Kathleen’s Review: Rich Mono by Ellen Wille -Ultra Realistic Chic Summer Hair

Hi folks Kathleen here with a review and comparisons of Rich Mono by Ellen Wille. I had been eyeing this one for awhile. What held me back from purchasing her was A) the price-with a lace front and mono top Rich Mono is an investment and B) I thought she might be too sleek for me. You see I love realism but I need a little volume on top and sides to balance out my shall we say “full” face..lol

When I saw her available on www.WigCloseouts.com (CysterWigs clearance site) I thought ok now or never. As a side note I check wigcloseouts on a daily basis and sometimes the already great deals are made even greater by one of Heathers’ famous FLASH SALES so it definitely pays to sign up for CysterWigs newsleter…just saying 😉

When I first opened her box I was pleasantly surprised with the color Light Champagne Rooted. I had never tried this color before and was afraid it would be too white and the root too dark for me. The color sample description above in image 2 is spot on accurate. Overall its a very light beige blonde with hints of gold and platinum blonde. Really pretty. The root is very close to my natural bio hair which is a light brown…I personally think the root (on this wig) is closer to a medium brown….it just appears like a darker brown in contrast to this light blonde. Its not an ashy dull or grayish blonde but a fresh bright neutral blonde. Very believable.

I really like the lift at the part area that helps prevent this long asymmetrical bang from flopping in my face as illustrated above in image 3. That might be sexy but its not practical. Of course a mini claw clip works out great to keep this bang out of the way during cooking or reading. Also notice how Ellen Wille put some of the light blonde hair along the front hairline to hide that hair plug look you can get from dark hair and their knots. Its a tad sparse right there where the lace-front meets where I parted her. But honestly I’d rather have that than too dense a lace-front or other mono features. That’s actually a pet peeve of mine. Paying extra for monofilament features (for added realism) then having them so dense you couldn’t achieve a realistic parting space without plucking it..which never looks as good as a well spaced mono feature to begin with….in my humble opinion.

When I saw this Light Champagne Rooted blonde I was reminded of Silky Sand by TressAllure. Below in image 5 is a comparison of these two blondes. Silky Sand in a bit darker and has stronger gold blonde notes throughout its color. Both pretty and both not ashy but neutral leaning towards warm blondes.

Below image 6 better illustrates the differences of these two blondes. I personally prefer the EW Light Champagne Rooted over TAs’ Silky Sand. Having said if you love one you’ll most likely love the other. Its scary sometimes trying to find similar colors across the wig brands. Just fyi this photo was taken in natural even light, so these colors are very accurate.

Below image 7 illustrates my favorite view of Rich Mono. The longer side bang just falls beautifully under my ear. Its short overall with a cropped closely cut back and nape but has a very feminine sexy bang/fringe area. I love it. So wear those wild earrings throw on that sundress and enjoy a maragarita on that beach vacation of yours…or backyard deck..😉

Remember I said I was afraid this style would be too sleek on me? When I first tried her on she was super sleek. She has a very natural amount of hair…not overly shiny so was happy about that. Inspecting her cap construction I saw no permatease…non of that rose lace you often see that covers or “houses” permatease. What there was are baby hairs..these are shorter strands of hair that give just enough support so you to get some lift and volume to a style…sooo thats great for someone like me that needs a little volume. The trade off is those pesky fly away hairs (especially along the parted area). So I took my hand and pressed down along the part..the heat from my hands helped settle those fly aways down. I also took the thinnest top layer of hair and using just my fingers lifted lightly up and over these hairs…lets face it that’s what they are there for. This took care of that. Really not a big deal and easily solved. Wig safe hairspray or a little strategically placed JR Piece Out Creme will also take care of stray baby hairs. I love the lift I can get and at the same time still keep the integrity of this chic style.

The other question to answer is Rich Mono worth the money? The short answer is..YES! Lol. Its actually harder to find short styles and pixies with monofilament features. It seems to me those high end features are used mainly on longer styles. Well the mono top (so yes you can part her on the right if you wish) and lace front are expertly done…this gives the most realistic look you can get with a wig. The rest being open cap keeps it light and comfy for the summer. I wore her on a 90 degree day here in Georgia and was kept nice and cool. The hair density is just right..no wefts show at all…its a beautiful style and I am so glad I took the plunge and purchased her. I know she’s going to be that wig I grab over and over again when I want to stay cool but don’t want to resort to a pixie but something more chic..ENJOY!

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Rich Mono by Ellen Wille

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