Kathleen’s Review: Creamy Blonde YES!

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Hi folks I am thrilled to showcase this gorgeous new wig 2565 Phoenix by Amore The Designer Series.  Heather owner of CysterWigs has an uncanny way of knowing just the right style and color to send me for a review. Thank you Heather! Btw no photos of the box and packaging this time..thats right I was too excited and just opened it and plopped this baby on my head..lol But yes the box was gorgeous and packaging was very classy. Below is a multi image collage of this feathery light & luxurious wig. No image has been duplicated which demonstrates the versatility of this wig.


I want to rave about this color Creamy Blonde( finally a name that actually describes the color ?). Oh wow its so perfect.  I love platinum but the really true ash/white platinums are too extreme on me. This is a platinum with a hint of warmth…but no way is it gold or brassy. Such a soft and pretty color. It’s unrooted which for a blonde this light works. Believe me if I was paying big money to keep this color up on my bio hair I would not let my roots show..lol. So if you love platinum blonde but don’t want ash/white platinum this is a perfect choice.


Phoenix has so many razored layers its crazy. You can spike this up if you want..there is some very light Permatease or little hairs so little just enough around the crown to achieve any look your imagination can dream up. The lace front is beautiful and perfect for styling off your face.  Even on the wig head below it looks real.

I really like the silicone at the nape and ear tabs. I can tell you every time I take it off the wig head I think I must have pinned it on because its not budging..that silicone works! If you have hair loss this wig will fit you like a dream and stay put. You will feel very secure wearing it.  And the comfort level is suburb. The material covering the wefts is so soft. Really a dream to wear. I could wear this 24 hours and not feel it.


The big difference in this “double mono” top wig is the material used. Its a soft fleshy beige colored open weave lace that sandwiches the hand knotted hair. A added bonus to this advancement is the dimension it gives the Creamy Blonde color.  That hint of shadow from this lace is all this color needs..loved how realistic it looked.


Below is a comparison of the way Amore does its double mono top in their new Designer Series and the conventional way illustrated below. One con to a double mono top is it traps heat. That won’t happen on Phoenix..the lace and other material used for the rest of the interior of the cap has built in ventilation…in its open weave material & lace. The zig zag edge of the lace also gives a nice transition to the lace front.


So light only 2.2 oz.! Honestly you will not feel this on your head. The hair is so soft and this wig has virtually no shine. Especially surprising because wig shine is often more visible in blonde colors. Not here at all..feather soft dry hair fibers that are easily manipulated into place..really fun playing with this one.


The take away here is if you want a platinum blonde (with a hint of warmth )wig with an edgy style and a Lace front and double mono top with a fully enclosed cap made with light and airy materials for  comfort….2565 Phoenix by Amore Designer Series is the perfect choice….I LOVE it…enjoy!


Product Listing:
Phoenix XO Plus by Amore

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