Gina’s Review: Under Cover Halo by Gabor, Color: Walnut (GL10/14) and Soleil Sun Cap by Christine Headwear

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Hey y’all! This is Gina and today I’m sharing with you Under Cover Halo by Gabor in the color GL10/14 – Walnut.

Summer just really isn’t my season. It isn’t pretty with all the sweat and all the other body reactions while out in nature and heat. Eeewww. Unfortunately for me, I can’t just hibernate until Halloween. There’s memories to be made with friends and family at pool parties, block parties, and trips to the water park.

My favorite summer solution is the good ol’ halo and a hat, especially the hat.


The only thing that makes this is piece uncomfortable for me, is the velcro bangs. Since this piece is on loan from CysterWigs, I didn’t feel comfortable readjusting the band for the bangs so it is completely covered. If you are a bang gal, just be aware of this.


If I needed a halo, I would definitely select this piece in a color closer to my bio hair.


I have to say that this is the MOST comfortable cap I’ve ever owned. It bends, stretches, and most important to me is that it is 100% cotton so my head isn’t suffocating.  I’ll be wearing it in and out of the pool, running errands, and just living life.

Ready to take on a day full of errands in the hot Texas sun.



Product Listing:
Under Cover Halo by Gabor

Soleil Sun Cap by Christine Headwear

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