My First Year in Wigs: What I have learned – Part Three by Rachel

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Part 3. It’s a great idea to try a low density wig as your first wig.

Well I just finished up my very first full year of wearing wigs! It has been QUITE a journey and I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work for me. Here’s another thing that I’ve learned during the past year.

Most of my friends knew I started wearing wigs due to alopecia. But people who I didn’t see on a regular basis couldn’t help but notice the TOTAL change in density of my hair. So I was questioned quite a bit. I was always honest and open with my hair loss, and had no problem explaining that I started wearing wigs. I also knew that not everyone would be comfortable with me telling them about my wigs. This is why I suggest that first-time wig owners look into some low density options for your first wig!

For years, wig manufacturers have used permatease when making wigs. The permatease is there for a reason. It actually gives the wigs have some style and lift, but the main reason it’s there is to ensure that no one sees the wefts of hair on wigs. It helps disguise some of the wefts when you style your wig.

Although permatease and high density in wigs can be helpful for styling and disguising wefts, it also makes it look like you have a LOT of hair. In some cases it can even cause your wig to look wiggy. Some people prefer permatease. Especially long-time wig wearers because they’re used to buying wigs when high density and permatease wigs were all that were available from wig manufacturers.

Well, the times have changed and wig manufacturers have caught on to the fact that many new wig wearers these days want ultimate realism when it comes to wearing wigs. This is where low density wigs have come into play. Low density wigs have little to no permatease and sometimes just have less fibers sewn into the wig as well. The low density helps the wigs look more natural since it’s closer to most people’s bio hair density. This makes the transition to wearing wigs a little easier since a low density wig will more closely match the hair density you had prior to hair loss. Low density wigs are also less detectable to the the untrained eye, aka, people who might be more prone to ask questions about your new hair.

Sometimes, wigs with lower density must be carefully styled since there is a greater chance of “weft visibility” if the fibers aren’t perfectly placed. Please keep this in mind if you are interested in a lower density wig.

So in a nutshell, low density wigs might make transitioning from no wigs/bio hair to wearing wigs much easier! Give it a try!

Here is a link to low density wigs at Cysterwigs:

My personal low density favs:
Arrow by Ellen Wille
Code Mono by Ellen Wille
Arya by Tony of Beverly
On Edge by Gabor (Make sure to watch the youtube reviews on this style! It looks much different than the manufacturer’s photos)
Codi XO by Amore

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My First Year in Wigs: What I have learned – Part Two by Rachel

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Part 2. Believe me! Don’t use that brush on synthetic hair!

Well I just finished up my very first full year of wearing wigs! It has been QUITE a journey and I have learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work for me. Here’s another thing that I’ve learned during my year of wearing wigs.

After I got past the whole issue of purchasing a long heat friendly synthetic as my first wig, I learned another valuable lesson in wig wearing. Even though you are going to be tempted to use that detangling wet brush on your synthetic wig, DON’T DO IT!

My next two wigs I purchased on my journey were Miranda by Jon Renau and Rachel by Jon Renau. Both of these styles were actually pretty curly out of the box. When you get a curly wig, the curls tend to be VERY defined right out of the box because they were just styled at the manufacturer. Now the styling is in your hands. Many of us wig wearers don’t like to wear those well-defined curls right out of the box. We like to separate them a little bit so they’ll look a little more natural and “self-styled” before we wear them out in public. So what did I do with those luscious curls right out of the box? I took a Wet Brush and brushed straight through the curls to separate them. Well, that TOTALLY backfired. *facepalm*

When you brush through a wig (even with a great detangling brush like Wet Brush) it over-separates the beautiful curls on the wigs. So instead of having natural-looking curly wigs, I ended up with poofy afro-like wigs. It was a total bummer and took a lot of work to even make them wearable in public. Especially the Rachel style by Jon Renau. It took a lot of wetting, combing, and silicone spray to get it in wearable shape.

So what are you really supposed to do to separate those curls? Use your fingers! I honestly wouldn’t even recommend a wig comb for this. I have a couple curly wigs that have NEVER had a comb touch them. I only use my fingers for Mila and Girl Mono. Longer wavy or very loosely curled wigs like Blaze will definitely require a light combing (with an actual wig comb) after wearing it, but don’t over do it! If you just take it easy, you can avoid a frizzy mess!

So again, I leave you with this advice. Avoid using brushes on your wigs, folks! They will make you sad!

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My First Year in Wigs: What I’ve Learned – Part One By Rachel

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Part 1. Don’t let your first wig be a long heat friendly synthetic. You will be sad. Very sad.

Well, I just finished up my very first full year of wearing wigs! It has been QUITE a journey and I’ve learned a lot about wig wearing and what works for me. Here is one of the many things that I have learned over the last year.

My very first wig purchase was VERY impulsive and full of so many emotions. Almost anyone could have lead me down the wrong track or got me to spend a million dollars and I probably would have done it. I just wanted to feel confident about my hair again.

I had lost a ton of hair from Alopecia Areata and went to my high school reunion. I felt so unhappy with myself over my hair. I hardly had any confidence with the tiny amount of hair I had left. After the reunion was over and I got home, I went straight to a local salon that sold wigs. I knew absolutely nothing about wigs so I wanted someone to educate me for a couple of hours so I could come out with a bachelor’s in wig wearing. Well, instead I left that salon with a $400 long heat friendly synthetic wig and some supplies to take care of it. I was told if I was used to curling and heat styling my hair everyday (which I was) then I would need a heat friendly wig I could style with heat tools. WRONG.

Within one week the wig was a tangled frizzy mess and I cried (and cried some more) because not only had I lost almost all my hair, but I had a new opinion that wigs ABSOLUTELY SUCKED since they cost way too much money and only could last about a week. I wondered how in the world anyone ever got away with wearing wigs on a regular basis.

Well, luckily, I quickly found Heather’s videos for CysterWigs on YouTube. I even found a video of her reviewing the exact wig I had purchased at the salon which she recommended to NOT use as an everyday wig. *facepalm*. I wished those folks at the wig salon had been as honest with me as Heather is in her videos! I should also mention that the $400 wig I purchased in the salon is only $240 at CysterWigs. This was a HUGE lesson learned for me.

I learned that heat-friendly synthetic fibers are totally different from the fibers on regular synthetic wigs. The heat friendly fibers are much more likely to tangle and snag on clothing from friction and they are more difficult to untangle than regular synthetic fibers.

So what did I do next? I watched about a MILLION (okay seriously…maybe 100?) videos that Heather made on YouTube to help me decide which wigs I needed next. The attention to detail, explanations and honest opinions that she provided about the wigs she sells helped me make very informed decisions when buying my next few wigs. I also started saving a TON of money by purchasing from CysterWigs instead of purchasing at the local salon. I received better information and better pricing just by becoming an online CysterWigs shopper!

As for long heat-friendly synthetic wigs? I still believe they do have a time and a place for wear. They are, personally, not my first choice. For a weekend wig or a wig that you want to heat style every once in awhile, they’re great! Short heat-friendly synthetic wigs are a totally different animal. I actually love them and am not at all afraid to wear them on a daily basis if they don’t hit my clothing or shoulders because that means they are much less likely to tangle. Short heat- friendly synthetic wigs are fun to heat style! Here is a video about styling a short heat-friendly synthetic wigs:

If you are about to make your first wig purchase I highly recommend not buying a long heat-friendly synthetic wig right out the gate. There are a lot of options for regular synthetic wigs out there and the wonderful people at the CysterWigs help desk can help you find an easy to wear style that works for you. Also be sure to check out the CysterWigs YouTube channel for informative wig reviews, color spotlights and more.

Help desk:

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Rachel

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Let it gooooo!!! Let it GOOOOOOO…..

Okay, okay we all know the songs and the lyrics, but it’s time to really take this advice. Ever find yourself worrying about the “detectability” of your wig? Are you worried that the guy working the checkout line at the grocery might notice something is just a tad “off” about your hair (that you know is a wig)? Worried that the wind might blow and someone might catch a glimpse of one of those wefts? Have you ever caught yourself purchasing wig after wig in search of something that provides ultimate realism and undetectability? Do you not want ANYONE to know you are wearing a wig? Does this add any amount of stress to your day? I have been there, I get it, but it’s time to let those worries fly away so you can just be happy!

We all have 99 other problems in life, but don’t let your wig be one of them. Seriously, this might save you your sanity. It sure did add plenty of stress to my day after I started wearing wigs. I hated the feeling of being constantly worried about covering up the fact that I was wearing a wig. I just like to feel like I am being authentic and myself all the time, so feeling like I had to “hide” some part of me was extremely uncomfortable. It was bad enough to deal with the stress of my hair falling completely out, so I needed to drop this stresser in my life.

So what did I do? I stopped caring so much about what other people thought. I thought to myself, “What is the worst thing that could happen to me if someone realized I was wearing a wig?”. (PS- this is a great question to ask yourself!). If someone were ever ugly or made fun of me due to the fact that I wear a wig (which seriously, is extremely unlikely to happen and hasn’t happened to me) then that person is not worth having in my life. Here is my thought. Someone who really knows me pretty much knows that I struggled with Alopecia. They also know that is the reason why I wear wigs. If someone who doesn’t know me spots that I am wearing a wig, they can make all the assumptions they want. But the only thing that person has done is figured out that I am wearing a wig. Life will go on, and they won’t be dwelling on the fact they saw someone wearing a wig.

It’s so much easier to write this down on paper than to actually implement it. I would like to say “it’s as simple as that”, but I know that it’s difficult to stop caring so much, so take this day by day if you can. Maybe have a small piece of paper that you keep in your pocket or your purse that says something along the lines “you is smart, you is kind, you is not going to give a care about what people think about your hair, because it doesn’t matter what THEY think in the long run.”

When you really understand that no one cares as much as you do about the fact that you are wearing a wig, the sooner you can move on and NOT worry about the detectability of your wig. When people compliment my hair, now I just say “Thanks, it’s a super fun wig! You should see some of my other ones!”. I have never had a poor response from anyone up unto this point. Also, not worrying so much about the detectability of your wig helps you calm down a little while searching for wigs to purchase. I have worn TONS of wigs at this point, and not even one of them is absolutely perfect when it comes to undetectability. Get the wig that has no lace front, purchase the wig that doesn’t have a mono part, you might actually just enjoy the style of the wig if you drop the worries about other people detecting it.

“In every life we have some trouble
But when you worry you make it double
Don’t worry, be happy
Don’t worry, be happy now”

Rachel is wearing Jon Renau Kristen in 12FS8

Product Listing:
Kristen by Jon Renau

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I don’t put on a wig. I put on an attitude. by Rachel

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Yep, you heard it. To some, it might seem like wig wearing, but to me it’s deciding how I want to feel and come across to other people that day. That is seriously how I decide which wig I will wear for the day (or hey…for even just that next part of the day…..because I change my wigs more than once a day sometimes!)

When I first started wig-wearing due to Alopecia Areata, I bought wigs that were as similar as possible to what my bio hair looked like.  Honestly, this was probably a really great thing to help me adjust to wearing wigs. However, I didn’t continue to only purchase wigs that looked like my bio hair.

After discovering Cysterwigs and realizing how many AWESOME wig designers, styles, and colors that were available to put on my head, I finally bit the bullet and purchased a wig that was a completely different color and length. This was definitely outside of my comfort zone! This is what changed everything about wig wearing for me.

When I put that wig on I felt like I could pull of completely different outfits, have a different attitude, and really just ENJOY wig wearing! What did I do next? Well, now that I had no limitations on which styles & colors I could purchase (other than my wig budget!!) I started collecting other wigs that had completely different looks, or as I like to call them, attitudes!

Now I can wear whatever attitude I want. I can be sassy, sexy, colorful, relaxed, fun, goddess-like…..really, whatever I want to feel like, I can wear that attitude. I seriously pick out my hair before I pick out my clothes.

What do my friends and other people I meet say? They say that it is totally AWESOME that I have the ability to do this. If they don’t like it, who cares?!, it’s not for them anyways! It is all about how I want to feel, and that is really stinking empowering.

Happy wig wearing y’all!

Rachel rocking the hell out of Ellen Wille Girl Mono in Auburn Rooted

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Girl Mono by Ellen Wille

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