How To Easily and Accurately Measure Your Head for a Wig

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By CysterWigs Contributor

Part of finding the best wig for you is identifying your face shape. That will help when it comes to figuring out which styles will flatter your face. Another factor in finding good wigs is figuring out what size cap will fit best and be comfortable for you.

Now, we have an awesome Customer Care Help Desk team that can help you narrow things down when you’re trying to find the right wig. But if you’re curious and don’t want to guess about sizing, you can actually measure your head at home. By taking good, accurate measurements you can help ensure your that your new wig fits well.

Here are ten quick steps for measuring your head. Now, take a comfortable seat in front of the mirror and let’s get started.

⦁ Grab a flexible tape measure, pen and sheet of paper.
⦁ Start measuring by holding the end of the measuring tape at the front of your hairline and wrapping it completely around your head.
⦁ The number you get will be the circumference of your head. Be sure to write that number down!
⦁ Now, reposition the tape measure at front of hairline and measure 7” back.
⦁ Guide the measuring tape across head from the bottom of one ear lobe to bottom of the opposite ear lobe.
⦁ Ensure the measuring tape crosses where that 7” mark is.
⦁ Make note of this number (ear to ear).
⦁ Reposition measuring tape at front of hairline.
⦁ Measure straight back to the nape of the neck.
⦁ Make note of this number (front to back).

If you’re a little dizzy from all of that, here’s a simple chart that can also be found in our Knowledge Base in the Sizing and Fit Questions section.

If none of your measurements exactly match any particular size – and most won’t – choose the size that corresponds to your largest number. Once you’ve determined the best wig size, jot that size down and use it to select the right size wig. The goal is to find a wig size that perfectly fits your head – not too snug, not too loose – and wears easily and comfortably.

Don’t be afraid to email us if you need help calculating your wig size. We’ll help the numbers make sense and offer additional advice on choosing the best style wig for your face shape, and personal style. Once you’ve selected a wig you love, keep coming back for more wig options, care instructions, and feel good tips.

And here’s Heather’s tutorial on measuring yourself before you buy!

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