My Irish Reds – Color Reviews With Comparisons by Kathleen

(Paprika Mix – R133/24H – 32S29 – Sunset Red – Glazed Fire & Light Red)

Hi folks Kathleen here. So what is an Irish Red? It’s an intense copper blend. A beautiful blend of dark auburn – bright red coppers – with apricot blonde highlights. If you want to learn more about Irish Reds and all types of reds I recommend viewing Heathers’

(Heather’s Official Guide to Red Synthetic Colors video will be included below.)

It’s no secret I love red hair especially Irish Reds. They liven up my complexion without the need for makeup. They are a happy cheerful color. I can’t be in a bad mood when I’m wearing a red’s just impossible. 😉🍀

These are my favorites
1)-Paprika Mix on Carlotta SF by CysterWigs
2)-R133/24H on Eden by Estetica
3)-32S29 on Cali by Tony of Beverly
4)-Sunset Red on Isla by Tony of Beverly
5)-Glazed Fire on Celebrity by Raquel Welch &
6)-Light Red on Bryn by Envy

The first Irish Red I’ll be reviewing is Paprika Mix. I love that Heather has created a new color swatch vs what is supplied by the manufacturer. Color accuracy…bravo Heather it’s spot on. This is a beautiful Irish Red that is intense but surprisingly natural and subdued compare to the other Irish Reds in this article.

I took these photos of my Irish Reds on wig heads on a overcast day. This is the best light to illustrate the true accurate color of these reds. In my cover photo (image 1) I lined up all six Irish Reds on my kitchen floor in low/medium natural indirect light from my windows. From the front they all looked quite similar (because of the apricot blonde highlights) but from the back (the view I show you) there is quite a range of colors they come in. They look quite subdued in color as well because out of all the hair colors there are reds change the most depending on the lighting conditions. All the photos in this article were taken in various natural lighting conditions for color accuracy.

It’s very subtle but Paprika Mix transitions from a warm highlight Irish Red in front to a slightly darker medium natural red auburn in the back. This color has beautiful dimension without the need for heavy bold highlights or rooting.

If you compare the front view of Paprika Mix (image 4) to (image 6) (the back view) you can see the color of the back view is muted, redder (cooler) and a bit darker than the front. This is a sophisticated Irish Red and very believable. No one will think Carlotta SF in Paprika Mix is a wig. This article is predominantly about color but as a side note the fibers on Carlotta SF are very fine and not shiny which also adds to its believability. 😉

Ahh Estetica’s R133/24H a warm heavily highlighted Irish Red. This one looks very natural as well. The colors are more separated (not as blended) as paprika Mix but still beautiful. The apricot blonde highlights are chunkier but not in a garish way..more like a very expensive highlighted auburn job from an upscale Salon. 😉

A little info for you…You might have noticed that Eden in (image 9) looks shorter… you are correct!…I gave Eden a haircut…🤪 the photo of me wearing her (image 7) is Eden in all her glory before I customized her.

From this top view (image 10) you can see all the colors used. A dark natural auburn a red copper and apricot blonde. She’s a warm dynamic Irish Red. Again Estetica fibers are not shiny which definitely contributes to The believability of the color. Overall she’s a more intense color with bolder highlighting than Paprika Mix but still quite natural looking. Out of these six Irish Reds Paprika Mix and R133/24H are closest in appearance to each other.

(Image 11) illustrates the dynamic blend of colors that make up R133/24H

Tony of Beverly offers the most reds on the market..hands down. I love Tony of Beverly for that. Did you know that only 2% of the worlds population has natural red hair? So the fact that TOB offers so many is a treat indeed. 32S29 is one of my Favorites. Especially stunning and effective in a short style like Cali illustrated in image 12. The color distribution is stacked. The nape is a dark red auburn the back is an intense copper red mix and concentrated in the front and sprinkled on top is an intense apricot blonde. Really sharp looking. I love the dimension created by the color distribution.

32S29 is a more intense version of Paprika Mix. The color distribution is similar but Paprika Mix is more subtly nuanced.

(Image 16) illustrates beautifully the color distribution of 32S29. The transition from dark red auburn to intense copper red to apricot blonde is masterfully done. A dramatic Irish Red and particularly chic on short and textured styles like Cali.

Sunset Red I love Sunset Red! I have many wigs in this color. She’s a vivid but natural well balanced Irish Red. If you loved 32S29 you will love Sunset Red because they share the has same colors. These colors are distributed evenly on Sunset Red vs 33S29 that is stacked.

Compare (image 4) with (image 19) Paprika Mix and Sunset Red look similar from the front. The difference is Sunset Red is this intense and warm throughout the color mix whereas Paprika Mix gets darker and not as intense towards the back.

I love this view of Sunset Red (image 21 on Isla) you can see all the colors used and the mix is dynamic but very evenly distributed. No one color pops out.

Glazed fire on Celebrity by Raquel Welch. My first Irish Red and still one of my favorites. She’s overall a little cooler than Sunset Red. This color is very intense. The highlights and color mix are blended but still very dynamic. Out of my Irish Reds Sunset Red (TOB) and Glazed Fire (RW) are most interchangeable. Even their fibers are similar at least in shine. I would say Tony of Beverly fibers are finer in denier than Raquel Welch’s. That is good news for folks that love Glazed Fire and want more styles than RW offers. Look to TOB and Sunset Red. 👏🏻

(Image 25) is great to illustrate the colors used in Glazed Fire. You can spot the dark auburn the red coppers and the apricot blondes used to make this gorgeous Irish Red.

I just love the back of Celebrity…this curl pattern really showcases this color.

The last Irish Red on my list of favorites is Light Red by Envy. This color is not for the faint of heart. This is a straight up fashion Irish Red. Its not natural but it is gorgeous. This is the coolest or reddest out of my top six Irish Reds. Light Red is intense. She has apricot blonde highlights like the other Irish Reds showcased here but the overall color is a very intense cooler version of an Irish Red. If you have a cooler undertone to your skin and really want to try an Irish red this would be the one I would recommend.

(Image 28) is my “color” sample for Light Red. The manufacturers supplied sample is in my opinion way off. Just saying..Lol 😉

Well I hope you enjoyed my top six Irish Reds. The most natural is Paprika Mix and the least natural is…you guessed it Light Red! The take away here is red hair especially Irish Reds are beautiful and mood altering colors. You want to get on the happy train try an Irish Red…and by all means…ENJOY!

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Using It Stays When Putting On Your Wig by Kathleen

Hi folks Kathleen here with how I put on my wigs using It Stays. I’m a little late to the party but boy what a difference it makes. Why oh why did I not try this sooner!…😜 I know why…because I’m a don’t like change, lazy..if it aint’t broke don’t fix it kinda gal. 😉 Seriously most of my wigs are big on me. So the feeling that I can just pop if off easily was always there. I have very fine bio hair and have tried those toupee clips. If I don’t get the hair just right they can pull and hurt a bit…not the problem solver I thought they would be. Remember I’m lazy and sewing in clips takes too long anyway. So I heard It Stays really works..and it comes off with just water. Good!…I like to wash my wigs as infrequently as possible. The first video demonstrates how easy it is to apply It Stays. You’ll have to experiment with how much to apply and where exactly on your head to get the best results for you. More importantly you really can’t go wrong so relax. 😊 In the first video I apply some to my hairline and nape area. It Stays goes on like a roller deodorant. If nothing is coming out (the roller ball seems stuck or dry) I take my finger and get it started.

TIP: Make sure the lid is screwed on tight after use and store it upside down..this makes sure the glue (the roller ball stays wet) & is always ready to apply. 😉

The glue doesn’t dry immediately so you have time to put your wig on.

I grab it by the nape (where the tags are/or were) and lean over and “dive” into my wig. The front of my wig should be around mid nose when I do this. I get the nape in place first (while still bent over). Then I stand up (swing the hair back in a dramatic Bay Watch sort of way 😉😂😂😂) and get the front in place.

Then I take my ear tabs and make sure they are even and placed where I want them. Now take your fingers and just press down on your wig wherever you have applied It Stays. It doesn’t take very long at all to dry completely.

In the video below you can see I test her to see if the It Stays in the front is dry… is. 😂I will say its so nice to be able to style my hair and not worry about it popping off. It feels more like my hair vs wearing a wig when I use It Stays. I am known to change my wigs a few times during the day and when I use It Stays I tend not to. Maybe that is because it feels more like I have real hair since I can’t just pop it off easily to change out into another wig.

One thing I want to point out is the smell of It Stays. After all It is glue and so it does smell like glue. When I first used it I was concerned (ok to be honest I was panicky) because I cannot tolerate smells. I always get unscented everything. I am happy to report that when It Stays dries the smell goes away. So don’t panic ( like I did ) when you first use it. So…now my wig is on securely and I can style her without worrying it’ll come off. My wig will also itch less. One of the biggest culprits of an itchy wig is movement. When my wig is glued down there’s little/to no movement and so much less itching. To remove my wig I just gently peel off back to front. No problem for me at all. If you have sensitive skin I would wet a washcloth and place on the front hairline (and wherever you used glue) to soften the glue so it comes off easily. You can then just run a little water (water is all that’s needed) and gently removed the glue from your wig. If you’re lazy like me don’t wash the glue off (that is if you plan on wearing the same wig the next day). In a pinch or if I don’t have the time to apply It Stays or I don’t feel like taking the time I moisten the glue a tad..just a tad to reactivate the glue and then put my wig on. It won’t be perfect but should hold pretty well. One thing I have also found is the dried glue on my lace fronts almost acts like a silicone strip and prevents my wig from moving even if I don’t moisten it to reactivate the glue. Now mind you this is only on lazy days. Wink wink 😉 I still recommend removing the glue from your wigs with water after each use.

The take away here is It Stays is easy to apply easy to take off takes little time to do and it works! My kind of solution…Enjoy!

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