Kathleen’s Review: Heather by René of Paris a cute voluminous pixie.

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Hi folks Kathleen here.🙋 When a saw Heather review ROP’s pixie by the same name in this color Chocolate Frost R I knew one day I’d get her. I wanted a full top heavy pixie..a little retro ( think Joey Heatherton )😉and Heather fit the bill. I love the heavy bang and short sides and back. This color blends very well with my own bio hair but with these dramatic highlights its anything but boring. Again the color is a bit retro too..think ( frosted hair) 😉All in a good way.

Heather by ROP has a good amount of permatease. Which honestly for this style is needed. I found it very easy to hide though because there is a lot of hair on this pixie. There is no chance a weft is ever going to show. She does have a lace-front. So here is my only real complaint with Heather. Very coarse scratchy lace. Not impressed at all nor am I impressed with the hand tied lace front. Big knots. I would not attempt to style this off my face. Maybe with a light blonde but certainly not in a dark color. Good news though..lol..that’s not why I bought this pixie. I never intended to style it off the face. What the lace-front does help with is how the hair lays on the forehead..very believable. She also has some baby hairs that are fun to work with.

Below in image 6 showcases this color Chocolate Frost R. A neutral medium brunette with a dark brunette root and lots of chunky neutral blonde highlights evenly distributed throughout the style with the nape being the exception. It’s the dark brunette color and gives dimension and realism to this style.

Below in image 8 illustrates how I incorporate my bio hair into the sideburns. I do this if my bio hairs getting a little too long for Heathers sideburns to cover mine or just to change up the look a little. 😉

So the take away here is…if you want a very short boy cut pixie with a heavy bang and lots of hair than Heather is a wonderful choice..she’s adorable.

Although I love the heavy bang on Heather I did end up thinning and trimming her bang. I feel she fits my face better now and still keeps her style. Below my video shows her after I customized her. Don’t be afraid to customize your wigs….ENJOY

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Heather by Rene of Paris

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  1. Carol K.
    February 23, 2018 / 12:21 pm

    I only wish the bottom half of my face could support a pixie look. When I was 12, yes, but…Kathleen almost makes me beieve that very short hair can flatter anyone. Alas, no, but aren’t you the gorgeous one, Kathleen! Have you always worn red hair, or is this a new discovery for you?

    • February 25, 2018 / 7:15 pm

      Hi Carol….thanks aren’t you sweet…I think everyone can wear pixies to tell you the truth. 🙂 I wore pixies all the my life so feel very comfortable wearing them. As far as wearing red hair..I have tried over the years to dye my natural hair red..but never really took to my hair..I love red hair and now I can wear it anytime I want..lol I’ve been wearing wigs for about a year and a half and what fun it is to try a new color or style. Thanks for reading my review and for your comments. All the best Kathleen

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