Zanetta’s review of Raquel Welch’s Crowd Pleaser in Shaded Cappuccino RL12/22SS

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Is it funny that I have a favorite side of this wig? Crowd Pleaser is a mid length style with soft curls highlighting the face but I really like the sweeping side bang. It brings a little elegance whether you’re wearing it to work, dinner or running around in jeans and a t-shirt.

This is one of the most glamorous, feminine hairstyles I’ve ever owned and I feel beautiful every time I wear her. You know it’s a silent compliment when women turn and look twice because they’re so interested in your hair.

The colors that make up Shaded Cappuccino are quite striking. You’ll begin with a dark root; it’s a luscious shade of brown that gently fades to a lighter golden brown. The tips look sun-kissed without coming off brassy. Finally, you’ll find cool blonde strands perfectly mingled throughout as it frames the face. Raquel Welch does a beautiful job at brightening the face with these lighter strands.

The lace front on Crowd Pleaser is exquisite. It is undetectable and seems to disappear on the forehead for a most natural appearance. It isn’t itchy and I have worn her for more than 14 hours at a time. The lace measures four inches across the front so you have adequate coverage and the side hairs at the temple have been blended into the felted ear tab section so it creates a seamless, natural look from every angle. You can tuck it behind your ears, pull it back, clip it up and the fact that you’re wearing a wig is undetectable.

Another feature that I appreciate with Crowd Pleaser is the Memory Cap II. I questioned its ability to memorize the shape of my head, especially with my petite size but it did quite well. This is an element that brings a natural appearance as it molds to the shape of your head. I also think that’s one more point for adding to the comfort of wearing this wig.

The hand-tied, monofilament part on the left measures about an inch wide so you have a little room to play with the part.
The nape is just over 4″, the sides are 7″, the back is 6.5″, crown is 10″ and the gorgeous sweeping front measures 6.5″. There are metal stays in the ear tabs to press for a closer fit and adjustable velcro straps in the back.

On my petite body the hair in back hits the bottom of my neck.

The True2Life hair fibers are heat friendly up to 350 degrees. So far, I haven’t found the need to take heat to her. With heat friendly fibers you do need to be more careful as to your daily care.

I recommend the use of Jon Renau HD Detangler and spritz with Simply Stylin Silicone Spray. The Jon Renau wide tooth comb is a must with this wig. To use anything smaller would cause undue stress on the fibers.

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Product Listing:
Crowd Pleaser by Raquel Welch
Jon Renau’s HD Detangler
Simply Stylin’ Pure Silicone Spray (also available in Lightly Scented and Serum)

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