I need help with the Raquel Auburns!

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From a customer e-mail:

Over the weekend I ordered both the RW Upstage and the RW Crowd Pleaser in a color which I have never seen in a wig before – RL30/27 Rusty Auburn.

Here is where I would really appreciate your advice:  Does Rusty Auburn have any brunette tones or have I made a huge mistake and need to exchange colors?

I think you might be okay.  The True2Life #30 (the darker color in the Rusty Auburn) is kind of like a reddish brown blended up with a medium auburn, so it isn’t a straight #30.  It’s a little more dynamic than that.  I wouldn’t necessarily consider this a brunette shade, but it definitely has some brunette elements in the mix, kind of like the hint of auburn brown hiding in the #29 in that’s in the Golden Russet.  It’s subtle, but it’s in there.  🙂

And are there other colors that blend with brunette that you might suggest, whether or not they are heat-friendly?  You definitely know and appreciate reds, and your color advice has been perfect for me so far!

All of the True2Life reds are amazing.  I love the Deepest Ruby, for example, and the Cinnabar is also very pretty.  I recommend giving those a thought for autumn.  They look amazing that time of year, and they also have that hint of auburn brown mixed in.  (I think they all do in the T2L fiber.)

In the non-T2L fiber it is a different ballgame.  Those colors tend to be a little less dynamic. 

SS30/28 Shadow Shade Spice has a lot of colors going on, including two shades of medium auburn and a soft brunette.

SS29 Shadow Shades Glazed Strawberry is very pretty, very dynamic, and has subtle hints of brown thrown into the mix.

SS11/29 Shadow Shades Nutmeg is an underrated treasure of a color!  I LOVE this color!  It’s got a little something for everyone while still looking very natural, and it has a little brunette with the copper!

R6/28H Coppery Mink is surprisingly RED for a brunette shade.  Unlike the Chocolate Copper (R6/30H), this one has an intense true red (not copper or auburn) highlight.

R3329S Glazed Auburn is a lovely, highly dynamic auburn with quite a bit of dark auburn brown mixed in for flavor. 

I hope that helps a bit!  🙂

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What Jon Renau color is closest to Almond Rocka?

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From a client e-mail:

I’m going to order a Katherine wig. What is the closest color to Almond Rocka?

As you may know, I also love the Almond Rocka! If only the 32BF had a brown base instead of an auburn one; then we’d be in business! None of the colors for Katherine have multi-tone highlights like Almond Rocka except 32BF — and it’s definitely a red.

(See below on Jessica.)

The next best thing is probably something kind of like 6F27, which is the color in the product images for this style.

If you need something a little lighter or rooted, then Shaded Mocha (24BT18S8, click on image below to see video review of Gisele in this color) would also be very pretty:

As you can tell, though, none of these is quite as dynamic as the Almond Rocka, which has three colors in it: medium brown, dark rust, and light blonde (the latter two are blended together in the highlight shade, see below).

This is an excerpt from our CysterWigs Knowledge Base. Check it out on our private site to see over 500 articles all about our store, wigs, and how to wear the hair!

Go for gray

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By Devon

Gray is good. Celebrities and people everywhere have embraced it in all of its many shades. It was a
popular color this year and it definitely isn’t going away any time soon. So if you’re looking to transition into a gray style or want to try the trend, check out our latest slideshow.

Kathleen’s Review: Go Gray The Easy Way ☺️

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Hi folks Kathleen here with a review of Isla by Tony of Beverly in three grays. I will be honest with you I have been increasingly curious about grays but I thought I’m too young it’ll make me look older..all the stereotypes that I have been brainwashed with. My own bio hair is a light neutral brown not gray yet so why rush it? Lol But gray seems to looks great on everybody. Just like with any color you have to find the right shade for you. Hint…it might not be what your own bio hair is or was..time to think outside the box.😉

My overall opinion of Isla is wow where have you been all my life? Again everyone that I have seen looks amazing wearing Isla..and for good reason. Shes a sexy wavy short bob with an gorgeous lace-front. I will say I felt like a movie star when I put her on. Shes so light and comfy I can wear her a good 12 hours ( on the one I decided I couldn’t live without 😜) and she’s still comfy. The hair fibers on Isla are on the dryer side which just means she has little to no wiggy shine so Isla looks and feels like natural hair. She does have permatease..but the hair fibers are so fine you still have wonderful natural movement. Do I wish she had a mono part? Of course and to tell you the truth that was the main reason I have held off getting her. Since these wigs were on loan from CysterWigs I didn’t want to fuss with them…..but after trying them all on for photos I fell in love with the Minx color..a total surprise. I had to purchase her..she’s a keeper. ❤️ Out of all the grays I will be telling you about this was the one I thought would make me look old….like my grandmother. The opposite happened so she has been played with and you will see the difference between a straight out of the box Isla and my Minx Isla that has been styled. ☺️

Above in image 2 are the three gorgeous grays I will be reviewing on Isla… Minx, Silverstone and Pearl Mist. Tony of Beverly has some of the most gorgeous colors out there in the wig world. You know I love their reds…well their grays are no less beautiful. This photo comparison was taken in natural light.. not overly bright light though. I wanted to illustrate the overall accurate color and value( how light or dark a color is)on these grays in normal everyday conditions. Minx is a cool medium/light gray. Silverstone is a warm medium gray and Pearl Mist is overall a warm dark gray. Ok done…next..lol 😉 Seriously the color range is quite different on all these but they are all equally gorgeous.

What I love about Minx is she is soft in color but still dynamic. There’s a medium gray mixed with light gray throughout the wig with hints of dark brown…just hints (strands of hair really) and to brighten up your complexion a concentration of the lightest grays frame your face. So flattering. I have a neutral or peachy complexion and boy the cool tone of this gray really accentuates my skin color…basically blue (Minx) up against orange (my skin tone) makes my skin look peachier and the Minx color look bluer. Being an artist I should have known that..lol..the opposite colors on the color wheel will do that.

Below is Silverstone…just an effervescent color..sooo pretty. Overall since gray is blended with a brown the overall effect is one of an almost ashy (cool) blonde. I love how TOB puts a concentration of the mixed light platinum gray in the front. I would described the lightest color used around the face as a creamy pearl gray. So soft and pretty..and dynamic! I love the use of blended thinner highlights and bolder thicker highlights. This would be a great color choice for someone who leans towards the cooler blondes and wants to dip their toes into grays. Btw this is Isla right out of the box..no fluffing up or styling but believe me she has great styling potential. 😉

Just look at this color above in image 5. And considering I didn’t do anything to Isla she still looks pretty.

Above is Isla in Pearl Mist. I will have to admit I thought I wouldn’t like this color on me..too dark. I was afraid I would look like Cruella Deville from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians..😂 Ahh I should have had more faith..this is a Tony of Beverly color after all. Stunning..striking..classy…those are the words that came to mind when I tried Pearl Mist on. The base color is a fairly dark brown. Similar to the brown used in Chocolate Frost R by René of Paris. Then hints of gray are scattered throughout the color with bold lighter gray highlights used in the front and on top. Since the lighter gray is blended with this brown these highlights are not a cool silver gray but a soft warmer gray. Just dramatic because they are so much lighter than the predominant base shade. Just to be clear the base shade is not black its a softly warm medium/dark brown. The overall appearance of the base shade is not steel gray but a darker brown mixed with hints of gray. So a warmer gray overall. The highlights would really brighten up anyones complexion. Even on this just out of the box Isla the lighter gray highlights really show off this wavy texture.

Close up of the color Silverstone on Isla below in image 8. All the highlights and all the colors are expertly placed.

Look at Pearl Mix below in image 9. Even with her waves toned down you can see how the lighter gray highlights play up this style. If you are afraid this color is too dark for you the lighter gray highlights prevent this color from being too stark. Especially with the ones framing the face.

Isla in Minx…such a flattering color and style so pretty. You might wonder how this style looks worn in a more casual way. Below in image 11 is me wearing just tee shirt jeans and not a stitch of make up on( how I look 95% of the time 😉) I still feel pretty…love the swoop of the long bangs on Isla. To give you a measurement perspective. The top of my forehead to the bottom of my chin measures 7 1/2”. The front length on Isla hits me at about my mouth and then the back gets a littler longer and hits the bottom of my neck..or collar. A very flattering length and very easy to wear..never ever gets in my eyes or gets in my mouth when I eat. Don’t laugh I never had hair like this so I’m still getting used to long hair..lol

Tony of Beverly has some of the best lace fronts and mono features I have found..and not itchy! I mention trimming the lace in image 12. Although its not necessary it just adds a bit more realism to an already realistic lace-front. Unless your are 6” in front of me you cannot even notice this extra lace. Don’t be afraid to trim it off though with any small sharp scissors. Its not hard to do.

Another look of Isla above in Minx. Throughout my photo shoot I continued to fluff and Style Isla. She just gets better and better. That side sweep is so sexy in my book. Now granted I have makeup and my favorites lashes on..lol but dang look at my skin. I am honestly over the moon thrilled with this color and isla. I can’t wait to try other grays.

So the take away here is gray doesn’t make you look older and what easier way to find a gray you love than wigs. Go Gray the Easy Way 😉These three grays are all gorgeous colors and there are about a zillion more I need to try so stay tuned for more gray reviews. A funny thing happened as I styled Isla…the more I styled her the more she reminded me of Raquel Welch’s Crowd Pleaser. If you love Crowd Pleaser but aren’t a fan of HD fibers and want more color choices you’ll love Isla. Hmm…Sunset Red is calling my name..lol…ENJOY!

Below is one of two little videos for you. The first one was shot this morning on an overcast day.. true colors no glare or the washout I get sometimes from bright sunlight. Also this is how I wear her now. The more I played with her and got those hair fibers away from the cap and over the permatease the more natural she looked. Even on top I don’t notice the permatease now so please don’t get discouraged with a permateased top. These styles are made to be played with. The second one is in black and white. Its an easier way for you to visualize this style in another color. ENJOY!

Product Listing:
Isla by Tony of Beverly

You can see all of Kathleen’s posts here as well seeing her talent as an amazing artist at KathleenRyanArt.com.

Color Spotlight: 8/30 (Jon Renau)

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Here’s Heather giving you a more in-depth look at the color Cocoa Twist or 8/30 by Jon Renau.

CysterWigs Color Spotlight: 8/30 (Jon Renau)

Heather featured 8/30 while wearing Gwen by Jon Renau. This style has been discontinued from the manufacturer.

8/30 can be ordered in the following Jon Renau styles:
Allure (petite, average, large, and mono)
Angelique (average and large)
easiPart (8″, 18″)
easiPart French (8″, 12″, 18″)
easiPart HD (12″, 18″)
easiPart Human Hair
easiPart XL (12″, 18″)
Essentially You
Jazz (mono, average, and petite)
Mariska Petite
Natalie (petite and average)
Nita (petite and average)
Robin Petite
Sheena (petite and average)
Simplicity (mono and petite)
Top Form (6-8″, 12″, & 18″)
Top Full HH (12″ & 18″)
Top Level
Top Notch
Top Secret (12″ & 18″)
Top Style HH (12″ & 18″)
Top Wave (12″ & 18″)