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It may sound absurd, but color is so much more than crayons, rainbows, nursery rhymes, and candy. Color can actually be pretty scientific and deep. So deep, that it can actually reveal a lot about our personalities.

The ways we perceive colors and respond to them are different. That’s why one woman will gravitate towards the pink, while another woman might prefer black. We all have diverse feelings about color. So how do you know when a particular color influence your choices, switches your mood or even influences your buying decisions?

We have all been there – you chose those shoes in the mall because they were in your favorite color, you were drawn to that restaurant across the street because their sign was in sparkly neon color, you were attracted to that person because of a specific color of their clothes or hair.
These are just examples of how powerful color can be. It’s a very real thing. That’s why art directors and movie directors use color to depict a range of emotions that appeal to human understanding.

Think about the colors that you are naturally drawn to. Want to know what they say about your personality? Here are some possible hidden meanings behind your favorite hues.

BLUE: The color of coolness. It also signifies calmness, and those who love the color blue are often in love with serenity and peace. They are also genuine and they value stability.

RED: Depicts confidence and is a very bold color. It is also associated with love and intimacy. Valentine’s Day, anyone? People who love red are believed to be outspoken and self-aware.

GREEN: Signifies ambition. It’s believed that those who love the color green are often concerned about how they are perceived by others. They are also interested in wealth and security. I guess Kermit was right. It’s not easy being, or loving, green.

WHITE: Can symbolize straightforwardness. It can also reflect innocence. Those who love white love making plans and whatnot. They also like to run the show.

BLACK: Moodiness is the order of the day. It is the leading color for artistic individuals and it can actually represent sensitivity. Introverts are also drawn to black because of its simplicity.

PURPLE: It depicts uniqueness. Those who like purple are said to be unconventional and withdrawn. They do the unusual and don’t conform to norms. Purple can also depict pride.

YELLOW: It depicts optimism. It is rare to find people who admit that yellow is their favorite color. But if you can actually rock a yellow dress without giving it a second thought, you truly are bold and tenacious. Yellow is just an overly bright color and it is believed to depict happiness.

Now, there has not been extensive research done on color psychology. So, these descriptions aren’t set in stone. They might however give you an insight into how brands use colors to persuade you into buying from them, or how colors draw us to certain people or situations.

What colors are you usually drawn to? Let us know in the comments section.

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