Why can’t I return defective items directly to the manufacturer?

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I know it seems like an elegant solution.

You buy a wig from a wig store, it stinks and you want a refund, but the store you bought it from won’t let you do it for whatever reason.  So . . . why not just send it back to the wig company directly? 

I’ll tell you why!  (Brace yourself, because things are about to get VERY real up in here!) 

It’s actually a super-simple answer:

You’re not their customer and you never actually bought anything from them, so why should they give you an exchange? 

Allow me to explain:

Wholesale suppliers (the wig companies) ONLY sell their products to retail stores and salons.


You buy the wigs from us (wig stores).  Therefore, you are OUR customers and have to abide by the policies of our stores, which vary depending upon the store you bought it from. 

From a customer e-mail about Brand X: 

Hi Heather.  Just dealing with a QC prob on an (XXXX) wig (purchased from another online wig store that isn’t CysterWigs — let’s just say “Store Z”) and any suggestions you have for dealing with these, I’d greatly appreciate!

I’m attaching my correspondence with (Brand X) in case you wanted to see it.

From an e-mail from the PRESIDENT of Brand X regarding this issue: 

We have not had any problems reported with thin wefts on (XXXX wig) and we’ve sold close to 500 of them since she was introduced, but perhaps there is something wrong with the one you have.  If you think this is the case, please get in touch with (Store Z) to have them arrange an exchange.

This is a fairly typical response, and what you can expect to happen if you try to circumvent the policies of the store you bought your wig from by sending them directly back to the source. 

Remember what I said earlier: WIG STORES ARE THEIR CUSTOMERS . . . NOT YOU.

These guys have never touched a dime of your money.  All of the money that they’ve seen came from the retailer who sold you that wig . . . so all of this stuff is between that wig store and you.  Period. 

So in this case, it would be Store Z and their return policies that would have to cover this exchange.  This is because Brand X (or any brand we carry) doesn’t sell directly to the public.  As far as they’re concerned, this is legally between you and Store Z, because that IS technically the case in all retail transactions of this nature. 

So while on the surface the President’s response seems like a really mean move, he’s actually correct.  The manufacturers should be more flexible with big-picture customer satisfaction . . . but that is another rant for another day.

The manufacturers are not obligated in any way to deal with your concerns or complaints directly, because they do not do business directly with the public.

If you happen to receive a different outcome when try this, consider yourself very lucky indeed to have found a manufacturer that cared about your opinion and overall satisfaction, because they genuinely are not obligated to do so.

That is the retailer’s role in this process, not the manufacturer’s. 

This is an excerpt from our CysterWigs Knowledge Base. Check it out on our private site to see over 500 articles all about our store, wigs, and how to wear the hair!

How is it that I can order two wigs from the same brand in the same color and the color (or style) will look slightly different on each wig?

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I’m not going to mince words here:

Minor variations in style, density, and color SHOULD BE EXPECTED.

The manufacturers allow up to a 10 – 15% margin of difference between two wigs of a single style and color.

From a customer e-mail:

I order mostly two or three main styles that work for me. What I have found lately, is the same wig comes but is significantly different from the original one I received about a year prior. The new ones seem to have at least 1/3 amount less hair making the style actually way different looking and hard to work with.

Is this a trend to make wigs less dense per customer desires or is it a manufacturing savings and quality control issue? It is frustrating to need to exchange or return the wigs when I’m still not sure if a better quality one will arrive.

I understand there is always some discrepancy as the wigs are hand cut but this seems to be a change in the amount of hair used to make the wig. Are you finding this to be true as you order many of the same wigs from the manufacturer?

This is a very real concern for a lot of wig wearers, myself included. It is also a relatively complicated thing to answer.

Let’s start off by saying that minor inconsistencies in the style, cut, density, and color will always exist between wigs (specifically, the exact same style of wig from the exact same brand in the exact same color).

Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Bangs or layering that are a little longer (or shorter) on one wig compared to the other. The wigs are still cut and styled by hand, so you can almost guarantee that a different person is cutting it every time you order a wig.
  • Highlights that are in slightly different places or in slightly different concentration from one wig to the next. This is typically seen in wefted wigs, but you can occasionally find it in monotops too. In wefted wigs, this is because the caps are 100% machine-made, so the way that the colors lay might be a little different from wig to wig based on the machine that laid out the wefting of the cap and the factory it was made in. (Manufacturers seldom own their own factories; instead they hire multiple factories on contract to produce the wigs on their behalf.) In mono top wigs, this can basically be chalked up to the fact that a person sat in a factory and individually stitched and tied every strand of hair into the top of that wig. Each person has a different technique, and because you can almost certainly assume you’ll never get a wig from the same worker in the same factory twice, minor variations will always occur.
  • Coloration that varies from one wig to another in other ways.This is actually fairly common. Unlike your biohair, wigs are batch processed in large volume. To accomplish this, wig manufacturers use multiple factories, all with different wig craftsmen (or women!), who all have different techniques for dying and blending the various colors. Even in machine made wigs, each color is still blended by hand before being made into the wefts sewn into the wig. This leads to minor differences from one wig to another in the same color. This can be even more pronounced in wigs with hand-tied features. These wigs are often done by one person per wig, working on one at a time. That individual’s technique (it is an actual skilled trade, with a 14+ month apprenticeship) often dictates how the various colors will be laid out in the wig.
  • Density that is different from one wig to another. Some factories will just make them a little thicker. Honestly, though, the trend lately has been towards LESS DENSE wigs. Part of this is an aesthetic thing: many medical clients dislike wigs with too much body or hair and thin them when they get them home. Demand dictates fashion and the manufacturers are very happy to oblige. The other part of this is purely economical: the cost of manufacturing these items is going UP, while the consumer is highly reluctant to buy the product if the price goes up even one penny. Another way to keep the prices static in the face of raising manufacturing costs and inflation is to cut material costs.

This is an excerpt from our CysterWigs Knowledge Base. Check it out on our private site to see over 500 articles all about our store, wigs, and how to wear the hair!

Don’t Get Duped!

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Hello, Wig Lovers!

Over the last few months, we’ve recieved reports about our videos being used in other retailers’ ads or posts on Facebook. We want you to know that we appreciate your loyalty and we’re grateful to all of you who have called this out. It feels good knowing that you have our back. We have yours as well. So please, please, PLEASE be careful when you’re shopping online. Don’t assume that we’re working with a retailer just because you see a familiar face featured in an ad. For instance, we all know and love Taz. These places know that as well. That’s why they’ve resorted to using our content to lure you in. So remember this…if you click on an ad and it doesn’t direct you to Cysterwigs.com, you are not dealing with us. Also know that we don’t work with other sites to sell our products. Everything you need can be found at Cysterwigs.com.

Again, please be careful out there. We want you to get the great wig styles you’re looking for, but we don’t want you buying inferior products or getting ripped off. Be smart and go with your gut. If it looks weird and doesn’t feel right, that’s an automatic hard pass.

Thank you for your support and we wish you a happy and safe shopping experience.



Announcement: Canadian Shipping Policy Change

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Hi Canadian Cysters!

CysterWigs.com has updated their international shipping policies effective June 1, 2018.

We are no longer shipping directly to Canada.

We want to be transparent and candid with you about why we’ve done this, because the impetus for this change was something that speaks volumes about the industry we work in.

CysterWigs.com has always been very blissfully square. I (Heather) am personally a huge stickler for doing things by-the-book and in a way that is ethically and legally sound. A lot of our competitors, however, are not following suit. This puts us in a very uncomfortable position, particularly with our Canadian clients.

Let me state the facts first: It is ILLEGAL to mark a package for international sale a “gift” or a “sample” when that item is purchased as merchandise. Many people have requested this as a means of dodging duties, customs, and VAT charges – primarily because it is de rigueur at other, less ethical wig stores – and we have always turned them down.

While it may seem that the stores that engage in this practice are doing you a favor, they are putting both of you at risk of fines, penalties, and jail time. (For references, see this government website and this one here. ) It would be entirely irresponsible of us to follow suit just because people request it. And, just because some customers are willing to take that risk, that doesn’t mean that we are comfortable doing it with them.

We’ve lost quite a bit of business over the years due to my position, but my staff and I are in total agreement that the ethical way of doing things is the ONLY way we want to do things.

We have a difficult time competing with stores for international clients when both parties are happy with the tax dodge. This is one case of if we can’t beat them – we’re definitely NOT going to join them.

We’re not leaving our Canadian clients in a lurch, though!

I have been a longtime subscriber to MyUS.com, my favorite no hassle parcel forwarding service. I use MyUS on my frequent international trips for business as well as longer trips when my husband and I visit his mum in the UK. This service allows me to order from multiple suppliers that don’t sell directly to international customers – such as Amazon.com, Zappos, New Balance, and CysterWigs. Orders from multiple stores can be consolidated into a single shipment (per my request) to help me save on shipping charges.

MyUS offers fast shipping that is much cheaper than the international shipping rates available from most stores directly. MyUS.com offers very good tracking and shipping updates on every order as well as the option to insure your packages. Plus, they give you a USA-based mailing address as part of the service. This is wonderful, because it allows you to take advantage of any free shipping offers available in USA-based stores! The savings overall can be quite considerable – and often make parcel forwarding a better deal for international customers than direct shipping anyway!

We have partnered with MyUS.com to offer 20% off the shipping rate for any first-time subscribers. Click our affiliate link here to learn more.

This, of course, does not discount duties or VAT. Those are charged by government agencies and have nothing to do with the actual shipping or product purchase prices.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We appreciate your business and will continue to do our best to operate in a way that is both transparent and responsible. We wish you a beautiful afternoon – with many more good hair days to come!





Heather and Estetica Designs on Facebook Live 2/22/18

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Heather in the upcoming Bay style by Estetica, color: R30/28/26

In case you missed it or are not the social media type, here is Estetica Design’s interview with our very own Heather and the new Estetica Summer 2018 Collection! Jett – an open-capped adorable pixie, Wren – a curlier version of Violet, Blaze – a gorgeous long curly style (the longest shown), and finally Finn – a mid-length, layered, curly style that is right on trend!