Gina from the CCHD: I have a confession!

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I have a confession.

I love wearing wigs and being able to change out my hair style whenever I feel like it. So I must confess that I like playing with the minds of people I semi-interact with in person.

I believe each of my wigs have personalities of their own or maybe I just assign the personalities to them. When I’m visiting my husband at his office or when I’m the PTA mom, I’ll wear my Alia by Jon Renau. When I’m just out running errands, I’ll wear Jon Renau’s Ignite.

I just get that extra spark of joy when I change it up. I strive for that double take I get from people I semi-interact with when I’m wearing a different wig than since the last time they have seen me. Today I not only got a double take but I swear my landscaper followed me a couple houses when I went for my morning walk. I can see the confusion in their eyes and it gives me a thrill. Life should be fun!


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