Help: I have a full head of hair and my wig won’t stay on!

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From a customer email:

Hey Heather, I started wearing a wig because I have limited range of motion in my shoulders. The only wig I have been wearing is a Raquel Welch Winner Large in R28S+. I was not sure how it SHOULD fit. It had what seemed like extra material at the top that wouldn’t seat so I had it altered. I have used prosthetic glue, bands, tapes and caps in an effort to keep it on. For example, like you do in videos, if I would attempt to “mess” it up on my head, it would pop off. I feel uncomfortable in windy conditions. I go to the gym and would like for the wig to stay seated as I go through my workout and not migrate up until everyone and their brother knows it’s a wig. HELP!

This has probably way more to do with the hair under your wig than the wigs you’re buying.

As you’ve learned, just buying a large cap wig is not enough to get around this…and you are probably an average cap size anyhow, given the information you’ve provided.

Here’s the dealio: Most of these wigs are specifically designed for folks who don’t have much hair on their heads. They are made to fit right up against the scalp with very little wiggle room for extra biohair to fit underneath. (FYI: This is also why so many hand-tied wigs are sized “petite-average” — they are meant to fit like a second skin, right up against the scalp, because a close fit reduces the risk of abrasion due to friction.)

The #1 thing you can do to save yourself from the “will-this-pop-off” anxiety is to make sure that your biohair is as absolutely flat against your head as you can possibly make it before putting the wig on.

If this is difficult to do on a daily basis due to your limited range of motion, you have some other options:
1. Cut your biohair and keep it short. My hair is in a pixie cut 24/7/365 under my wigs. This makes almost all of these fit problems disappear immediately.

2. Stop buying these medical wigs and give hi fashion wigs a try. By hi fashion, I mean specifically, the kind that African American ladies wear and not the kind I sell in my store. These wigs are designed for folks with a full head of hair to conceal under their caps and are much more accommodating than these close-fitting medical wigs. The other big benefit is that these tend to be WAY less expensive because they don’t have the fancier cap features that, frankly, would be of limited utility to you with a full head of hair…unless you have your eyes on fancy monofilament wigs, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

3. Experiment with different kind of wig caps to see which will give you the best biohair compression.

4. Try securing your wig with pressure-sensitive clips, which can be sewn directly into the cap. (FTR: Most African American wigs come with clips or combs already sewn in!)

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