Kathleen’s Review: Falling in love with Eve

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Hair mail is there anything better?  Heather sent me Jon Renau’s NEW Eve from their Spring 2017 collection. How fortunate am I? Thank you Heather!  Below is Eve right out of her box. This color 32F is gorgeous! A warm chocolate cherry brown with caramel highlights. Its not as red or intense as René Of Paris’s Rusty Red that I reviewed in the Brenna wig but gorgeous all the same…I love this color. ❤️


My first impression was…beautiful color!..soooooo soft. This is my first Heat Defiant wig and I thought it would be coarse and dry to the touch. It has a Beautiful healthy shine to it. I thought it wouldn’t have any shine so I was happy to see it looks like healthy hair. Eve has a hand tied mono top and lace front which adds to her realism. A Jon Renau wide tooth comb comes with all their HD wigs. She also has a thin strip of polyurethane between the lace front and mono top.  I like this because it helps the wig from slipping. Its a good place to add glue or tape if you need it and don’t have bio hair in this area. In the photo below in the lower right is a accurate detail of this gorgeous color 32F.

  Ok so if nothing else I’m honest. When I first tried Eve on I was disappointed. Not with the fit or comfort. Jon Renau has a reputation for quality and for good reason…and Eve did not disappoint. She’s beautifully made and very comfy.  I did scratch my head wondering about the style though. It has a very full top..lots of thick hair with layers starting midway down from the crown…then on one side is a very long section of hair that just hung there. It made no sense to me. I love asymmetrical styles personally ( Sky by EW is one of my favorite wigs) but this wig swallowed me up. The scale was off for my face.
          Ok so another thing about me is I’m stubborn. ? I could have stopped here and said nope Eve is not for me. But I was going to find a way to make her look good on me. The first thing I did  was shift the ear tabs so the sides would appear more even. Right off the bat that helped. I tousled and fluffed. Shook my head up sided down..played with the part etc..ok now I’m beginning  to dig Eve…lol…The photo below shows me after shifting the ear tabs and playing with her.  Make up is on..smile is on my face..good signs. ?


Some more “getting to know Eve” styling and I’m hooked..I love her!
Photo below..added my Ardell false lashes called Fairies..lol..smile’s bigger..I’m smitten…she’s super cute. ❤️
         The next morning I woke up and it dawned on me its time to trim and customize Eve. Below illustrates Eve before & after I trimmed the longer piece off…I cut bangs into her( these are on the long side so I sweep them off to the side) thinned out and put in some texture around the face. You can see its still Eve just customized to fit my face. I am very happy I did this…she fits so well and is so soft. I also used my curling iron to lift the crown area a tad and to shape it more to my liking. This was way too much fun…lol
And last but not least my beautiful Eve and I…I love this wig now. ❤️
The take away here is sometimes its not love at first sight…but a little creativity and you might discover your favorite wig…certainly one of a kind..? ENJOY!

Notes by Gina

This was another beautiful presentation by Kathleen!

Eve (Heat Defiant) by Jon Renau in the color 32F.

You can see all of Kathleen’s posts here as well seeing her talent as an amazing artist at KathleenRyanArt.com.



  1. Lori O
    April 20, 2017 / 5:48 pm

    Beautiful Kathleen. This color just makes your pretty blue eyes pop. You do such a good job showcasing your wigs 🙂

    • April 20, 2017 / 9:06 pm

      Thanks Lori..oh this color..its dynamic and subtle all at the same time…I need a pixy in this color now..lol Its really a beautifully made wig…:-)

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