“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.” – Dolly Parton

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Hello, I’m Kenny. I am so excited! This is my first time EVER into writing a blog. I knew very little about the wig world and never wore one before. Here’s a little background about me and how I got into this wig-venture.

Due to my husband’s health issues, last year, I had to retire from my job to care for him. During this time, I also started to become ill. Within a three month period, I had unexplained vomiting and stomach problems. My symptoms quickly worsened. I had been in and out of the Hospital’s Emergency Room for a series of abdominal, esophogeal tests and CT scans. Since there were no signs of infection or fever, I was released and given antibiotics and pain medication. By my sixth E.R. visit (uncontrollable vomiting, an distended abdomen), another x-ray was performed. The doctor obtained another opinion from the hospital’s general surgeon. He noticed a blockage and I was quickly rushed into the Operating Room. 12″ of colon and a cancerous tumor (Stage 2) were removed. As preventative treatment, I was given a series of chemo pills. But after a few months the negative side effects became so severe that the Oncologist had to stop treatment. There were so many changes in my appearance, my self esteem was going down the tank.

My golden, chestnut brown locks was always my greatest feature… my crowning glory. Trying to restore it with medication, a diet change and special shampoos came to no avail. I then decided to try wig shopping. After various internet searches and You-Tube-ing, I came upon Heather’s (Cysterwigs) video blogs. I think I watched every video she posted, including the video on the insecurities of hair loss. I learned a lot about wigs and started feeling a sense of hope.

I purchased the Belle Tress (Sugar Rush) in the color-Chocolate w/Caramel (#BT-6008). Its synthetic, with a monotop and lace front. It’s so pretty and natural looking. The texture is thick, with lots of layers at the bottom and it actually feels and moves like real hair. Looks like the internet photos and its heat friendly, which is a major plus. I was really insecure wearing my wig for the first time in public. And guess what?… nobody noticed. I also went to visit my parents and I thought FOR SURE my mom would notice (because mom notices EVERYTHING). She had no clue I was wearing a wig. Feeling better about things, I then purchased a Raquel Welch Spotlight Elite wig and had bangs cut into it. These wigs have totally boosted my self confidence and I’m also having fun.

OK, right out of the box… in the two collages, these pictures were taken in both indoor natural light and kitchen with soft lighting. Unfortunately, cameras never really show the true color of a wig. So here’s the description: The color is dark chocolate brown at the roots and then goes to a slightly lighter brown with hints of dark auburn. It’s very subtle and does not have any streaks or highlights. Under various lighting, the photos show my hair as having a more dark auburn red appearance. It is still a really pretty wig. It blends well with my skin tone and the side tabs fit nicely. The lace front is about 4″ long and it can feel a little hard and scratchy. In the other photos, it shows the front, back and sides so you can see the length, style and full color. This wig is very comfortable and it’s a seal of approval for this first timer.

Notes by Gina

Product listings
Sugar Rush by BelleTress (both collages are of Sugar Rush)
Spotlight Elite by Raquel Welch

Thank you Kenny for this beautiful posts! Seeing the Caramel by BelleTress in different lighting is so helpful!