How To Fill In Your Eyebrows

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By Eseandre

What’s your brow situation like? Do you have thick caterpillar-like brows or are yours a little more on the earthworm side? Or are your brows on the non-existent side altogether? Well, this article was intended to help folks at all levels because even those of us with substantial brows get a little tweezer happy sometimes. So if you need a little help with your brows, I’m going to fill you in–well, help you fill them in.

You’ll just need a few simple tools and cosmetics like:

● a spoolie brush
● a concealer brush
● a brow pencil
● eyebrow gel or pomade
● concealer

Gather everything together and follow the steps below to correctly fill your brows.

Step One: Wash your face and dry it thoroughly along with your eyebrows.

Step Two: Place an eyebrow brush along the side of your nose, straight up to your brows to find out where to ideally start filling from.

Step Three: Take the same brush and this time angle it from the side of your nose to the outer corner of your eye to determine where your brow filling should end.

Step Four: Take your spoolie brush and brush your brows upwards. This helps you see the thin spots in your brows.

Step Five: Take out an eye pencil and with short, light strokes, fill in the gaps in your eyebrow. It’s advisable that you choose an eye pencil the color of your hair for a more natural look.

Step Six: Take out an angled brush and apply a color pressed powder to better define the shape of your brows. Remember that the goal is to fill your brows and make them less uneven, but try not to overfill them. This would make your brows too thick and quite unpleasant.

Step Seven: Make use of your spoolie brush to brush through your eyebrows. This blends the pencil, powder and the brows together nicely and softens any thick lines.

Step Eight: Ensure your brows stay in place by combing it through with a colored gel or pomade.

Step Nine: After filling in your brows, to make the lines neater take out your concealer and concealer brush. Put some concealer on the brush and carefully run it through your brow edges. Clean off every lingering pencil line which disrupts the outlook of your brow.

When you are finished, your brows should have a natural, but well-organized look. Note that step nine is not necessary if you are opting for a very natural brow look. Practice this a couple of times, and you’ll be a pro at filling in your eyebrows in no time!

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