Coco Mono SF by Belle Madame, Color: Swedish Blond Mix by BlondieLocks

Hi! Please enjoy today’s guest blogger BlondieLocks’s video of Coco Mono SF by Belle Madame in the color Swedish Blond Mix.

BlondieLocks Wig Review: Belle Madame Coco Mono SF Swedish Blond Pixie Wig 360 View

Notes by Gina
Coco Mono SF by Belle Madame was available at CysterWigs for a limited time only. Please sign up the CysterWigs Newsletter for announcements like a re-release.

Does any one else love how BlondieLocks can make a hoodie and pixie cut look hot? I love her style. I’m such a fan girl. Thank you BlondieLocks! 😀

BlondieLocks shares her positive and encouraging support on her own YouTube channel that she that you can check out here.


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