How To Stay Cool While Wearing A Wig In Warmer Weather by Eseandre

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Wigs can undoubtedly be one of a lady’s best friends. They sit pretty, they come in different styles, cuts and colors, they can be easily accessorized and they just make you look beautiful regardless of what’s going on with your biohair.

To this day, I still remember one of my favorite wig purchases from some time back. My, my. It was love at first sight. Its deep brown color, it’s curls, its gorgeous length and the way it sat pretty on my head without shifting while accentuating my face just made me fall in love with it. What was even better was that my friends couldn’t even tell it was a wig! I had a swell time leading them on for a while at least. However, my darling wig had one problem. When the weather started getting warmer, I felt the heat. Whew, so much for trying to look good! So I began to look into ways to stay cool while wearing wigs in warmer weather. Here are a few things that helped me along the way.

1) Style It Up With Shorter Wigs:
Shorter wigs are great for the summer and warmer temperatures. Long wigs are undoubtedly charming but when it gets warm, the look and feel of wet hair on your back and neck is not so flattering. So feel free and pick out a short wig style that tickles your fancy, or you might want to have a stylist who specializes in wigs work some magic by transforming some of your longer, bulkier wigs into chic, shorter styles. This is just one thing you can do to look good and cool down by a few degrees.

2) Braid Long Wigs:
If shortening your wigs seems slightly intimidating to you, try adding a braid or two to your longer wigs. Staying cool with wigs largely depends on how easily and willing you are to switch things up. Try a french braid down the back or low braided pigtails. Just grab some wig-friendly hairpins, try some braids, or pack it up into a ponytail. Whatever you decide, just remember it’s all about style and comfort.

3) Give Open Cap Wigs A Go:
Some wig caps offer poor ventilation. So during the warmer months, wearing a wig cap under your wigs can be torture. Open cap wigs are a great alternative. They offer better ventilation and they keep you cool and comfortable regardless of the weather. Open cap wigs are also good if you want to wear styles that require hair pins.

4) Protect Your Hair from the Sun:
If you’re looking to get a tan, the summer sun can effortlessly grant you your heart’s desires. But the sun is not exactly a good friend to your wigs. That goes to say that you need to protect them from the sun. Now you may wonder how to go about doing this, especially if you love to bask in the sun. This is where wearing a scarf or hat comes in. You can shield your hair pieces with a nicely crafted hat that provides for ventilation or a colorful scarf. Furthermore, choose wigs with caps that are light weighted that can also wick moisture away. This is sure to help you stay cool.

Also, don’t pack your wigs in places that they would be exposed to extreme levels of sun such as in your car or close to a window.

We can’t avoid warm weather. Hopefully, these helpful tips will make it possible for you to rock your wigs in style and stay cool at the same time.

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  1. Leslie Blacker
    July 7, 2018 / 5:55 pm

    Great advice!!

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