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A wig with the right cut, color, and style can transform your look in a instant. It can also be an instant mood and confidence booster. Now, we’ve already given you one secret to finding a good wig–knowing your face shape. We’ve also covered four main face shape categories: diamond, heart, oval and square. So we’re going to bring it on home with the final two face shape categories–oval and oblong. And just like the other two posts, we’ll give you tips for determining these face shapes and a few suggestions for your best bets when it comes to wig shopping.

The Best Wigs For Oval Faces
If your face is wider in the center than it is on the top and bottom, and you have cheekbones women all over the world envy, you have an oval-shaped face. Oval is often considered the ideal face shape because you have the appearance of a sculpted, well-balanced chin and your face looks symmetrical. Those nice high cheekbones and perfectly shaped chin are what the other five face shapes try to achieve with makeup and hairstyles. If you have an oval face, guess what? That means you can pull off any wig in our entire collection.

The Best Wigs For Oblong Faces
Similar to the oval face above, oblong faces have wide cheekbones and longer chins. The jawline, though, is usually rounded as opposed to sculpted. Look for wigs with no height or lift in the crown and layers that frame your cheekbones. Women with oblong faces have an advantage over the rest of us – they can wear bangs in almost any length and style. Choose wigs with wispy bangs, baby doll bangs, side-swept bangs – the sky’s the limit. Pixie cuts and cropped cuts also look great on oblong faces, so go for a short do and sexy bangs, and you’re sure to look great.

If you still have questions, our Customer Care Help Desk team can help you find the style that is right for you. If not, happy shopping and we hope you find some stylish ways to flatter your face regardless of the shape.

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From a client email:

I absolutely love Reese, but only wear monofilament tops now. I was super excited when it came out in mono, but alas, was only a mono part…not a fan of those. And no lace front! I keep hoping one if the wig companies will come out with a wig that looks like Reese, but is either 100% hand tied or at least full mono top.

There are Reese-style haircuts available in a monotop, they are just tricky to spot for reasons I will explain below.

Delaney by Envy is a good example. Another good example is Diane by Jon Renau.

Here’s the thing — you won’t be able to reliably reproduce the volume of a wig like Reese without the permatease, which is why it’s difficult to identify that these mono styles are similar to their non-mono counterparts. Without the built-in volume, they look like fairly different styles, even if they’re cut the same!

This may explain why even though these products already exist, many people have difficulty recognizing that they are similarly shaggy styles. Without the built-in volume that permatease provides to synthetic wigs, these styles will look a little deflated by comparison.

Of course, with the high demand of Reese with a monofilament, Noriko released a Reese with a partial monofilament. The partial monofilament cap gives you the best of both worlds: permatease for the lifted style and the natural look from the monofilament part.

This is an excerpt from our CysterWigs Knowledge Base. Check it out on our private site to see over 500 articles all about our store, wigs, and how to wear the hair!

Product Listing Notes:
Reese by Noriko is also available in a large cap size.

by Julia

It’s hard enough to narrow down a wig style when you have so many to choose from. Throw in colors, and that can make the choice even harder, especially when you’re shopping online. The reds, blondes, shaded pralines, browns and even grays are endless. So how do you know what will work for you if you can’t try the wig on first?

One thing you can do is buy a color ring with hair swatches so you can make the comparison at home. They’re available for a number of wig manufacturers, so if you have a favorite brand, you might want to invest in one.

If you don’t want to buy a color ring and just want to fly by the seat of your pants, you can actually try picking colors that complement your skin tone. “How the heck do I do that?!?,” you ask. Well, I’m going to give you some helpful hints for picking your perfect hue.

The first thing you should know is how to differentiate between the warm and cool tones of the hair because when you’ve basic knowledge about this, it is much easier to know what your skin tone is. So, you can consider this your guide to discovering all of the above.

Analyze your skin tone.

Before picking a wig color, it is necessary to identify the nuances of your skin. There are three categories: warm, cool and neutral. Knowing how to determine your complexion may seem confusing, but there are some tricks to figuring it all out.

If your skin has pink or olive undertones, your tone is cool; while warm-toned skin usually pulls yellow and gold. If you have a mixture of cool and warm, the safest thing to assume is that your skin tone is neutral.

You can also determine your skin tone by looking at the veins in your wrists. If they’re blue or violet, your skin tone is cool; if they’re green, your skin tone is warm.

Your eyes also have a little something to say about your skin tone. If you have little golden spots in the iris of your eyes, your skin tone is warm. If you have blue or green eyes, you usually have a cool tone.

Now that you know the tone of your complexion, it’s time to figure out your best wig color. One general rule of thumb is to choose a tone opposite of your skin tone. So if your skin has a warm tone, opt for a cool color and vice versa. If your skin tone is neutral, everything looks good, so you can pull off any color.

If you have a cool complexion, you can go for reds, oranges and similar tones. Don’t worry, you can pull these colors off so don’t shy away from blondes, honey browns, and chocolate browns.

For those with a warm skin tone, go for cooler colors such as ash blond, beige, champagne blonde or darker reds like auburn. You can even try blacks with purple hues or a fresh brown.

So remember, if you have a cool complexion, warm things up with reds, blondes and rich browns. If your complexion is warm, play with light browns, champagne blondes, deeper reds and bold black colors. And if you’re neutral, try it all!

If you’re still not sure, just look at one of your favorite celebrities who might have a similar skin tone and eye color. If their hair is similar to a color that you’ve always wanted to try, you’ll get a much better idea of how that color will look on you.

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Color always seems to be a little bit richer and deeper in the fall. From food to fashion, nature to home decor, the season is filled with wonderfully rich shades.

As you look for a new wig shade to try, let fall be your guide. Here are a few colors to get you inspired by the season.



by Morgan

Alright, it’s time to go. Let’s see…I’ve got my chic purse, fancy watch, dangly earrings and… wig topper?

Okay, so wigs and toppers might not be a typical first pick that ladies turn to when piling on the accessories. But for women who are dealing with thinning hair or hair loss altogether, wigs and toppers might be at the top of their lists. These pieces offer stylistic creativity and an endless range of ever-evolving hairdo opportunities for who have lost their hair or for women who are looking to just change things up every now and then.

Have you been wanting to cross over into the world of toppers, but you’re afraid that you’ll get “found out.” Don’t be. If you’ve been super nervous about trying a topper, allow me to share my experience:

Hashtag fake hair, don’t care. Like getting a haircut or a streak of color in your ‘do, the way that you wear your hair naturally becomes a part of you—and those around you won’t care whether your strands are your own or if you’re showing off a new style. People color their hair and switch up their styles every day. If you’re worried about a stark contrast from your daily style, start small with a topper and build up from there.

But what about color matching? A big concern with gals is that a topper will be discernible from your own hair. The right color blends beautifully with your hair tone, and even you won’t be able to tell the difference. There might be a few tries in getting the perfect color, but if you ask a specialist, odds are they’ll be able to pick the perfect color to match your hair.

Your topper is not going to fall off. That thing is freaking sturdy, and it’s not going anywhere! Well-placed clips bind to your own hair effortlessly and stay in place all day. You can do anything with a topper, even go swimming! Haven’t quite tried this one yet, but apparently, it’s totally a thing.

Just do you. In my case, my stylist refused my bang request because my hair was too damaged. I was so nervous to get my first topper, but I made the plunge and I’m SO glad I did. Ultimately, your hair is another creative outlet to express yourself, and if you want to mix up your styles or wear your hair a certain way, DO IT!

It can be a little scary wondering what other people may think if you’re sporting hair that isn’t yours. But everything we don is an outlet for our own expression, and wigs and toppers are no different. If you’re on the fence, give it a go just once. You’ve got to feel it to believe it… there’s no better way to show yourself off than through a new hairstyle!

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