Kathleen’s Review: Review of Kenzie by Tony of Beverly

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Hi folks Kathleen here with the review of a flippy layered longer pixie called Kenzie by Tony of Beverly. I love the almost curly flips of Kenzie. Like a lot of wigs she has a roomy fit for me…not baggy but I do take the adjusters in all the way at the nape. My head circumference is 21 1/2” which is average but all my other measurements are either petite or less. Tony of Beverly wigs are very comfortable. Kenzie is a standard cap..no bells and whistles which also keeps the price down ($137.25 USD) and at about 2oz. makes her a perfect choice for summer.

Below image 5 illustrates the color Tangerine Twist very well. This is a very dynamic color..so much going on but surprisingly not intense overall. The majority of the color is a dark natural brownish auburn. With butterscotch blonde highlights all over with a concentration around the face and scattered and fewer brighter true copper red highlights. Needless to say a wonderful color on such a textured wig. If you want to see this color reviewed in a different style check out Heathers youtube CysterWig Color Spotlight of Tangerine Twist on the gorgeous curly Haily wig by Tony of Beverly here…https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=21s&v=eeCvhKmAq68

Kenzie has a lot of hair but not too much and yes there is permatease but again not too much 😉 and it’s not noticeable because of the way TOB constructs their Harp Cap which is explained below in image 6).

Kenzie doesn’t have a lace front but never the less her front hairline is constructed so well you can brush the bangs off your forehead with confidence. I leave a few strands of hair down to break up the hairline and I think it looks more realistic this way. Below in image 7) showcases the front hairline. So well done.

What is so cool about the texture of Kenzie is that she lends herself to many different styles. Below in image 8) is the way I wear her most of the time. I give her a part …comb her down with just my fingers ( no product needed to style her – very easy peasy)and put her behind my ears. The way she is layered hides any bio hair you might have peaking out in front of your ears. 😉 and around the part area….Kenzie is extremely versatile.

The take away here if you love a short textured longer pixie that’s versatile reasonable priced lightweight and with many colors to choose from( I counted 57! )then Kenzie is for you.

Here’s a short video of Kenzie..note the way I have her styled..she can be very casual like I have her here..or fluffed up for a fancy dinner date. ENJOY!

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Kenzie by Tony of Beverly

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