Today I received this excellent question from Jennifer who wanted to know how to bring some body back to her Heat-Friendly topper:


Can someone advise me? I have used heat on my Easipart HD and it has removed the body from the hair. How can I add the body back (not curl)? I want it to have the same body it’s always had. Thanks.

Items you will need for this solution:

Table Clamp

Canvas Blockhead

Jon Renau Synthetic-Safe Holding Spray


Beautimark Shaping Cream

A good blow dryer with a concentrator attachment (Heather uses this one)

A good wig comb (we recommend this one)



Step 1: Secure topper to the blockhead with T-pins, being careful not to damage any lace features. If you have no choice other than to attach the topper to lace, be sure you avoid pulling on the unit as you style it. (This will help you avoid tears.)

Step 2: Gently comb the topper into the general part and position you want it.

Step 3: Apply a nickel-sized amount of shaping cream to the hair near the base at the front, but avoiding the knots. Manipulate with hands to get it into your preferred position.

Step 4: Working in small, 1” – 1.5” sections, spray with a small amount of synthetic safe hair spray at the base of the hair and “zap” it with small, short, concentrated blasts of high heat from the blow dryer. Use the comb to hold the hair in place as you zap it. The heat + the holding spray will work together to give you the lift you crave. Do this all over the topper or until you have the look you are going for.

Step 5: Spray lightly with the synthetic safe hairspray all over and allow to dry as a finishing touch.

PRO TIP: Hang your monofilament toppers upside down at night to store them. This will help preserve the body and bounce so you don’t have to style it as frequently!


About the “Help Me, Heather” series: Heather is the owner, founder, and web designer for Periodically, Heather will select tickets submitted to our CysterWigs Client Care Help Desk for this column. Email us if you have a question for the team at CysterWigs. Who knows – maybe your question will be selected for the next edition!

Still searching for last minute holiday hair? Here are some tips to help you out!

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  2. Stick to smaller brands with tight distribution networks. The fastest tend to be (in no particular order): Tony of Beverly, Jon Renau, Henry Margu, TressAllure, and Envy.
  3. Likewise, avoid larger brands with wider distribution, such as Aderans Hair Goods (Amore, ROP, Noriko, Revlon) and HairUWear (Gabor, Raquel Welch, HairDo). Like any large organization, there are more people involved with every step of the fulfillment process and this greatly slows them down this time of year.
  4. Specialty products – such as Clary’s, Ellen Wille, or imported wigs – will typically experience shipping delays even in slow times of year. This should definitely be expected during the end of year holidays!
  5. Shop from stores that keep current inventory listings on their site to help avoid backorders. is a site that does this! Plus, you are always welcome to contact us if you need precise inventory numbers for a particular style or color. Our email is:
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Here’s Heather giving you a more in-depth look at the color Cocoa Twist or 8/30 by Jon Renau.

CysterWigs Color Spotlight: 8/30 (Jon Renau)

Heather featured 8/30 while wearing Gwen by Jon Renau. This style has been discontinued from the manufacturer.

8/30 can be ordered in the following Jon Renau styles:
Allure (petite, average, large, and mono)
Angelique (average and large)
easiPart (8″, 18″)
easiPart French (8″, 12″, 18″)
easiPart HD (12″, 18″)
easiPart Human Hair
easiPart XL (12″, 18″)
Essentially You
Jazz (mono, average, and petite)
Mariska Petite
Natalie (petite and average)
Nita (petite and average)
Robin Petite
Sheena (petite and average)
Simplicity (mono and petite)
Top Form (6-8″, 12″, & 18″)
Top Full HH (12″ & 18″)
Top Level
Top Notch
Top Secret (12″ & 18″)
Top Style HH (12″ & 18″)
Top Wave (12″ & 18″)

Here’s Heather giving you a more in-depth look at the color R6LF29 by Estetica.

CysterWigs Color Spotlight: R6LF29 (Estetica)

Heather featured R6LF29 while wearing Keira by Estetica. This style has been discontinued from the manufacturer.

Heather notes that the “LF” in the color codes means “lighter front”.

R6LF29 can be ordered in the following Estetica styles:

Hi Everyone!  Kerry here – you may see me roaming about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or even the CCHD as I am the Digital Marketing Assistant Manager and a CCHD Solutions Specialist for CysterWigs. Today is a little different, though – I get to bring you a review of one of our products – Tab by Ellen Wille in Sand Rooted.  A client had asked for a review on this one, and I am happy to oblige!  Enjoy!

Tab by Ellen Wille is a fun little ‘do that has a ton of texture and volume with very short hair. Short hair like this can be so versatile, especially with all this texture and excellent coverage. The superb lace front means it can be styled off the face (like in the manufacturer’s photo) – just use a little synthetic safe gel or styling crème, run through your hands, and mold and style with your fingers – easy-peasy! I have a petite/average head (and a small face!) and Ellen Wille caps fit me like a glove and have the best coverage! Short synthetic styles like Tab always have a nape that lies flat (if it is supposed to ?), plenty of coverage on the sideburns without them being too long, and just overall a perfect style already set in and ready to play with! The measurements on this are: Front: 2″, Crown: 3″, Sides: 3″, Nape: 1.75″.  I don’t know that the monofilament top is necessary on this style, but it is there and is probably useful if you decide to style this smooth – it does keep the hair from bunching at the crown.

The color shown here is Sand Rooted, and I took all of my pictures indoors, but with only natural light. I love a rooted color because it adds depth and disguises the permatease. Also, I have darker biohair, including dark eyebrows, so I think the overall effect is more natural on me. This is a blended color that is so rich and pretty – I think it will work on a lot of people!

I think this style looks better fluffed up given the short length, and a rooted color is definitely the way to go to disguise the permatease. To be fair, I didn’t play with this style too much and wanted to show it off right out of the box because it looked different in person than the manufacturer photos. I think this could easily be styled smoother, spikier, with a headband or really cute barrette, or it looks soft and pretty just like it is.  So, if you are looking for a great, versatile, and short ‘do with wonderful coverage, give Tab by Ellen Wille a try!

And that’s the long and short of it!