From a client email:

Where I live it can get windy and while I don’t go for long walks or anything outside in the wind, I’m worried they’ll tangle excessively walking to/from stores, etc. What do most girls wearing these wigs do about this? Is there a way to best prevent it or will they untangle quite easily? I searched online but it seems most info is about the wig not blowing off in the wind, versus being a tangled mess.



That’s an amazing question!

I generally recommend protecting your wig from the wind by applying a scarf, cap, or even a hoodie over the hair when in those situations. If you let the hair fly around loose, each strand bangs into another. This causes static build-up. Static is the enemy of your wig, regardless of what it’s made of.

Static causes the hair to stick together, which speeds up tangling. We do not recommend driving in the car with the window down, riding a bike, sitting in front of a fan on high, or any other activity that will blow the hair around violently for this reason. In these situations — and any other like it — you will want to gently restrain or cover the hair to prevent it from blowing around as much as possible. 

Another thing we recommend is the liberal application of a silicone-based product such as our Simply Stylin’ serum to help act as a buffer and anti-static measure.


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The suggested expiration dates on our site (which you can see here) are to tell you how long you can expect to wear them if you wear them every single day, like to work and stuff.  However, if you only wear them once in a while, they can last a very, very, VERY long time.  That’s why I always keep a little collection and rotate them out.  That way, no one wig in my personal stock ever gets worn out too quickly.

With hair loss, there are many things that are out of your control. But the one thing that can help bring back a sense of normalcy is purchasing a wig. With the wide variety of wigs on the market today, you can choose a style or two–or ten without breaking the bank. However, many people worry about how realistic they look–especially with the synthetic varieties. So here are a few tips to help you take that distinctive shine out of your new wig.

1. Try before you buy.

When selecting your wig, try on a few styles at a quality wig store. Start with a style that is similar to your hair before you started losing it. Also, step outside and take pictures in natural light so you can really see how the wig looks. The lighting in stores can be harsh so you want to make sure you’re looking at your wig in a more realistic setting.

2. If you buy cheap, you’ll buy twice.

Although expensive isn’t always better, you will get what you pay for. Wigs vary drastically in price. Human hair wigs look more realistic and give you more styling options, but they are a huge investment. Synthetic wigs are a more affordable, and a good option if you’re looking to wear a variety of styles regularly. Price-wise, they can range from $80 to a few hundred dollars. When buying synthetic wigs, make sure the texture feels real and not too plastic or rough–so that means if it’s not Halloween, costume shop wigs are definitely out!

3. Give it a wash and style.

With this step, if you’re nervous about styling your wig, take it to a salon that specializes in wig styling to have it washed and styled. Not only will this help “break in” the wig, but your stylist can customize your wig more so it suits you perfectly. Also, let your stylist know up front if your wig can be heat styled. This will prevent any damage from curling irons, blow dryers, etc.

4. Oh (dryer) sheet!

While many people swear by dry shampoo, it can actually leave a lot of build up on the hair which can make your wig look worse in the long run. Placing a dryer sheet on a paddle brush, then gently brushing the hair can help remove that noticeable shine most wigs have. It will also reduce static and help smooth the strands of hair.

5. Use quality products.

If you have a synthetic wig, avoid using anything oily or greasy since the hair cannot absorb anything. Instead, use a basic shampoo and conditioner and take your time when detangling. Allow it to air dry flat in between a towel.

6. Soak out the shine.

If you’ve tried the prior steps and your wig still looks a little too shiny for your liking, soak it for up to 10 mins in an apple cider vinegar (ACV) and warm water solution. Fill your sink or a large bowl with warm water and add a few capfuls of ACV (use an unfiltered brand with the ‘mother’ like Braggs). The ratio should be about one part ACV to four parts warm water. Let the wig soak in the solution for two minutes and then rinse with cool water. Repeat this process until the wig loses its shine. Allow the wig to air dry and then style it.

We hope you find these tips useful. We love hearing from you, so leave your feedback in the comments or share some of your tips to help a Cyster out!