Lori’s Review: Play It Straight by Raquel Welch, Color: Glazed Cinnamon

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Hey Everyone!

Hair mail. Is it the best or what? : )

I purchased Play it Straight by Raquel Welch a couple weeks ago. This is in the color Glazed Cinnamon.

Beautiful color, beautiful hair. It’s a wispy ended like bob that slightly flips up in the back. Such a nice lace front and mono part. I did find the cap a little smaller that my other RW wig, but still not uncomfortable at all. I have an average size head. I like to wear a wig for a week or two before I do a review, so I can be as thorough as possible.

This beauty wears wonderfully. I have worn her for two weeks and washed her once. RW fibers are a nice density and not to dry. Its a nice length so there isn’t a ton of friction from clothing or chairs. I do use a tiny bit stylin silicone on the ends of it after wearing just to keep it moisturized.

I also wash my wigs in fabric softener which works amazing!

The measurements on Play it Straight are Front 7, crown 8.5, sides 6 and nape 5.
Pretty light at 2.25 oz.

I have gotten a ton of compliments on this one. No one believes its a wig ūüôā
She’s a keeper!


Product Listing:
Play It Straight by Raquel Welch
Simply Stylin’ Pure Silicone available in Serum and Spray

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Lori’s Review: Stop Traffic by Raquel Welch, Color: Shaded Toast

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Where do I start?

First of all the product photos I feel don’t do this wig justice.¬† I saw potential and went for it!
This is not a lace front, ¬†but it has a nice light bang.¬† It does have a larger than normal size mono crown as you can see in my pictures. It also has permatease, but it’s not a crazy amount. I’m not a huge fan of permatease, but it’s placed really well on this one.
Let’s talk about this color. I’m always wearing some type of brunette. I’ve never stepped out of my comfort zone into blondes. I am so glad I did. This color and rooting are beautiful.¬† Sometimes rooting on blondes can be dark. This one isn’t. It was a tiny bit shiny, ¬†but not enough I felt like I had to use any dry shampoo on it¬†I’ve washed this one, and it bounced right back to the soft waves.
I think because of the length, it’s a perfect everyday wig. ?

Product Listing:
Stop Traffic by Raquel Welch

Lori’s Review: Norah by Tony of Beverly, Color: Kahlua

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Hey everybody!
Just wanted to do a show and tell with Tony of Beverlys new girl Norah. The color I’m wearing Is Kahlua. She is Yesssssss! ¬†These pictures are seriously right out of the box. I fingered combed her. Didn’t even have to adjust the part.
When it did come time to comb her I used a Job Renau wide tooth comb. You don’t have to have a JR comb just make sure to use a wide tooth comb, and every other day or so put a small amount of Simply Stylin’ light silicone serum in my hands, and lightly work it through the ends to keep it from friction. (The silicone spray would also work great.)
TOB has amazing lace fronts, and as you can see in my picture  Norah has a very generous left side monofilament part.  Gorgeous curls.
I like to wear a wig for a few days before doing a review.  Not suprising, Norah wears beautifully. As with all of the TOB wigs I own. I find these caps to be very light, and extremely comfortable.
Norah weighs less than 3.5 ounces.
This wig is available in so many amazing colors, as with most of Tony of Beverly wigs. I’m already trying to decide what color I want Norah in next ?

Product Listing:
Norah by Tony of Beverly
Simply Stylin’ (available in Light Spray, Unscented Spray, and Serum)

Lori’s Review: Sarah by Jon Renau, Color: 6F27 Caramel Ribbon

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I. Love. This. Wig.
I do not have one negative comment about this beauty. Just Gorgeous.
Sarah is a 100% hand tied Monofilament cap making it so very comfortable, and can be parted pretty much anywhere. And  a  beautiful hand tied lace front. The color in the pics is 6f27. Caramel Ribbon.
There are beautiful colors to choose from.
As you can see in my pictures, waves for days. And I love how they frame the face.
Sarah from the crown down is approximately 17”. So she is a long one. I would highly suggest with a wig this long, to use a spray in conditioner. I use simply styling silicone spray and at the end of each day spray¬†the bottom inside of the hair fibers. This makes such a¬†difference, and helps so much with friction.
Sarah is I think really light for the amount of hair. Weighs in at 5.1 oz
So many styling options. This is fun, beautiful hair. Thank you Heather for this beauty ūüôā

Product Listing:

Sarah by Jon Renau