How should I pack my synthetic wigs when I travel?

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From a client email:

I am going on a vacation. I will be ordering two synthetic wigs… One for travel and outdoor days and one for when we go out to dinner or are inside. How do you pack your wigs so that they don’t get damaged?



I travel a lot, so here is what I tend to do with my synthetic wigs:

1. I always take at least two: one on my head, and one in my luggage. If I plan a fancy night out, I’ll pack a third for that sometimes too.

2. I put them in individual gallon-sized ziplock bags with dryers sheets inside. I also pack my own wig stands or clothes hangers for storage, since they are fine in the ziplock bags for short periods, but you won’t want to put them in there for long-term storage. (It makes them kind of flat if you leave them in there for more than a few days.)

3. Store them after you arrive either on a collapsible travel wig stand or hang them upside-down by their tags on a clothes hanger (this is not recommended if you have an average-petite or petite cap size, as this WILL stretch out the cap; if this sounds like you, use the wig stands instead)

Hopefully, this helps. 😉

Have fun on holiday!!!


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