HELP: Average circumference, small everywhere else (flat head)

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From a customer e-mail:

I have the average circumference (21 1/2) but only 12 1/5 front to back. (ear to ear is about 13 inches). I love my current human hair wig but it is “saggy” where a normal skull would be rounded, not flat. What advice might you give me for selecting a wig online based on my head measurement?

Most of the lines I carry have human hair and synthetic wigs. I think that the best thing would be to experiment with some of the lower-cost synthetics from various manufacturers until you find one that really fits your head well.

Amore (average) and any petite wig that spring to mind that you may want to try right off the bat.

Why petite? Because the circumference can be adjusted easily on most wigs by just letting the wig in or out in the back at the adjuster tabs. The other parts of the cap are harder to adjust, as you’ve noticed. 😉

I also think a great human hair line for you to think about are the Evolution line from Jon Renau. Their fit is petite-average and they are made to sit very close on the head. You may still have a little extra space in the back, but it won’t be nearly as bad as most wigs. Plus, the built-in polyurethane all throughout the cap will help it grip your head better and stay in place — and give you a great location to apply adhesive if you need additional security.

Before buying one of these, though, I definitely recommend trying some of their less expensive synthetic styles — especially petite-sized — to see how they fit you first. It’s way less stressful to tie up $150 in an experiment compared to a couple of grand!

Hopefully, that helps! 🙂

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