Today I received this excellent question from Jennifer who wanted to know how to bring some body back to her Heat-Friendly topper:


Can someone advise me? I have used heat on my Easipart HD and it has removed the body from the hair. How can I add the body back (not curl)? I want it to have the same body it’s always had. Thanks.

Items you will need for this solution:

Table Clamp

Canvas Blockhead

Jon Renau Synthetic-Safe Holding Spray


Beautimark Shaping Cream

A good blow dryer with a concentrator attachment (Heather uses this one)

A good wig comb (we recommend this one)



Step 1: Secure topper to the blockhead with T-pins, being careful not to damage any lace features. If you have no choice other than to attach the topper to lace, be sure you avoid pulling on the unit as you style it. (This will help you avoid tears.)

Step 2: Gently comb the topper into the general part and position you want it.

Step 3: Apply a nickel-sized amount of shaping cream to the hair near the base at the front, but avoiding the knots. Manipulate with hands to get it into your preferred position.

Step 4: Working in small, 1” – 1.5” sections, spray with a small amount of synthetic safe hair spray at the base of the hair and “zap” it with small, short, concentrated blasts of high heat from the blow dryer. Use the comb to hold the hair in place as you zap it. The heat + the holding spray will work together to give you the lift you crave. Do this all over the topper or until you have the look you are going for.

Step 5: Spray lightly with the synthetic safe hairspray all over and allow to dry as a finishing touch.

PRO TIP: Hang your monofilament toppers upside down at night to store them. This will help preserve the body and bounce so you don’t have to style it as frequently!


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Anxiety is evil! I’ve been dealing with anxiety my whole life, so I feel for folks whenever I see those same vibes coming from one of my clients.

I believe that you should never buy ANYTHING if you are in the grip of anxiety. It is very difficult to focus on what you’re doing when you feel anxious. You may even buy too quickly in the rush to end those uncomfortable feelings. This can lead to a lot of problems all by itself if you don’t end up enjoying the product!

Here is my #1 go-to money saving tip for you!

Instead of letting that adrenaline get the better of you, use the handy breathing guide below to find your Zen. 😉

We promise that, by breathing along with this guide, you will feel more centered and focused about the item you are thinking of purchasing. That way you KNOW you really want it and are not just acting on impulse!


Please also feel free to bookmark this fantastic breathing guide so you can return to it and use it whenever you need a little more peace in your brain space!

We wish you a beautiful, calm day, Cyster! <3

From a customer Facebook post:

This is the lace top of my JR HH wig, Sienna.

The wig fitter cut the lace, after steaming the knots. Can anyone help me figure out why the lace is suddenly wavy? I had been wearing my lace front entirely too low. Could that be the reason why it is wavy? Or, could this have been caused from the lace being trimmed? It no longer is flush on my hair line. The untrimmed area has hair that never lays quite right. I still like how it looks, but this causes daily challenges. All advice always welcomed.


Heather’s response: 

Steam (boiling water and other high heat) can warp the lace. Remember that the lace on the monofilament is made of a plastic-like polymer, not too unlike the material that makes up synthetic hair. Just like steam can change the texture of synthetic hair, it can also change the texture of your monofilament. The bigger downside is that the polymer used for the monofilament lace can melt a little molecularly, making it really difficult to un-warp once this has happened. You can always try, though. The best bet is to lightly steam it again with a targeted spray nozzle (the Jon Renau wig steamer is really great for this compared to conventional garment steamers) and hold the monofilament taut until it cools. Do this in small sections.

There is generally little benefit to steaming the knots on a HH wig. That is more for synthetic wigs, since they can’t be styled with conventional heat tools. Even then, you have to use a targeted spray to make sure you’re steaming the hair and not the mono lace.

My guess: they used a regular steamer on your wig and not one made specifically for wigs.

It is almost impossible to get a concentrated, targeted spray with a conventional garment steamer. You can use those very nicely to revive the ends of straight wigs, though, since that doesn’t require a targeted spray.

IMHO, those folks owe you a repair at minimum or a whole new wig because they’ve damaged it.

We highly recommend biting the bullet and investing in a wig-specific steamer, like the one from Jon Renau (pictured), for tricky jobs, like wigs with a wavy texture or with a need for steam in specific, small areas.

Hopefully this has been helpful 🙂

PS: This article and hundreds of other helpful reads can be found on our private Knowledge Base


Tinted protein filler is a miracle product. You can get it for cheap on Amazon or at your local BSS. (The one pictured below can be found at Sally Beauty Supply.)

Protein filler goes into the hair shaft and fortifies the hair to help keep it from breaking and becoming brittle. The tinted kind of protein filler goes one step further. It has mild tinting agents in it that can gently replace color that may have washed or otherwise faded out of your human hair wigs! This is WAY gentler than dying the wig again — and it is actually good for your hair!

If the color is really faded, put it directly on the wig where needed, gently work into a foam, and rinse out.

If you’re trying to prevent loss of color, just add it to your conditioner and rinse out as normal! 🙂



PS: This article and hundreds of other helpful reads can be found on our private Knowledge Base

Our guest post today is from our client Kathleen. You have probably seen her around if you are a regular on our Online Community. She is super sweet and extremely helpful!

When I first started wearing wigs I was so afraid I’d hurt them. I was even afraid to comb them with my fingers or muss them up. In turn they looked too “perfect.” Which in turn can make them look wiggy or unrealistic. Wigs like Tousled by Gabor lend themselves to many styles. As you can see in the before photo…you can tousle it up galore..true bedhead lol..not that you’d leave the house like this 😉 but you see what I mean… and still be able to style it into a glamorous date night look. I’ve even worn Tousled with the curls tamed down to a slight a wig with versatility. Its beautiful in this color…hmm perfect for Valentines Day. 😉

Think outside the box…and by all means have 

FUN! 🙂

Notes by Gina from CysterWigs

Tousled by Gabor 

Check out Kathleen’s other posts here. 🙂

Wow! What a difference Kathleen! Thank you so much for sharing!