Infographic: Angelina Mono SF by Belle Madame, Color: Mocca (6/10/30)

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Hey y’all! This is Gina and today I am sharing with you the beautiful Angelina Mono SF by Belle Madame. She is in the color Mocca (6/10/30). It’s always so exciting when Heather brings back the Belle Madame styles.





This Angelina did not come with a hairnet. My Amanda by Belle Madame did and this could just be a one off. It happens. 🙂




Angelina has three labels. It lists that Angelina is made of 100% Modacrylic Fiber that’s made in Japan. Then it says, “Product Made in Indonesia”. Between the fibers being made in Japan to being assembled in Indonesia to the manufacturer’s warehouse in Germany (?) to finally the purchaser, this piece has done some traveling! 🙂

Angelina’s monofilament top is wonderful and one of my must haves when selecting a wig for my personal collection.

Angelina on a wig stand

There is concealed permatease in Angelina. This adds the beautiful lift that I think is essential in this style.





Mocca is a beautiful, warm brown color and the soft waves would be stunning for end of summer and throughout the fall!

This is a great picture to show you the different shades of Mocca. The left side gives you the the best overall representation of the color and right is with direct sunlight.

Picture taken outside with overcast.


The sideburn coverage is excellent on Angelina! Some bio hair showed on me and that is pretty standard. If your head circumference is smaller than mine, you’ll probably have even less bio hair show here.




Belle Madame wigs tend to fit petite-average and this is how Angelina fits too. Average-large caps are the ideal size for me especially since my bio hair has grown out and is now just a tad past shoulder length. So I find that Belle Madame wigs slip on me and my trusty wig grip is what keeps in place.

Product Listing:
Angelina Mono SF by Belle Madame (Please keep in mind that Angelina is available for purchase for only a limited time.)
Wig grips
Jon Renau Fishnet wig liner


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