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Hey Cysters, I’m Morgan!

I’m a late twenties gal with hair that’s dreadfully easy to deal with. Before you hate me, here’s what I mean by that – it does absolutely nothing. I’ll load it up with a pound of hairspray and it falls flat in an hour. All the volumizing products on Earth won’t lift my hair to high heavens or give my face a pleasant frame. Curling irons, yeah right. All-night braids for some bouncy boost, forget it. It’s as if my hair and gravity are a bestie mean girl crew off snickering while I’m stuck with dreary flatness. It’s a bit melancholy.

Since it’s tough to get my hair to do anything except fall straight as a stick, you’ll find me with the same exact style and the same exact part every day. Occasionally, I get totally crazy and go for a ponytail. Exciting stuff, I know.

But a few weeks ago, I wanted to spice up my monotonous look. I had my hair cut for the first time in 6 months and was more than ready to put some spark back into my hair. I wanted some chic, face-framing, oh-la-la check-me-out bangs. To my utter disbelief, my stylist gave me a cold, hard no! Sun damage, improper care, and irregular hair appointments have chipped away at what little volume I had, and she said my mangled, broken strands needed to grow out before I could get bangs. The easy-peasy hair that did the same thing every day and needed little upkeep was now past the point of bangs?! Great, I thought. Now I’ve really done it.

Instead of waiting 6 months to repair my damage and reinvigorate my hair, I’m looking into this hairy business of wigs and toppers. Out of the mane doldrums, and into volumized, bangy boldness. So here I am, both intrigued and a little nervous at the Cysterwigs site! But oh my, look at all of this exquisite, bouncy hair and darling bangs!

I’ve never experienced wigs or synthetic hair. So, being an anxious newbie, I think the Chameleon Topper is the perfect choice for my hairy blues. The lightweight strands with a touch of volume are exactly what I feel like I’m missing, and the framing bangs are just beautiful! The subtlety seems like a good transition for my mop before I commit to more volume and a full head of new hair.

In scrolling through the selections, I’m amazed at (and a little intimidated by) the diverse array of colors in the synthetic hair – there are so many options! The names are great – I’m especially hungry at the moment – and although Buttered Toast sounds delicious, I think R21T Sandy Blonde fits my color.

This is it. Checkout was a total breeze. A few simple pages and some new bangs are headed straight for me. I’m ecstatic to receive my new blonde locks and to see if this topper will fill the void I’ve been feeling in framing, volume, and diversity. Thank you Cysterwigs for an easy, seamless experience! Will check back with all you Cysters as soon as it arrives! : )

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  1. June 12, 2018 / 5:19 pm

    Yes, Cyster Wigs has incredible customer support, and all of us ladies with alopecia are extremely lucky to have them on our side. BALD IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Joan Boes
    June 12, 2018 / 11:31 pm

    Thanks for posting, Morgan.. enjoyed your breezy narrative and look forward to your next post, hopefully when your new bangs arrive !

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