Finding The Right Wig For Oval and Oblong-Shaped Faces

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By CysterWigs Contributor

A wig with the right cut, color, and style can transform your look in a instant. It can also be an instant mood and confidence booster. Now, we’ve already given you one secret to finding a good wig–knowing your face shape. We’ve also covered four main face shape categories: diamond, heart, oval and square. So we’re going to bring it on home with the final two face shape categories–oval and oblong. And just like the other two posts, we’ll give you tips for determining these face shapes and a few suggestions for your best bets when it comes to wig shopping.

The Best Wigs For Oval Faces
If your face is wider in the center than it is on the top and bottom, and you have cheekbones women all over the world envy, you have an oval-shaped face. Oval is often considered the ideal face shape because you have the appearance of a sculpted, well-balanced chin and your face looks symmetrical. Those nice high cheekbones and perfectly shaped chin are what the other five face shapes try to achieve with makeup and hairstyles. If you have an oval face, guess what? That means you can pull off any wig in our entire collection.

The Best Wigs For Oblong Faces
Similar to the oval face above, oblong faces have wide cheekbones and longer chins. The jawline, though, is usually rounded as opposed to sculpted. Look for wigs with no height or lift in the crown and layers that frame your cheekbones. Women with oblong faces have an advantage over the rest of us – they can wear bangs in almost any length and style. Choose wigs with wispy bangs, baby doll bangs, side-swept bangs – the sky’s the limit. Pixie cuts and cropped cuts also look great on oblong faces, so go for a short do and sexy bangs, and you’re sure to look great.

If you still have questions, our Customer Care Help Desk team can help you find the style that is right for you. If not, happy shopping and we hope you find some stylish ways to flatter your face regardless of the shape.

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