Seven Iconic Celebrity Wig-Wearers

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By Morgan

Celebs and music icons often flourish in radiant, goddess-length locks one day, and with a flick of their strands, an adorable pixie cut the next. Then, their dynamite hair sprouts a magical six inches days later and turns into a wild color during the process. Either celebrities are wizards, or they’re choosing to revel in the diversity of wigs.

For many years, celebrities have housed myriads of hairstyles in their expansive closets. Let’s explore some of the stars embracing the beauty, versatility and stylish advantages of wigs.

Dolly Parton


If you’ve been following CysterWigs for a while, it’s no secret that we love Dolly! Parton, who started performing professionally at age 10, started wearing wigs in 1973. She once said, “I used to try to keep my own hair teased as big as I like it, and having the bleach and all of that, it just broke off. I thought, ‘Why am I going through all that? Why don’t I just wear wigs? That way, I never have a bad hair day! I have a big hair day, but not a bad hair day.” We totally hear you, DP!

Diana Ross


There’s not many in the world more famous for transformative hairstyles than Queen Ross. Diana took full creative advantage of wigs during her time with The Supremes and on, and had a unique, noteworthy new look nearly every day. She’s never been afraid of volume or going for over the top styles like the huge flower garden wig that she wore in 1969. When it comes to full on glamour, Ms. Ross is the boss.

Christina Aguilera


The late 90s “Genie in a Bottle” sensation began experimenting with wigs in the early 2000’s when her hair started accruing extensive damage from extensions and bleaching. Her introduction into the wig world proved to be a catalyst for many different styles, and she continues to wear them through all aspects of her continuing career.



From her Native American headdress to her strawberry red locks, Cher could write the book on wig fashion. As her headwear is often the most noticeable part of any of her ensembles, she has a long history of keeping things interesting with whimsical, unconventional, and cutting-edge styles.

Keira Knightley


Keira tapped into the wig world in 2011 when she started to toy with different locks due to the movie industry requiring her to dye, bleach, and lop off her hair, causing the star hair loss and extensive damage. Turning to wigs solved Keira’s scorched-hair dilemmas, and she now is an avid proponent of wig-wearing.

Katy Perry


Especially memorable for her dazzling hair as a judge of American Idol—donning everything from a jet black Snow White do’ to a Marilyn Monroe bob (and nearly everything in between)—the pop star keeps the world of hair zesty and entertaining, continually showcasing the colors of her vibrant personality.



One of the more modern influences on the music spectrum, Sia has transported wig-wearing to a new echelon with face-covering, eccentric wigs. Sia chooses to hide her face because of the criticism modern-day celebrities face in the wake of social sharing platforms, and her collection of wigs help her integrate her beliefs, personality, and individual style into a wearable accessory.

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Wigs and Dating: Trimming the Stigma

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By Morgan

The dating game isn’t the easiest to play. There’s a lot of effort that goes into the first few months of getting to know people and choosing how much information you give up in the process (old exes, your punk rock phase or the slight obsession that you have with cats) is ultimately up to you. But there are a few things you should never be shy about. One of those things is how you express yourself. And self-expression includes your wigs.

Dating with Wigs

When it comes to your makeup, shoes, clothes and accessories, you should feel completely comfortable with flaunting your innate style with anyone surrounding you! And the same rules apply if you like to wear wigs.

Wigs, like any other accessory, outfit, or hairstyle, are a part of your personality. And they’re becoming increasingly popular not just for hair loss, but for stylistic flexibility that allows for both men and women to bounce between looks. And when it comes to dating, just like removable makeup, wigs are just another extension of yourself.

Finding Confidence While Dating with a Wig

If you’re a little nervous about how your date will react to you wearing a wig, you can arm yourself with the basic fact that a wig is just another element of style. It’s as simple as that.

But honestly, there’s no need to explain yourself. In any dating situation, if the opposite party doesn’t accept you for who you are or what you wear, it’s time to move on and find someone better. Because odds are, their own lacking confidence and questioning the decisions of those around them isn’t going to be a great contributor to a new relationship.

Already Dating Someone and Want to Start Experimenting With Wigs?

If you’ve been wanting to step into the wig world and see what this delightfully hairy business is all about, you may have been a bit nervous to begin—especially if you already have a partner. Wondering what they’d think about you wanting to try a wig may be preventing you from taking new stylish steps.

When you’re feeling up to the conversation, it’ll be much easier than you think. It can go like this:

“I wanted to start exploring different hairstyles, and have been thinking about trying out a few different wigs or wig toppers. How do you feel about that?”

Odds are, there will be no hesitation. But if you get any negative pushback, that’s a bit of a relationship red flag. Remember that if you want to do something—wear a wig, get a piercing, or take up something new—don’t let anyone or anything hold you back. Stick to your roots, and let your true self shine through!

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Afraid of Getting Your First Topper? Read This.

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by Morgan

Alright, it’s time to go. Let’s see…I’ve got my chic purse, fancy watch, dangly earrings and… wig topper?

Okay, so wigs and toppers might not be a typical first pick that ladies turn to when piling on the accessories. But for women who are dealing with thinning hair or hair loss altogether, wigs and toppers might be at the top of their lists. These pieces offer stylistic creativity and an endless range of ever-evolving hairdo opportunities for who have lost their hair or for women who are looking to just change things up every now and then.

Have you been wanting to cross over into the world of toppers, but you’re afraid that you’ll get “found out.” Don’t be. If you’ve been super nervous about trying a topper, allow me to share my experience:

Hashtag fake hair, don’t care. Like getting a haircut or a streak of color in your ‘do, the way that you wear your hair naturally becomes a part of you—and those around you won’t care whether your strands are your own or if you’re showing off a new style. People color their hair and switch up their styles every day. If you’re worried about a stark contrast from your daily style, start small with a topper and build up from there.

But what about color matching? A big concern with gals is that a topper will be discernible from your own hair. The right color blends beautifully with your hair tone, and even you won’t be able to tell the difference. There might be a few tries in getting the perfect color, but if you ask a specialist, odds are they’ll be able to pick the perfect color to match your hair.

Your topper is not going to fall off. That thing is freaking sturdy, and it’s not going anywhere! Well-placed clips bind to your own hair effortlessly and stay in place all day. You can do anything with a topper, even go swimming! Haven’t quite tried this one yet, but apparently, it’s totally a thing.

Just do you. In my case, my stylist refused my bang request because my hair was too damaged. I was so nervous to get my first topper, but I made the plunge and I’m SO glad I did. Ultimately, your hair is another creative outlet to express yourself, and if you want to mix up your styles or wear your hair a certain way, DO IT!

It can be a little scary wondering what other people may think if you’re sporting hair that isn’t yours. But everything we don is an outlet for our own expression, and wigs and toppers are no different. If you’re on the fence, give it a go just once. You’ve got to feel it to believe it… there’s no better way to show yourself off than through a new hairstyle!

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