Jade’s Review: Celeste by Envy, Color: Golden Nutmeg

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Ah, Celeste! What a beauty! She was one of the first wigs I ever purchased, and was my very first Envy wig. To be quite honest, when I first got Celeste, I didn’t like her. Not to say she wasn’t a gorgeous bundle of hair, but when I first tried her on, I was a little overwhelmed with how much hair there was on Celeste. I had ordered her in Golden Nutmeg. I loved the color, just wasn’t crazy about the style. As I said, this was one of my first wigs I had ever purchased, and it gave me such volume on top, I really didn’t care with how Celeste looked on me. So instead of sending her back, I boxed her up and put her away. Months went by and one day while I was bored I decided to pull Celeste back out and try again. She seemed not to be so full as I had remembered, or maybe I had just gotten used to my other wigs with permatease, that it didn’t seem as bad. NOTE: Celeste does not have permatease. She just has a nice full head of hair. I even thought about possibly trying to thin her out a little, thinking that might help. Since I am lost with a pair of hair scissors in my hand, I watched several videos on YouTube about how to thin out a wig. I never quite got my nerve up, fearing I’d do more harm to Celeste than good, so I nixed that idea and put her back in the box again for another day.

Months went by and once again I pulled Celeste back out. Third time’s charm, right? Bingo! I began to work with Celeste, leaving her on a wig stand for a few days to let her relax a little more so she would look more realistic. I now love the style, and I love how I look with Celeste on. I get lots of compliments when I wear her. The color, Golden Nutmeg is so pretty. It is a rooted color, but it’s not a dramatic rooting. Just a nice subtle rooting that looks very natural. It is a mixture of caramel brown with just a little bit of auburn and medium golden blonde highlights. The highlights are arranged more around the face and bangs. It has many layers, which give it very nice, natural movement. I absolutely adore the face framing layers. I have a very narrow, angular face shape, and with Celeste’s face framing layers, it softens the shape of my face and is very flattering. The color is very similar to that of Creamed Coffee in the same line. Very similar. I have actually included a photo of Celeste in Golden Nutmeg next to Brooke in Creamed Coffee. The colors are so very similar, it’s difficult to tell them apart. Golden Nutmeg has more dramatic golden blonde highlights than Creamed Coffee, especially on top.

I find that the hair texture on the Envy wigs are noticeably different than other synthetic wigs. They seem to have a more coarse, drier feel to them, much like real hair. They remind me of the TressAllure synthetic fibers. Because of this I find they seem to tangle more, so it’s always a good idea to keep a detangle spray close by (Simply Stylin’ Pure Silicone Spray, my personal fav! It comes in perfumed scent or natural. I perfer the perfumed scent which smells like baby powder, but not overwhelming.) Because the fibers are a little drier, and Celeste has so much fullness and waves, I found it easy to sweep the bangs off to the side and have them stay in place, even without spraying them with holding spray.

Celeste offers no lace front, but honestly with the nice full head of hair on top, and the longer bang, you don’t really need one. It does have a full, hand-tied single monofilament top with a thin strip of polyurethane along the front to hold the wig in place. I find the cap extremely comfortable and stretchy. I have an average size head with a 22 inch circumference, and I get very nice coverage with Celeste. It has adjustable bra-like straps with no extended nape.

The bangs on Celeste are 5 inches. With the dense monofilament top, you can part in either direction. I think she looks best with a left side part. The crown is 8 inches, with 10 inches on sides and 14 inches from the nape, but the wig has many, many layers.. Very wispy. Very feminine. The weight is 5.05 ounces.

Overall all Celeste is a gorgeous longer mid-length wig. When I want to glam up, she’s a great go to wig. She is tons of body, lots of layers to make a girl feel sexy. It’s funny, because I’ve learned to embrace her fullness and even play with the style to give myself more volume at times. Kudos to Alan Eaton! ️

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Celeste by Envy

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  1. Sherry
    November 3, 2017 / 4:09 pm

    Nice review, Jade! I’ve had the same experience with some wigs, especially in the first few months of trying wigs. The color is really flattering to your skin tone, and you look great! <3

  2. Cynthia
    November 3, 2017 / 4:09 pm

    Jade, than you for such a wonderful and detailed review of Celeste! I’m a huge Envy fan. You look beautiful in Celeste!

  3. Mich
    November 4, 2017 / 3:27 am

    Very through review with excellent photos. I have a much better idea of the wig construction; well done.

  4. November 6, 2017 / 11:03 am

    Wonderful review….great photos! Thanks 🙂

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