Hi Everyone!  Kerry here – you may see me roaming about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or even the CCHD as I am the Digital Marketing Assistant Manager and a CCHD Solutions Specialist for CysterWigs. Today is a little different, though – I get to bring you a review of one of our products – Tab by Ellen Wille in Sand Rooted.  A client had asked for a review on this one, and I am happy to oblige!  Enjoy!

Tab by Ellen Wille is a fun little ‘do that has a ton of texture and volume with very short hair. Short hair like this can be so versatile, especially with all this texture and excellent coverage. The superb lace front means it can be styled off the face (like in the manufacturer’s photo) – just use a little synthetic safe gel or styling crème, run through your hands, and mold and style with your fingers – easy-peasy! I have a petite/average head (and a small face!) and Ellen Wille caps fit me like a glove and have the best coverage! Short synthetic styles like Tab always have a nape that lies flat (if it is supposed to ?), plenty of coverage on the sideburns without them being too long, and just overall a perfect style already set in and ready to play with! The measurements on this are: Front: 2″, Crown: 3″, Sides: 3″, Nape: 1.75″.  I don’t know that the monofilament top is necessary on this style, but it is there and is probably useful if you decide to style this smooth – it does keep the hair from bunching at the crown.

The color shown here is Sand Rooted, and I took all of my pictures indoors, but with only natural light. I love a rooted color because it adds depth and disguises the permatease. Also, I have darker biohair, including dark eyebrows, so I think the overall effect is more natural on me. This is a blended color that is so rich and pretty – I think it will work on a lot of people!

I think this style looks better fluffed up given the short length, and a rooted color is definitely the way to go to disguise the permatease. To be fair, I didn’t play with this style too much and wanted to show it off right out of the box because it looked different in person than the manufacturer photos. I think this could easily be styled smoother, spikier, with a headband or really cute barrette, or it looks soft and pretty just like it is.  So, if you are looking for a great, versatile, and short ‘do with wonderful coverage, give Tab by Ellen Wille a try!

And that’s the long and short of it!

From a customer email:

How does the Vienna Roast and the Biscotti Babe compare to Belle Madames Carlotta? I love the idea of the lack of permatease with Biscotti babe; any feedback of the similarities and differences between Carlotta and the two BelleTress wigs? As usual, thank you so much for your help! 

Carlotta is shorter. That is the biggest difference. Carlotta SF by Belle Madame is a seasonally available style that is slightly longer than chin length.

Carlotta SF by Belle Madame.

The M&M is the BelleTress style closest in overall length to the Carlotta, but Carlotta is wavy and M&M is more of a round barrel curl.

A fetching side shot of M&M by BelleTress.

Vienna Roast is more of a shoulder-length deconstructed corkscrew curl with all the points facing downward.

The back of Vienna Roast by BelleTress.

Biscotti Babe is a tiny bit longer than Vienna Roast, but the curls are more traditional, softer, and a bit bigger than the Vienna Roast (but not as big as the ones on M&M, which is a Marilyn Monroe cut.) Biscotti Babe is essentially the ideal length for a “lob” on most women.

The back of Biscotti Babe by BelleTress.

Another thing people wonder is how something like Vienna Roast compared to their new Amaretto wig.


The back of Amaretto by BelleTress.

Amaretto has an even more deconstructed wave! The shape of the wave is a corkscrew, like with Vienna Roast, but it is even more relaxed on the Amaretto — and the Kona, by extension, since they have the same wave pattern, just different cuts. Kona isn’t a “lob.” Instead,it is more of a wavy shag/bob hybrid cut.


The back of Kona by BelleTress.

Columbia has the most relaxed wave of them all. It is big, flowing, and very open. This wig is also a little longer than the other “lobs” because it isn’t as tightly curled. This gives Columbia a sloppy chic Boho vibe that the others do not share.

The back of Columbia by BelleTress.

I hope that helps clarify things a little! 🙂

Hey y’all! This is Gina and today I get to show you the new Norah by Tony of Beverly in the color Cognac.





Just noting: Norah was pinned to the sides and included a hairnet.




Norah has a monofilament left side part. The monofilament is seamless and it was just the placement on the wig stand that created the ripple. Norah also has an extended lace front and velcro adjusters.


Monofilament part wigs give you the best of both worlds! I LOVE that no permatease is visible at the part. 🙂

Speaking of permatease… Yes, Norah has weft covering permatease. The permatease also gives some lift to the style so the hair doesn’t lay flat because of the weight of the hair and curls.




Oh boy does this color change in the sunlight! With regular indoor lighting, Cognac is much darker and next to the sun light the beautiful, warm colors comes out to shine.

For Kathleen 🙂

Belle Madame’s Carlotta next to TOB’s Norah.


The sideburn coverage on Norah is pretty standard for those with an average cap size so please expect some bio hair to show.






Tony of Beverly wigs fit true to size so I found Norah to be completely comfortable. As always, I recommend having a wig grip for the added security…but that could be just me since I’m still picking up and running after kids.

Product Listing:
Norah by Tony of Beverly

Hello everyone,

I always have anxiety that a good stiff wind or other unseen elements would embarrass me if I didn’t have the wig totally secured to my head and with some wigs, I noticed bubbling along the lace front.  I’m sure many have also experienced this problem.  I watched several You Tube videos where glue and double sided tape were used.  Having to peel off the tape or rub the glue off my skin was taking the fun out of wearing a wig. Sewing in security clips did not help either and it only pulled my hair out.  I thought there must be an easier way.

Upon further searches, I came upon some other videos where an elastic strap was used.  I decided to test this method to see if it worked for me.  They weren’t kidding, this REALLY DOES WORK. The bubbling laid flat against my scalp and the wig felt more securely to my head.  It didn’t feel uncomfortable and there was no slipping.  As a demonstration, I used a styrofoam head to show how the band strap is applied and fitted.

From a fabric store, I purchased a package of heavy stretch knit elastic (1” to 1.5” in width).  I bought a dark brown to match the roots of my wig.  At the top portion of one ear (where the ear tabs lay), I measured from ear to ear across the back of head. My measurements were 12.”  I deducted 2” and cut 10” of elastic.  I then sewed the ends of each strap to the bottom portion of the ear tabs.  If you need a more secured fit, just cut off another ½” or less until it feels more secured.  It’s a trial and error process, so you may want to use safety pins before sewing the bands onto the ear tabs.  As I placed the wig on, I adjusted the elastic band onto the back of my head.  I then took the back of the wig and pulled it down over the elastic band and just styled as I normally do.  The band really helps the wig and front lace to lay flat.

Heather from CysterWigs.com also has a blog “Easy way to tighten lace front wigs” to help prevent lace front bubbling.  Have a safe week everyone!

This blog post was submitted by Kendra.

Raquel Welch Editors Pick is one of my all time favorites!  EP is featured here in SS19/23 Shaded Biscuit.  Flawless lace front and mono top.  This one has the perfect length and that ever popular beachy wave.  This review has comparisons with Pale Golden Honey RL16/88.  Plus styling options!

Taz’s Wig Closet: ~Raquel Welch Editors Pick – REWIND! Compare Shaded Biscuit SS19/23 & RL16/88 Pale Golden Honey!~

Product Listing
Editor’s Pick by Raquel Welch