Hi folks, Kathleen here with a little change of pace from wigs…what? Isn’t this a wig website? Well yes…lol…About a year into my wig wearing journey (my two year wig wearing anniversary is coming up 😉) I realized as great as my hair looked now with all my gorgeous wigs my lashes just weren’t cutting it. My hair was never my crowning glory…my eyes and lashes were. I had tried false lashes a couple of times over the years with absolute total failure. I thought ok some people just can’t wear lashes…that was before wig wearing and my new found confidence.

So first of all I had to determine was what kind of eyes I have and what kind of lashes enhance their shape. I devoured youtube tutorials..probably watched a zillion ways to put on lashes and overtime realized I had hooded eyes. Not naturally but from good old fashioned age..lol. So what are hooded eyes? Relax your eyes and look straight into a mirror can you see your mobile lid? If you can’t, you have hooded eyes…think Lauren Bacall and Emma Stone for example.

Image 2 lists my top 5 false lashes for hooded eyes. They happen to be Ardell but I would suspect you can get similar styles in other brands..just think Sonoma by René of Paris and Kelsey by Envy..😉 The 603s by Ardell are my current favorites. I started out with Luckies and 110s and gradually evolved into a more dramatic but still natural looking lash. Notice that they all vary in length or are in clusters. The ever popular wispies don’t do much for me. I’ve worn them but they don’t enhance my eyes. Also denser lashes tend to put a shadow over my eyes which you don’t want either. Lashes should open up and enhance your eye shape. You will notice a lot of lashes start out short at the inner corner and gradually get longer towards the outer eye. A winged look…the lashes I list are longer in the middle and shorter on both edges or have a fairly even length throughout the lash band.

In the beginning I was using duo glue the kind that goes on white and dries clear. I loved it. Was easy to use and my lashes stayed on. Well over about a month or two I noticed my eyelids were getting irritated. In the beginning I thought my eyes just needed a break. Then it got worse, red puffy lids at the lash line. Quite painful. I research and discovered I was allergic (it doesn’t always happen right away but takes awhile to develop an allergy) to latex and/or formaldehyde. I bet you didn’t know they used formaldehyde in lash adhesive. 😳 Well I wasn’t taking any chances and through my research found I-ENVY by KISS Super Strong Hold adhesive that was both latex and formaldehyde free.

In image 6) I am wearing Kenzie by Tony Of Beverly in the gorgeous dramatic high fashion red called Cherry Punch. Love this color and played with my eye makeup …I wanted to have fun and use some strong colors. Why not? My lashes are curled and I have mascara on them in the before photo. You can barely see them after all that work. The only difference in the after photo are the 603 false lashes. They are long enough to “clear” my hood. 😉

Image 9) shows the Ardell 603 lashes again. Wearing one of my all time favorite wigs Madison by Estetica in R30/28/26. You can see the scale better in this photo. Experiment with lashes. Some you’ll love some you won’t.

So lets get started…you have picked out a pair of lashes. You have the glue and then all you’ll need are tweezers. TIP: In the beginning before your hand gets steady from practice use an eyelash applicator. Sometimes you can buy the false lashes that have an applicator included. They make it a little easier. My lashes are short and sparse and very straight so I curl them and use waterproof mascara to keep the curl. For folks with lashes this gives your false lashes a ledge to rest on and curling my lashes helps blend the two together.

Without any glue place the lashes on your eye..sort of a dry run…is the lash too long? Most are. Snip a little to fit your eyes better. Always cut from the outer lash. Its better to have them too short than too long. Put a thin amount of adhesive along the band of your false lash. I also put a little extra dab on both ends of the lash. Do wait for your glue to set up. The white glue should start turning translucent. Don’t use too much. TIP: The amount of glue should equal the thickness of the band. Your tweezer should be in the middle of your lash and close to the base(don’t take the lash from the tips). Since these lashes are the Ardell Fairies the band is super thin so I only needed to wait 10-15 seconds before I placed it on my eye.

Place the lash on the middle of your eye. Wiggle it a bit to help set it as close to your lash line as possible. Then let it sit there. Don’t worry that the whole lash isn’t on. You have some time before the glue dries completely. So relax and take a deep breath. You just did the hardest part. TIP: Place your false lash in a vertical orientation…straight down. You want to see the lashes from the front not just from the side. 😉 In image 11) I just placed the lash on my eye. You can see its only on in the middle I haven’t taken the edges and placed them yet.

I usually take my tweezers and place the outer edge along my lash line first. In this case I just took my fingers and placed the inner false lash first.

Image 13) shows me taking my tweezers and pinching my real lashes and false lashes together. Yes be careful! Come in from an angle to avoid poking yourself in the eye.

Now place the outer corner. Dont panic if you don’t like how you placed it. Just gently lift it up and place it again.

Not bad..lol..the false lash follows my real lash line in image 15) That is your goal. These particular lashes (Ardell Fairies) have such a thin band you don’t need to wear all kinds of liners and shadows if you didn’t want to. Very pretty soft enhanced natural look. Below is image 16) I have one lash on..quite a difference in lash length huh?

I am wearing minimal eye makeup in image 17) so you can see how subtle and pretty false lashes can be.

In image 18 I am wearing my new Jett by Estetica in color R14/8H and to round out my look minimal make up and to top it all off Ardell Fairies. The take away here is false lashes aren’t scary and can really enhance your whole look. Why stop at the perfect wig? Throw on a set of lashes….its easy once you get the hang of it. Enjoy!

Here is a little video of me in actual time placing one of my lashes on from start to finish. You can see I kind of wiggle the lash when I first place it on my eye. This really does set the lash in place as close to your lash line as possible….just another TIP: 😉

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Ruby by Jon Renau

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The answer to this question would be so much easier if we all looked like Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta – beautiful and angular, the focus shifted solely to our well-balanced and perfectly proportioned facial features. Plus, she still has hair – only a quarter inch long, but it is still obviously more hair than I have had since age 12. Oh, and did I forget her perfectly shaped skull? That’s right – no obvious lumps or odd knobs or lines. I have this odd crease in the back of my head – it kind of looks like a smile where no hair grows. But still I shave my head and I love it.

I didn’t shave my head when I first started wearing wigs – I liked what little hair I had and went au naturel when working out, so every 6 to 8 weeks I was still making trips to the stylist for a trim. I continued to suffer in silence as they asked me if I had tried this product or that to make my hair grow, look thicker, to try and make it look like… more. None of those things worked and I had been trying them my whole life.

Just cut my darn hair already.

Then I went to my usual place and my usual stylist wasn’t there – it was a new lady I hadn’t seen before. I explained what I wanted – I had no hair and that was OK because I was now wearing wigs, but I wanted to keep my hair short and neat because I still exercised without a wig. She seemed to understand. It felt short when it was all done, but I was late and really didn’t care to look at how little hair I had in the salon, so I left. I went to my class at the gym and my best friend noticed my haircut. And then she noticed how short it was. And then she noticed the line that looks like a smile in the back of my head – there for everyone to see. Technically this was the first time I had my head shaved – exposing this weird feature for the world to see. After that, I started wearing wigs everywhere – including to the gym

I bought my first pair of clippers a few weeks later and took the real leap, neatly shaving my head using a guard in the privacy of my own bathroom. I took a picture of myself when I first did it – I do not look happy because I wasn’t. It was still a hard thing to do, despite already resolving to wearing wigs for the rest of my life. This was the final step – this was true acceptance that I have no hair.

It was hard looking in the mirror – I felt like I had chopped off what little of my femininity was left. I had given up on hope. This was the last bit of grief for my hair I had left. Luckily the feeling only lasted a little while. Then the freedom set in. I would never sit in another stylist’s chair, waiting for them to try and pitch some hair growth product that was never going to work. If I didn’t want someone to see me without hair – it was going to be out of my choice only and not out of need. I wasn’t going to have crazy bedhead when I woke up because I no longer had hair. I didn’t have to take my wig off and see my sparse hair plastered to my head looking gross and awful. I kind of liked this!

Shaving my head is quick, clean, easy to care for, and it feels good. My biohair doesn’t pop out from under my wig. My wigs are easy to put on. I don’t have to do my hair – no blow drying, no dyeing, the only reason I still use shampoo is because it doesn’t dry out my scalp. And in the winter, I can lotion my whole head – it feels amazing!

I think that whether you shave your head or not is a completely personal choice and there is no right or wrong answer. But here is what I think:

• It is cooler in the summer
• My wigs stay cleaner – with less oily hair underneath
• It is easier to put my wigs on, no biohair to tuck
• I don’t ever have to go to a stylist to get my hair cut again
• It is economical
• I (feel like I) look kind of bad-a** (lol) without my wig

• It is colder in the winter
• It can be an adjustment – it can be kind of sad to let go of the hair you still have
• There is no biohair to pull out to blend the edges of your wig – or if you do grow sideburns you kind of look funny without a wig – shaved head and sideburns
• If I want to grow my hair out again to switch to toppers it is going to take forever

Oh! And I highly recommend NOT shaving your head down to the skin. Like everywhere else on your body your skin has to get used to it (think razor burn and bumpy skin – on your head) and if the skin is not perfectly smooth, nicks and cuts are possible (OUCH!). Plus, it requires more upkeep. I shave my head with clippers every month or so, but shaving it all the way down is a weekly thing. Just things to consider. So if you are ready to shave your head- go for it! Be prepared for the little bit of wistfulness or full on grief you may feel once you look at that reflection. Or maybe you will rock it like Natalie Portman from the beginning, but either way you will get to a point of freedom that I think you will love.

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Hi folks Kathleen here with my easy peasy way I trim up the nape of my Ellen Wille’s Play. Its not hard and truly takes no skills…maybe a bit of patience. 😉 Cut a little at a time…you can always go back and cut some more. I might trim her up a little more maybe about a half inch or so but I’ll live with her for now. If in a couple of weeks if I feel the same way I’ll give her another trim.

Lets take a look at Play by Ellen Wille in Mango Rooted before I customized her. Again I couldn’t resist www.wigcloseouts.com lol. I saw Heather review her in this exact color and was drawn to the combination of retro shag and this warm dynamic color Mango Rooted. I love curls and waves but I thought this looked fun. Quite retro but I love all things retro. I was concerned about the length of the nape. The nape is 4” and for a straight style that is pretty long….ah if only I had an elegant neck 😉. One thing that surprised me was the permatease at the nape. Its not a whole lot but I would need to be careful when I trimmed her. I learned the hard way on my RW Trendsetter. If you cut the length at the nape on a wig that is permateased there too short it’ll tend to stick straight out and not lay nicely.

The first thing I did was take two fingers and grab the hair where I’d like the nape length to be. I measure the hair I want to trim off and it was about 2”. Since I am concerned with the permatease interfering with the nape laying nicely I decide to trim just 1””. I put Play of a wig head and measured all along the nape to help me visualized the finished product. (normally I would use my canvas block head and my deluxe table clamp but this way I could show you easier and the lighting is better)

Above in my first video I show you how I simply snip off an inch of length. One thing I do when I trim a section of hair is I incorporate a little bit of that trimmed section into the next section I trim as a guide. Very easy on a wispy style like play. (What you see is all I trimmed off and in real time..easy peasy right?) ☺️

In this next video above I show you how I soften the blunt edge of the trimmed Play. I call this chipping the edge. All I do is take my thinning shears (you can also use your regular shears but I wanted a softer look in this instance) and at almost a 90 degree angle (just shy of vertical) take little snips into that blunt edge just to break it up so it doesn’t look so perfect.

Video (image 6) I demonstrate how to get those ends a little more wispy. I take little sections of hair (the bigger the sections the more hair you’ll remove) twist the section and using my thinning shears take little snips at an angle. I am careful not to take a snip towards the end of the section of hair because in this go round I didn’t want to shorten the length anymore.

Below in image 7 is a collage of Play after I spent a whole 5 minutes or so trimming and texturizing the length on the back nape area. Little differences but for me much more wearable.

Above in image 8 is my after. Better! Its still a funky little number. This is where I’ll stop for now. I’ll wear her and live with her before I decide if I need to trim her up anymore. These little techniques are so easy really. One thing I have learned is take it slow and take off less than you think you need to and try on the wig you are customizing often as you are customizing her. I have ruined a few wigs not doing that lol and actually if I am honest will continue to do that I’m sure because that’s how I learn…lol 🤪 Hopefully I’ll pass onto you what I’ve learned so you don’t need to “ruin” any of your wigs. 😉 A good tip for you….before you throw out a wig that is worn out practice your customizing techniques on it. There is no pressure on your part and is quite fun. 😉

Below is a video of my customized Play. The back is just short enough so it doesn’t rub on my shoulders. Looking at this video I am inclined to take one more pass at her. 😉 I think I want to break up the bulk a bit in the back and make those ends more wispy. Ahh see it never ends..but that’s a good thing right? So the take away here is customizing your wigs is fun and at least for me gives me a sense of accomplishment. This is my wig that is made just for me by me..😊 We are not all alike so how come we expect every wig to look great on everybody. The key here is to find a style you love if it just didn’t..lol….and if that “didn’t” is something you can customize don’t be afraid to get it..make it your own. ENJOY!

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Play by Ellen Wille

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Today I received this excellent question from Jennifer who wanted to know how to bring some body back to her Heat-Friendly topper:


Can someone advise me? I have used heat on my Easipart HD and it has removed the body from the hair. How can I add the body back (not curl)? I want it to have the same body it’s always had. Thanks.

Items you will need for this solution:

Table Clamp

Canvas Blockhead

Jon Renau Synthetic-Safe Holding Spray


Beautimark Shaping Cream

A good blow dryer with a concentrator attachment (Heather uses this one)

A good wig comb (we recommend this one)



Step 1: Secure topper to the blockhead with T-pins, being careful not to damage any lace features. If you have no choice other than to attach the topper to lace, be sure you avoid pulling on the unit as you style it. (This will help you avoid tears.)

Step 2: Gently comb the topper into the general part and position you want it.

Step 3: Apply a nickel-sized amount of shaping cream to the hair near the base at the front, but avoiding the knots. Manipulate with hands to get it into your preferred position.

Step 4: Working in small, 1” – 1.5” sections, spray with a small amount of synthetic safe hair spray at the base of the hair and “zap” it with small, short, concentrated blasts of high heat from the blow dryer. Use the comb to hold the hair in place as you zap it. The heat + the holding spray will work together to give you the lift you crave. Do this all over the topper or until you have the look you are going for.

Step 5: Spray lightly with the synthetic safe hairspray all over and allow to dry as a finishing touch.

PRO TIP: Hang your monofilament toppers upside down at night to store them. This will help preserve the body and bounce so you don’t have to style it as frequently!


About the “Help Me, Heather” series: Heather is the owner, founder, and web designer for CysterWigs.com. Periodically, Heather will select tickets submitted to our CysterWigs Client Care Help Desk for this column. Email us if you have a question for the team at CysterWigs. Who knows – maybe your question will be selected for the next edition!