Exciting News! Infographic: Amali by Tony of Beverly, Color 6/27

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Hey y’all! This is Gina! Have you seen all the new products that launched today!?

And did you see Heather’s amazing news that we will now carry Tony of Beverly? This so exciting. To quote Heather from Facebook, “We are the first eCommerce account TOB has worked with in 7 years! Almost every other store on the web that sells this brand is also required to have a physical store location, which we do not have. We are SO fortunate that they saw potential in our store and want to work with us!”

Keep an out for all the beautiful styles, amazing videos, and blog posts that are about to be flooded in!

My first review from the Tony of Beverly line is Amali in the color 6/27.

Amali is an easy going, shaggy bob with soft bangs.






Amali came to me straight from the manufacturer. I just want to point out that sometimes the hairnet is missing. A missing hairnet does not mean the wig was used or returned. Stock up on some extra food grade hairnets and you’ll be good to go. 🙂

But yay! There was a cardboard like insert to help keep the wig shape while in storage.




Amali has a Heritage Cap (standard cap) which is great for comfort and easy wear. She also has permatease. I know some people either love it or hate it, but you’ll see down below how awesome a permatease wig can be.

Amali does not have a lace front or any monofilament features which help keeps the costs down.


Felt covered ear tabs.

Permatease for added lift.


I’m wearing Amali in both pictures below. The left side in the sun and right out of the box. The right side was in the shade after fluffing up the permatease and hair. Thanks to permatease, you can really lift the hair with just your fingers!



6/27 is described as neutral medium brown with soft caramel auburn highlights.


Amali fit great on me. Keep in mind that I have a 22” head perimeter and I have about 5 inches of biohair underneath my wig cap liner. That may not seem like much, but every bit counts with medical grade wigs that are supposed to fit as close to the scalp as possible. After putting on my wig grip, Amali fits even more securely.

Amali has been described as a chin length bob by the manufacturer. On me, the front ends came down to my jaw line but not my chin. A perfect length if you want to keep hair out of your face. 🙂

She also had great side burn coverage. I did have some bio hair show but that is to be expected. I think incorporating some biohair even adds some realism if the wig color is similar to your biohair.


So what do you think of Amali? I think she is super cute and ready for summer!

Amali by Tony of Beverly


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