Jett by Estetica….Now This Is A Pixie! by Kathleen

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Hi folks Kathleen here with my review of Jett by Estetica with both style and color comparisons. The three colors I chose are RM12/26CH …R30/28/26 and R14/8H. I love this one. I am kind of a pixie snob. I’ve worn pixies for years and I’m quite particular about my pixie requirements.

What I love about Jett is her layering…its quite piecey. You can see this all over razored layering in the product photo in image 2. She’s light and has a beautiful lace front. Otherwise she’s open cap which keeps the cost down and keeps you cool in the summer. Her lacefront is extended towards the crown and measures 2.5” deep. Love Estetica’s lace fronts.

There are a couple of reasons I am reviewing Jett in three colors. It’s hard to visualize a color unless you see it. Another reason is I like to see the consistency in a style especially a new style. Although all these wigs were a little different from each other I would say the style and quality were consistent. One thing to note online the blonde color is R12/26CH and the tag it came with says RM12/26CH. I don’t know why so I labeled the photos on this blog with the tag color code it came with. 😜

The RM12/26CH color is so natural. Ahh it looks like I had a very expensive day at the This is a soft not too light or dark of a blonde. Warm but not that intense garish gold blonde. The highlights are all over with a concentration on top and framing your face. A universally flattering blonde.

R30/28/26… I love this light natural ginger auburn from Estetica. In the case of Jett I was thrilled they concentrated a lot of the blonde in front. In a short piecey style like this that color distribution looks very chic. Notice in styling her I have the hair all going forward and over my ears. Remember I said you have to find the best style for each wig? Even though these wigs are all Jetts the natural ginger one looks wonderful this way…in my humble opinion. 😉

I will admit the R14/8H was a surprise to me. A gorgeous dark brunette. Not too dark for me and the subtle highlighting prevents this color from being too flat. The base is a warm medium brown. What gives this color a more natural feel to it is the dark ash (cool) blonde they use as a highlight color. I would say the overall color is a neutral brunette leaning towards cool. I love it! The longer side fringe gives this pixie some pizzazz. You can style her in any direction because there is no dedicated part area (even with permateased tops you have dedicated parts). The razored layering is haphazard..meaning the layers are staggered not lined up in straight rows. This gives you infinite styling possibilities.

In image 7 I took a photo of all three Jetts on wig heads in natural indirect light so you can see how these colors will look in most real life conditions. Photos taken in bright light can be misleading if you are looking at that photo for color accuracy.

In image 9 I show two of the Jetts (my brunette one hadn’t arrived yet 😉) along with Jon Renau’s Ruby and Ellen Wille’s Jazz. Jett is a cross between these two styles. She has the piecey layering of Jazz and the longer side fringe of Ruby. I love Jazz but she is very short…so Jett has more nape and sideburn area coverage. Something to think about. If you love Jazz but feel she’s too short…orrrr will be too small for you (because EW caps fit on the small side) Jett would make you happy. If you think Ruby has too much hair and volume but you love the longer side fringe than Jett would be a great choice for you as well.

When I first opened the box and saw my R14/8H Jett I immediately thought of my Heather by René of Paris in Chocolate Frost R. I will say upfront I thinned out and trimmed Heather’s front and bang area. Her bangs out of the box are very heavy and long. There is very little sideburn coverage on Heather. If you like Heather but want more sideburn coverage and a well done lace front (Heather’s lace front is very poorly done..huge knots) and not such a heavy bang you’ll love Jett. The colors are similar. The base color of Jett is a little warmer..a tad red in it…a more pleasant color. The base shade on Chocolate Frost R on Heather has a tad of yellow in the brown color. A very little difference but to me not as pleasing to the eye as R14/8H on Jett. You might not notice the difference in these browns I am being very picky here..😜The obvious color difference is Chocolate Frost R is heavily highlighted vs R14/8H.

The lace front on Jett is phenomenal. Forgive the no makeup close up 😂 but I had to snap a pic to show you.

So out of all three Jetts can you guess which one I am keeping?

Yup the one in image 16) R14/8H I love it..look at that side fringe..who says short hair isn’t sexy….pish😉

The side coverage is near perfect in my book. This style is very balanced. Nothing is too short or too long or too heavy

Oh my this gorgeous. The highlighted color is very close to my bio hair which is a neutral light brown.

The reason I am showing you the back is because the nuanced layering is done so well. Very subtle. I have pixies where you can see the layers going straight across..a straight line. I really don’t like that…this is a much more refined back. Expertly cut. Love those highlights on top.

Look at those layers in image 21..and this is before I used any JR Piecing Creme or anything. The fibers are very fine and if you were wondering where is all the shine? There isn’t any. Estetica Designs hair fibers are very realistic both in feel and visually. Looks like healthy hair no need for any dry shampoo here. This cap is so comfy.

Well you can see I fell in love with Jett and a brunette! The buzz you hear about Jett is correct. The take away here is if you want a balanced pixie with razored layers galore a realistic deep lace front with enough nape and sideburn coverage too but still be a true pixie that is also super comfy then Jett is a great choice. I couldn’t recommend her enough. Enjoy!

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Jett by Estetica

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  1. June 14, 2018 / 4:16 pm

    Hello, Kathleen, there is an error in the labelling of the colours as one scrolls down on the page. They are all labelled R14/8H. I think you look gorgeous as a brunette, therefore I can’t blame you for the slip! Being a dark hair girl myself, I’d like to welcome you to the brunette club! This is such a thorough review and Jett seems to be a cut that’s perfect for summer, and with an excellent price point! Thanks, Kathleen!

    • Kathleen Ryan
      August 4, 2018 / 2:45 pm

      Hi Anne…sorry I just saw your message thanks for commenting and the sweet compliments…that isn’t a mistake..its a beautiful color by Estetica R14/8H its described as a medium golden brown with dark blonde ash highlights on top…so natural and pretty. You should check it out. 🙂 all the best-Kathleen

  2. Stella Felix
    August 6, 2018 / 3:35 pm

    Fabulous review…. i’m Gonna get me some more Pixies. I especially love a long asymmetrical fringe.

    I think what Anne meant is that Pics 12-15 are labelled R14/8H even though they display RM12/26CH and R30/28/26.

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