Gina’s Review: Carrie by Jon Renau (Human Hair), Color: Chocolate Cherry (FS2V/31V)

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Carrie washed and styled.

Hey y’all! This is Gina and today I am sharing with you Carrie by Jon Renau in my favorite Jon Renau color Chocolate Cherry (FS2V/31V).





I was honestly a little surprised with how long the lace front is on Carrie.

In the photos below, I compared the lace front on Jon Renau’s Carrie versus the lace front on Kristen. It’s quite a bit longer. As a temporary solution, a good concealer can work like magic! I still plan on trimming it a bit as I think the lace front should be closer to the hair line.





Carrie is a shoulder length bob. Her measurements are 9.5” at the front, 11” at the crown, 10.5” on the sides, and 7.25 at the nape. She falls just past my shoulders. The hair texture is soooo incredibly soft and light weight.

Chocolate Cherry is a very vibrant, yet very dark red color. Heather reviewed Angie in this color so I knew before ordering that this human hair color wouldn’t be the same as the Chocolate Cherry in my synthetic Kristen or Top Notch.


And here is a video of these girls moving in the wind:





Carrie fits extremely comfortable right out of the box for me but I think I may need to tighten her just a little bit. The wefts in the cap construction really helps with how much stretchiness she gives. In the summer, I know she will definitely allow the breeze to flow in to cool my hot head. The human hair fibers will also help regulate body heat.

The side burn coverage exceeded my expectations on Carrie and I think most people would be quite pleased with it. Just make sure to have the ear tabs curved in and then enjoy the beautiful hair!












Product Listing:
Carrie (Human Hair) by Jon Renau (also available in Elite)

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