Gina’s Review: easiPart XL HD 8″ by Jon Renau, Color: English Toffee (10H24B)

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I ordered this color because it has been requested a few times on our Product Review Request list and I wanted you to clearly see the beautiful cuts.

I go back and forth between toppers and full wigs. Unfortunately, the easiPart XL isn’t the right topper for me because my bio hair is really thin in the areas where the clips need to be placed. I prefer a base that would be in something like Top Notch that provides better coverage.

So remember that there is more than just color that you need to take into consideration when shopping for toppers. The CysterWigs’ Knowledge Base and the wonderful staff in the CCHD are amazing resources to help you pick the right topper for you.

Product Listing:
easiPart XL HD 8″ by EasiHair by Jon Renau (also available in 12″)

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