Hormones are freaking weird.

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Originally Posted on November 20, 2013 by Heather Hershey

And, might I add, hormones are also a huge pain in the you-know-what!

I was out of my prescriptions for spironolactone – a.k.a. aldactone – and metformin and lazy about refilling them for about a week.

Both of these pills are commonly prescribed to ladies with PCOS. The metformin controls two things: the amount of glucose created in the liver that is pumped into the blood stream and the sensitivity of body tissues to that glucose. Aldactone is a water pill that helps with bloat, but is also a testosterone antagonist, meaning that it minimizes the impact of androgens in women with PCOS related acne and hair loss.

So, if you can imagine, this was a generally bad lapse in judgement on my part.

I had epic cravings and epic bloat for that entire week. I returned right back to my original powerful lust for refined sugar. (It certainly doesn’t help that everything pumpkin is in season right now. I never met a pumpkin spice cake I didn’t like. Cream cheese frosting? UMDUHYESPLEASE.)

I could feel myself getting puffier.

I gained nine pounds in one week. This sounds really impressive, but I wasn’t eating any more than usual calorically. I WAS, however, eating a sh’load more carbs than I normally do.

This was clearly a big problem (no pun intended).

I filled my script and began taking my meds again STAT.

I lose five pounds in two days! This is an even more impressive finding. My tummy is flatter and the cravings are completely gone.

The moral of this story is: Remember to fill your PCOS prescriptions early and, if they are working for you, keep taking them.

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