It can be frustrating but usually I “find” each wigs sweet spot and end up very happy.

Lets take a look at image 2) for a moment. Raquel Welch’s Voltage Elite. A beautiful longer layered pixie. I have been asked numerous times if it is as full and flippy as the regular Voltage. Well you can look at the product photos and answer that question yourself. 😉 The short answer is no. She is after all hand tied where as the regular Voltage has permatease to help hold those flips. Now with products like Jon Renau’s piecing crème you can manipulate and style the VE to look more like the standard Voltage. And to complicate matters each wig is different. As you’ll see when I compare all four of my Voltages.

One of the main reasons I love the Voltage Elite and prefer her over the regular Voltage is her exquisite lace front. Look at image 3). The more versatility a wig has the better I say. Yes she has a mono top and has a hand tied cap..and I love those features too but the number one plus in my book is her lace front. One of my complaints with the reg. Voltage is its bangs..you have permatease at the front hairline to give the bangs lift I understand that but it also can be a challenge to have those bangs not look wiggy. A little trim and/or thinning will help that.

Now lets get back to this color Glazed Vanilla. I love that its so dynamic. The base shade is a medium ashy blonde. I would say almost a neutral blonde with very light platinum blonde highlights all throughout the style with a concentration of these highlights around the face. I can’t get away with a pure blended ashy platinum blonde but these medium ashy/ neutral blonde lowlights makes the overall color not as harsh. It softens up the color. In image 4 I compare Glaze Sand and Glazed Vanilla. This photo was taken in natural indirect light. Glazed Sand is not only darker but a tad warmer. Still if you are a fan of Glazed Sand you would also enjoy Glazed Vanilla. Their color distribution are very similar.

Below I compared my EW United wig in Pastel Blonde to Glazed Vanilla. Pastel Blonde is lighter and the color is blended more than Glazed Vanilla. She is also warmer. Not yellow at all. Just a hint of warmth. This photo was also taken in indirect natural light.

Remember I mentioned Voltage has permatease? Well Voltage Elite might not have permatease but she does have baby hairs…these are shorter hairs that stick straight up that help the hair on top keep its volume. A bit annoying to me. Below is my new VE in my new favorite blonde Glazed Vanilla. Beautiful huh? Yes she is…but this particular one has a lot of those baby hairs that stick straight up on top. A way I have found helps tame those is to use some Jon Renau Piecing Crème. You can shape those hairs and incorporate them into the rest of the hair on top. Works great. Now this one has less hair than my first VE. I love that on top because its shows the monofilement features well but you have to be a little careful in back. This one isn’t made to have a lot of flips in the back..her hair should be combed down…ok lesson learned..not all Voltage Elites are the same. What I like about this one vs my first Voltage Elite is her sideburns are a tad longer and flip up. Very cute and after playing with her and finding her style I love her.

Now surprisedly my Glazed Sand regular Voltage is most similar to my Glazed Vanilla Voltage Elite. She does have a heavier bang that I did trim a little but overall she is not too dense nor too short and has an even amount of hair flips. She is way shorter and less dense than my first Voltage in Glazed Fire which is different than all my other Voltages in general. I have my theory on that..more on that later.

I love my Glazed Strawberry Voltage Elite (image 8)This lace front is so amazing. She differs from my Glazed Vanilla Voltage Elite though. She has much more hair and natural volume especially on top. She has a few of those baby hairs that stick straight up( instead of permatease) but very few and they aren’t noticeable. This I like better than my Glazed Vanilla one but she has virtually no flips at the sideburn area(ear-tab)…that I miss but I still love her. Such a gorgeous color too.

Last but not least my first Voltage in Glazed Fire and my first red wig that started my love affair with reds. She is longer fuller with more hair flips galore than all my other Voltages. I wish my other Voltages regular or Elite were like this one..lol Its gorgeous. I did trim a few hairs at the bang area..but I didn’t really need to. My theory why she is so much nicer..longer..fuller with so many hair flips is I believe she’s a first run wig and take note Glazed Fire is also the color Raquel Welch is wearing in Voltages product photos. I believe the manufacturer makes these first run wigs extra gorgeous so we buy more…then they relax their standards…I have no proof its just my opinion…😜

So the take away here is if you are looking for a very light dynamic blonde that isn’t rooted (but doesn’t need one) and isn’t warm but also is not a pure white platinum than you will LOVE Glazed Vanilla R23S+. Also if you want a longer shaggy textured pixie be it regular open cap or hand tied like the Elite and are open to the normal variances in wigs then either Voltage will make you happy….ENJOY!

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Voltage Elite (also available in an open cap and open large cap size)

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Kathleen here with my review of Kelsey by Envy. Ok so lets talk about the elephant in the room. Yes!…Kelsey looks a lot like Sonoma by René of Paris. 😉 I will point out the differences and why I prefer Kelsey over Sonoma( which I have and enjoy) I also wanted to get three samples in a range of colors to review. Especially with a curly style I have found wigs can be so different from order to order. I wanted to see how consistant Kelsey’s style was and I thought it would be a nice change of pace to see more than the reds I usually review. Below in image 2) is all three colors right out of the box..no fluffing or styling here.

On the surface Sonoma and Kelsey look identical. They even have the same measurements. Both have no lace-front or any monofilament features…just your standard cap construction. Hmm except Kelsey is more expensive…is she worth it?

In reality Sonoma has a lot more permatease and the hair is denser and the curls more chaotic. My Sonoma was what you would call a “hot mess” when I first took her out of the box…the hair was frizzy and it was hard to see where the permatease ended and the frizzy hair began. There was no way I could have plopped her on my head and taken a photo that looked as good as my right out of the box photo collage of Kelsey (image 2).

Above in image 4) I am comparing the Sparkling Champagne (right out of the box Kelsey) and my (worked on and styled) Sonoma. My Sonoma was very thick. The curls in front fell in my face and were over powering. I ended up thinning and trimming my Sonoma after these photos to make her work for me. I keep saying Kelsey is what I wished my Sonoma was. Now don’t get me wrong Kelsey is still big. Its a big bold look..and depending on your personality might still might overwhelm a petite frame….but the tendrils in front are done so well. The curls are beautiful..pretty & delicate looking. I love how the curls thin out towards the bottom. More refined than Sonoma. The movement is wonderful. The curls are bouncy. The hair fiber is so much softer and silkier than Sonoma. I love Kelsey. Is she worth the extra cost? In my humble opinion..yes. 👍🏻

I knew I was going to keep one…ok so no surprise I fell in love with the Lighter Red…lol 😜 Out of the three she was the most voluminous and the curl pattern was gorgeous. This color has so many more highlights than my other Lighter Red wigs..I was thrilled. The more dynamic a color is the more I love it. Below in image 5) is a photo I took after I decided to keep her and so I styled her. All I did was re-twirl some curls to get them where and how I want them. I will say although Kelsey does have permatease I didn’t find it a problem at all.

Below in image 6) is a close up of both the Sparkling Champagne Kelsey and the Amaretto & Cream Kelsey. Both of these colors were new to me. Sparkling Champagne is a perfect not too warm not too cool not too dark of a root blonde. Quite beautiful. This Kelsey had the most curl. The surprise for me was how much I loved the Amaretto & Cream color. Oh its gorgeous. A nice medium brunette with a darker root and gorgeous caramel mixed highlights. Especially stunning on a wig like this with so much curl and texture. This Kelsey had the least amount of permatease and the most relaxed curl. All in all I would be happy with any one of these wigs. They varied but not to the degree that they looked like a different style wig.

Another view of my Lighter Red Kelsey. Gorgeous. ❤️

Images 8-11 illustrates how these three different Kelseys look right out of the box. Fyi…my wig heads are basically life size with a 21” circumference. This should help you judge where the curls would fall on you. All these photos were taken indoors with indirect natural light. This is how these colors would look in most lighting conditions.

A close up of the Lighter Red colored Kelsey right out of the box.

This is the video of my Light Red Kelsey wig before I styled it( notice the tag is still on) but I decided to keep it while making this video. You can almost see when I decided…it just felt like me on. I took the tag off as soon as I stopped taping..😂

Even in more natural even lighting the Amaretto & Cream’s highlights stand out..sooooo pretty. Look how they highlight and accentuate those curls.

I want you to notice how beautifully Kelseys hair moves in the breeze.

These curls! ❤️

You can see how pretty this color is in the natural light on my covered deck…and how balanced this wig design is. Not too dense not too stringy not too curly not too straight not too much permatease not too long or short in the front….in others words…balanced and beautiful.

Ahh I had to show you these curls and this color Lighter Red again in images 18) & 19) This is what I call my “ magic light” lol ok not really…theses photos were taken in late afternoon on my covered deck facing the sun behind my outdoor curtains..the curtains act as a diffuser so the light isn’t too harsh..this peachy light as the sun starts to go down will make you look 20 years younger..I swear..lol Not really wig review related but might be of interest as a photography tip? 😉

Look at those highlights in image 19! So beautiful..I can’t get enough of this color….hehe. Seriously the take away here is if you liked Sonoma but thought it was a bit too much for you and/ or too big then I would try Kelsey…romantic and edgy….she is beautiful soft and comfy…and she comes in a beautiful selection of colors. ENJOY!

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Kelsey by Envy (Alan Eaton)

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Hi folks Kathleen here with a review with some comparisons to show you for Madison by Estetica Designs. I held off purchasing Madison because I thought I had a wig that looks just like her….Haily by Tony of Beverly. Very similar yes but actually quite different after all. I am so glad I finally purchased her. I will just say upfront I love her…everything about her..lol I give her five stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Both Madison and Haily are a short (roughly chin length) curly bob.

Both have lace fronts….the main difference is Haily has more of a rounded shape and the bang and front section is shorter. I would also say Haily’s curls are more fully formed than Madison’s.

The longer front and sides of Madison are illustrated in image 4). This is why you can’t go entirely by the measurements that are given in the descriptions. If you compare measurements you would think Haily might look longer in front that Madison..not the other way around. Part of the visual difference could very well be that Madison’s curls are more relaxed giving the appearance of a longer length.

I love the dryer hair fibers of Estetica wigs..very low shine and so have a more realistic appearance right off the bat. Tony of Beverly fibers are very silky but also quite shiny. I’m not a fan of dry shampoo to tone down the shine of wigs. If needed I use sparingly my tinted face powder. It works well and doesn’t leave that white residue some dry shampoos do.

In image 5 I have added one more style that is similar to Madison. Movie by Ellen Wille ( also quite shiny ) is another curly chin length bob with a lace front. She has a looser curl pattern and the nape is shorter. These kinds of styles appeal to me. I get my fun curls but the shorter length is more manageable and flattering for my face shape. I have an oblong face and curls on the sides of my face give me the appearance of an oval face..so balances my face nicely. ☺️

In image 6 I compare the lace fronts on Madison and Haily. I love the deep lace front on Madison. More styling possibilities. On a personal note I also love the open eartabs…for two reasons. I need glasses for reading etc and open eartabs makes it much easier to wear glasses. The curl and realistic density of Madison also allows me to put the hair behind my ears. Sometimes closed eartabs are too thick and it doesn’t look as nice when you put your hair behind your ears.

Image 7 shows all three styles in the same light and poses. Haily has more volume and curl in the midsection of her style. Movie has more volume at the bottom of her style and Madison has an even distribution of volume from top to bottom of her style. Shes justtttt right. 😉

I love a wig that can be dressed up or dressed down. One of the reasons I love Madison is even with all her curl and texture her hair density is very realistic. She has permatease but not too much…I certainly don’t notice it. Another reason I love her is this color R30/28/26 For me it looks like it could be my own hair color…very natural and flattering on me. A very warm light brown in low light and a light natural ginger red in bright light. I know its a good color for me when I can wear no makeup like in image 8 and I don’t look washed out. 😜 Look how easy it was to tuck the hair behind one ear..so cute and not forced looking. A little claw or clip added and away you go..no muss no fuss.

The take away here is if you want curls…want a short bob and something light weight for the summer..a shake and go versatile lace front wig than Madison is perfect..at least in my book she is. ENJOY!

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Madison by Estetica

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