Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Rachel

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Let it gooooo!!! Let it GOOOOOOO…..

Okay, okay we all know the songs and the lyrics, but it’s time to really take this advice. Ever find yourself worrying about the “detectability” of your wig? Are you worried that the guy working the checkout line at the grocery might notice something is just a tad “off” about your hair (that you know is a wig)? Worried that the wind might blow and someone might catch a glimpse of one of those wefts? Have you ever caught yourself purchasing wig after wig in search of something that provides ultimate realism and undetectability? Do you not want ANYONE to know you are wearing a wig? Does this add any amount of stress to your day? I have been there, I get it, but it’s time to let those worries fly away so you can just be happy!

We all have 99 other problems in life, but don’t let your wig be one of them. Seriously, this might save you your sanity. It sure did add plenty of stress to my day after I started wearing wigs. I hated the feeling of being constantly worried about covering up the fact that I was wearing a wig. I just like to feel like I am being authentic and myself all the time, so feeling like I had to “hide” some part of me was extremely uncomfortable. It was bad enough to deal with the stress of my hair falling completely out, so I needed to drop this stresser in my life.

So what did I do? I stopped caring so much about what other people thought. I thought to myself, “What is the worst thing that could happen to me if someone realized I was wearing a wig?”. (PS- this is a great question to ask yourself!). If someone were ever ugly or made fun of me due to the fact that I wear a wig (which seriously, is extremely unlikely to happen and hasn’t happened to me) then that person is not worth having in my life. Here is my thought. Someone who really knows me pretty much knows that I struggled with Alopecia. They also know that is the reason why I wear wigs. If someone who doesn’t know me spots that I am wearing a wig, they can make all the assumptions they want. But the only thing that person has done is figured out that I am wearing a wig. Life will go on, and they won’t be dwelling on the fact they saw someone wearing a wig.

It’s so much easier to write this down on paper than to actually implement it. I would like to say “it’s as simple as that”, but I know that it’s difficult to stop caring so much, so take this day by day if you can. Maybe have a small piece of paper that you keep in your pocket or your purse that says something along the lines “you is smart, you is kind, you is not going to give a care about what people think about your hair, because it doesn’t matter what THEY think in the long run.”

When you really understand that no one cares as much as you do about the fact that you are wearing a wig, the sooner you can move on and NOT worry about the detectability of your wig. When people compliment my hair, now I just say “Thanks, it’s a super fun wig! You should see some of my other ones!”. I have never had a poor response from anyone up unto this point. Also, not worrying so much about the detectability of your wig helps you calm down a little while searching for wigs to purchase. I have worn TONS of wigs at this point, and not even one of them is absolutely perfect when it comes to undetectability. Get the wig that has no lace front, purchase the wig that doesn’t have a mono part, you might actually just enjoy the style of the wig if you drop the worries about other people detecting it.

“In every life we have some trouble
But when you worry you make it double
Don’t worry, be happy
Don’t worry, be happy now”

Rachel is wearing Jon Renau Kristen in 12FS8

Product Listing:
Kristen by Jon Renau

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  1. Lise
    July 17, 2018 / 4:15 pm

    This was a great post !🤗

  2. Holly
    July 17, 2018 / 6:13 pm

    What a wonderful post! You look darling in Kristen btw.

  3. Liz Lyons
    July 17, 2018 / 9:47 pm

    You are so right, Rachel. And, by the way, you look incredible in Kristen. Best I have ever seen her look on anyone.

  4. Erin L.
    July 18, 2018 / 1:24 am

    I still struggle with this. Thanks for the post, it’s very uplifting. When I catch myself stressing a lot about it, I try to go through this thought process in my head: before I wore wigs, everyone could see my thinning hair. Now, maybe a very small percentage can detect I’m wearing a wig. Which would I rather have? And an EVEN BETTER question, and really the only important question is this: Which would I rather see in the mirror every day and in pictures: my balding head or a really cute, pretty wig? Which choice makes me feel pretty and happy with how I look? Easy answer!!

  5. Heidi*Ranae
    August 11, 2018 / 10:06 am

    I really needed to read this!! I even got through it without tears …. Barely 😊 but I did it.
    I just might need to read it a few more times and by gosh one day I am going to get to the day I can let all the worry and frustration go. 😁
    I am new to CysterWigs but to see all the posts, stories, and others who get what I have been dealing with for so so long is a life line. I’m not alone and that is so new to me. Well darn now I am crying lol
    Thanks to all of you who share for it really does give hope and encouragement in more ways than can be counted.

  6. Fay
    August 25, 2018 / 5:04 pm

    Thank you for that great video. I think I used to feel this way as you described and then I put myself into a mindset that I was a Glamour Girl. So many of the Hollywood actresses and entertainers wear wigs. So I think of myself as glamorous and I tend to pick the more glamorous wigs. You only go around once in life. I don’t normally tell people I’m wearing hair but I’m not opposed to it if I thought it would help someone. Look we women have all kinds of tools to make ourselves more beautiful. Some women get implants tummy tucks facelifts. Why do we feel ashamed to wear a wig? We should think of ourselves as Hollywood Divas!

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